Monday 4/18/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/18/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge walks away from Dr. Wolin still thinking what he just said that he knew there was no way his son could be his. And he’d better come up with the cash or he will blow his horn. Brakes screech and Ridge looks back and the doctor is on the pavement hit by a truck. At the office Thomas continues to question Caroline of what is bothering her if she says it is not about Douglas. He tells her that she can tell him anything. Katie snarls at Brooke and says she thought she asked her not to tell Bill. Bill tells Katie do not blame Brooke as he would have found out about her drinking eventually. Katie says she is not sick and she did stop drinking but apparently that counted for nothing. She finally says okay if they want to hear the words, she is drinking and the reason she is drinking is the two of them ganging up on her. Bill says they are not and Brooke adds that she knows how hard it is as she still has moments when she is tempted. Katie turns on her and says drinking was never Brooke’s real problem; it has always been men and one man in particular, the forbidden fruit, husband of her own sister. She knows if she had taken one more minute Brooke would have been in his arms. She has never got over him. But she knows she cannot be too obvious; she has to have a little compassion for her sis, Katie the pathetic lush. That way when the marriage does fall apart she won’t feel so guilty when she is there for Bill probably in something silky and see through. Bill has had enough and he barks at her that is enough. Katie says it sure is and she has had enough of them trying to pretend nothing is happening when clearly it is. She tells Bill do not dare defend Brooke when it is obvious what she is doing. And now Brooke is hovering so Katie will never get better that way. And she can never get those words out of her head that Brooke is still in love with her husband. Brooke says this is getting nowhere and she will go.

Katie cries for Bill not to put her in rehab, they can work this out together. He says they have tried but she needs some therapy. He wants his old Katie back. Somehow Brooke didn’t really leave after all and she says she wants that too. Katie turns on her again and says Brooke is the problem. She would not be where she is now except for Brooke. Ridge comes in as Thomas is showing Caroline a design that he hopes his dad will consider for the next showstopper. He notices Ridge looks a little tense and asks if the meeting he had was rough. Ridge nods yeah and says he needs to spend some time with his wife and will look at Thomas’s design later. Katie tells Brooke she can save her words of concern. She is not an alcoholic. And Brooke can apologize over and over because that is what she does – does something terrible, gets caught and then apologizes for it. And then everyone is supposed to go back and pretend it did not happen or rip their lives apart. Bill is stern again and tells her nothing has happened that cannot be fixed…..her problem with alcohol and her relationship with her sister. He loves her and is committed to their marriage and she should not doubt that. Katie says she does not want to talk about this in front of Brooke and that she needs to go. Brooke says okay and Bill walks her to the door. Ridge tells Caroline that Dr. Wolin tried to blackmail him and he must have been drinking and walked out into the street and got hit and now he is dead. She asks and he says he had nothing to do with it. And he took his secret with him and no one else knows so their secret is safe. Douglas is their son and Thomas never has to know. Bill walks back in the kitchen just as Katie lifts the bottle to her mouth. He tries to get it. She says after what just happened she needed something to take the edge off. He asks her nicely twice to give him the bottle and she won’t put it down. Finally he grabs it and slams it into the sink breaking it. He says this is not about Brooke anymore; Katie has a problem with drinking. Katie says she has a problem all right but it’s name is Brooke. She disrespected and disgraced her and she has every reason to be paranoid. Bill tells her that she needs to see her therapist. Katie says she does not need to have a therapist tell her it is inappropriate for Brooke to pop up unannounced to spend some time with Bill. He tells her that is not the way it was and can they just stick to the main issue – the drinking. Katie ignores that and asks Bill to hold her, all she needs is him ….she cannot live without him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

André called Hope to let her know that he was going to get revenge on her.  Philip told Belle that he wanted to make up with Victor.  Philip opened up to Belle about what Deimos did to Victor and how he could get back in Victor’s life.  She suggested that he walk away from both.  Andre threatened Hope and Rafe.  When André hung up, Rafe called, asking to come over. 

Belle told Philip there was another option if he couldn’t walk away.  She suggested he not stoop to their level and prove he was there for Victor.  Rafe made Hope feel better about André.  Abe tried to warn Theo about Ciara possibly not liking him.  Theo was upset because he believed that Ciara likes him.  Hope and Rafe talked about their relationship until Ciara and Claire walked in on them.  Belle met with Shawn to sign the divorce papers.  When Lani showed up, Belle was jealous and walked away.  Hope was ready to move on with Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam talks to Kristina in the park and finds her that her sister has not yet told her dad (Sonny) that she has had feelings for a woman. Sam encourages her sister not to assume he'd judge her and to give him a chance with that, reminding her how Sonny was very respectful and accepting of both Stone who had AIDS and Robin who is HIV-positive in the days when it was not "socially acceptable." After everyone is aware that Carlos Rivera has been alive all this time and is back in Port Charles, it profoundly affects the lives of many people. Alexis knows what it could mean for Julian, given that the cops and DA may want to give Carlos incentive to turn on Julian and that could work in his best interest. He has another plan, however, after talking to Carlos and promising him a "good lawyer" if he does not turn on Julian. He tells Alexis he needs her to represent Carlos and urge him not to take the DA's deal. She reluctantly agrees to do that. However little does she know that while she goes to meet with Carlos at the police station, Sonny has his guys abduct Julian. Both Anna and Jordan corner Paul knowing that he is only looking out for himself, regarding the Carlos-issue. They admit they know that he wants to offer Carlos a "deal" simply because he knows Carlos could provide a lot of information about Paul that could get him not only fired, but in prison along with Carlos. The most compelling of which happens to be that Paul murdered Sloane in order to shut him up. Paul protests they cannot prove that but they both know that he's admitted it and had motive. At that point, Jordan determines that she has to arrest both Paul and Anna. Anna accepts the consequences and Paul is very surprised. Nathan proposes to Maxie. Yet she needs to know if he is really committed to her, to which he assures her he is. However, Griffin is nearby after talking to Maxie and is stunned to see Nathan, revealing he knows or "knows of" him from somewhere, something or someone. Nina and Franco are still divided on wanting kids. Yet she is willing to forgive him and accept things the way they are until she concludes that he is always looking for an excuse not to put her first.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer and Luca make love, because she fells like he is the only person who understands her and has supported her through this ordeal with the lawsuit. Jack assures Natalie that she, Kevin, and Mariah will be treated fairly when it comes to the Pass Key project. Billy and Phyllis feel betrayed by Jack and Victoria and can't understand that they reached a deal to spare their families more pain. Victoria tells Billy that she hoped that without Pass Key between them, they would be able to get back together, but Billy tells her that by getting him fired from Jabot, she made sure they will never get back together. Dr. Gates tries to persuade Victor to reconcile with his family, but he is angry that Victoria made a deal with Jack and didn't go through with the lawsuit against Jabot.

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