Tuesday 4/19/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/19/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip questioned Kate about what Deimos did to Victor.  Marlena talked to Abby about what happened with Ben.  After Marlena talked to Abby, she told Chad that she wanted to put Abby in a clinic.  Abby overheard them talking about putting her in a clinic.  When Marlena left, Abby called someone to come over.  Philip tried to warn Kate about Deimos, but she thought he was only concerned with getting back in Victor’s good graces.

Abby met with JJ to tell him that Marlena wants to put her in a clinic.  Victor and Deimos thought about how Helena died.  Abby tricked JJ so she could run off.  Chad went to see Jennifer and told her that Marlena wants to put Abby in a clinic.  Abby went home to get Thomas so she could leave.  Philip continued to talk Kate out of trusting Deimos when Deimos showed up.  Ciara called Chad and told him that Abby and Thomas were gone.  Chad and Jennifer went to look for her.  Deimos wanted to offer Kate a job.  Justin and Brady were determined to get back at Deimos.  Victor wanted to know what Nicole was willing to do to get Deimos.  Abby took Thomas to a motel.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Nina and Franco have their falling out, regarding her wanting a baby and his contentment for the way things are and his seeming lack of commitment to her, she goes to the Metro Court, runs into Dillon and gets too drunk to drive or get herself home. Alone in the apartment, he cannot get her out of his mind yet knows he has to be there for Kiki. He goes to the hospital and Obrecht offers him suggestions involving ending his relationship with Nina, which he does not want to hear. When Dillon gets Nina home and she's passed out on the couch, Dillon and Kiki talk and it sounds like they might want to spend more time together. Anna and Paul are both in jail, in adjoining cells when he protests to her that he cares about her future. She wonders why he believes that, to which he replies he's in love with her. Before they can continue their discussion, however, the mayor comes and tells Jordan she made a serious mistake locking Paul up and charging him with the murder of Sloane, which cannot be proven yet. With that, she has Paul released from jail. Jordan tells him it's just a matter of time before she obtains all the evidence needed to put him away. Julian has Alexis go and talk to Carlos and offer to represent him. She advises him not to take the DA's deal, reminding him that even if he does not trust her or Julian with what they advise him to do, he needs to know if he's free, it will just be a matter of time before Sonny, or someone else goes after him. Right then, he gets taken to jail and put in the cell where Paul was previously in, as Anna's new "neighbor". Carly has Dr. Finn treat Josslyn for a rash and he is able to successfully put their minds at ease although Obrecht tells him she never wants him practicing medicine in her hospital again.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Paul visits Patty, who wants to be transferred to Fairview now that Dr. Anderson isn't there. Paul asks Patty if she remembers the day Dr. Anderson was killed. Patty says she was trying to protect the baby. Paul asks her who the mother of that baby was but doesn't get a sane answer. Summer wakes up to a text from Kyle but she tells Luca that she doesn't regret sleeping with him. Luca says he has an early morning meeting. Summer leaves and runs into Natalie, who points out Summer is doing the "walk of shame". Later, Kevin tries to convince Natalie to cut Mariah in on the profits from Passkey. Natalie refuses and Mariah wonders why Kevin isn't willing to share his profits with her. Sage, Sharon, and Chelsea meet at GCAC to talk business but end up talking about Victor and what it's like to be married to one of his sons and having Newman grandchildren. Dylan pays Luca a visit because Dylan was alerted that Luca visited Victor in prison and the police are monitoring Victor. Luca claims that he was just assuring Victor that he would look after Summer. Adam is fired from his job for, apparently, no reason. He assumes that Victor was behind it. He goes to Newman Enterprises and accuses Victoria and Nick of doing their father's bidding. Victoria says that she had nothing to do with it. Adam wonders who it was then. Dylan walks in and says it was Luca. He also tells Nick that Luca implied he and Summer are more than friends. Nick asks Summer about this and she tells him she's an adult and can date anyone she wants.

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