Friday 4/15/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Caroline there is no proof for the doctor so she has nothing to worry about. Katie grins and repeats to the doctor that he just said Ridge cannot be the father of his son. She says maybe they used a sperm donor. And he seems to be getting a great deal of pleasure out of all of this, she wonders if he is planning on blackmailing Ridge. He better not try to cause trouble for Ridge and Caroline. He says he is not wrong. A sperm donor would have taken many more months than this. Caroline tells Ridge not to keep things from her as it only hurts worse in the long run. She even thinks they should perhaps think about telling Thomas as Douglas could need blood way down the line and the secret would come out then. Brooke laments to Bill that this is all her fault. It all started the day she could not keep her mouth shut and said she was in love with Bill. He says that is unfortunate but they never crossed that line. And while Brooke may want to take responsibility for Katie’s problems she needs to let go of this as Katie’s drinking was not her responsibility; it goes deeper than that. The doctor tells Katie that Ridge has a nasty little secret and he suggests she stay out of this. He also tells Katie she better treat him with respect. He is the one with the smoking gun and he is not going anywhere. And he is sure she would not like to see Ridge’s reputation go down the drain over this. Katie fires back that he better be careful. Ridge reminds Caroline that telling Thomas is not an option. She thinks it is. They just need to sit him down and explain and she thinks he will understand. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. He reminds her of a scandal that could tear the family apart. He just wants to protect his family. The doctor calls Ridge and says they did not finish their conversation Ridge says yes they did. The doctor insists that it would be in Ridge’s best interest if he did not try to blow this off. He wants….demands that Ridge meet him at the park. Ridge tells Caroline that he will take care of this right now. Ridge shows up and there is the doctor. The doctor says now that he has been relieved of his practice he has nothing but time. He has time and no bank account. Ridge says ah, so this is for a shake-down. The doctor says he wants $100,000 or the rest of the world will know what he knows.

Thomas asks Caroline if she knows where his father is. She is evasive but he senses something is wrong. Katie is not happy when she gets home and realizes both Bill and Brooke know of her still drinking. He says he is glad Brooke told him as Katie certainly was not going to. She said she did not want him disappointed in her. Katie barks at Brooke that she counted on her support and apparently that was not true. Bill said he has asked her over and over even as late as lunch today. She apologies but he says that is not good enough. She keeps lying to him and does not mean it when she says she has it under control. Katie looks at Brooke with contempt. Thomas tells Caroline that he noticed some tension between her and Ridge. He figures they need some alone time, a date night and he would love to take Douglas and let them have the night off. She says this is nothing he can help with. He tells her that she can tell him anything. Ridge calls the doctor an idiot and starts to walk away. The doctor follows and says he has 24 hours to come up with the cash or he is blowing the horn. Ridge is not out of sight when a big truck drives by, slams on the brakes and the doctor is laying on the ground.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Summer spends the night at Brady and Theresa's where Theresa loudly wakes her up in the morning and starts to argue with her, questioning what she wants from Brady because she wants her gone. Brady visits Maggie and wants to know what happened between her and Summer but Maggie doesn't feel like talking so Brady leaves to let her sleep. Eric and Jennifer got drunk and slept together causing Eric to oversleep and be late for his sentencing. Eric finally arrives and is scolded by Roman for getting drunk and being late. Philip visits Victor in the hospital. Victor tells him to take out Deimos if he ever wants his forgiveness.

Brady goes home and talks to Theresa about Summer. Summer comes in and apologizes to Brady as she feels she ruined their night. Brady wants to know what happened between Summer and Maggie. Summer feels that Maggie didn't want her at birth and doesn't want her now but Brady still encourages that she does. Jennifer goes to the police station to find out about Eric and brings his phone. Marlena angrily takes Jennifer aside and questions what she was thinking letting Eric get drunk the night before his sentencing. Eric interrupts and tells Marlena to be mad at him, not Jennifer. Eric then says his final goodbyes at the station to John, Jennifer, Roman, and Marlena.

Theresa continues questioning Summer at every chance and mocking her intent. Brady can't believe her as Summer tells Brady that she's right and he doesn't need to worry about her as she rushes out. Theresa stops Brady from going after her and they argue. Theresa thinks Summer needs to just go home but Brady says his problem is Theresa being so insecure. Victor sneaks out of his hospital room to visit Maggie until Fynn interrupts to run tests on Maggie. Victor stays in the doorway as Fynn checks Maggie's legs but there is still no feeling and she cries that she will never walk again. Roman announces the judge has sentenced Eric to five years in prison causing Marlena and Jennifer to break down crying. Eric is loaded on to the prison van and driven away.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carlos is taken to the police station and is ready to be sentenced. Paul, Anna and Jordan each want to "do it their way". Jordan privately takes Anna aside to hear her confirm that she intended to shoot Carlos is cold blood after he murdered Duke and she could not accept what he took from her. She further confirms to the new police commissioner that although the 4 bullets she fired into Carlos' chest would have killed him easily, apparently it was all a "set up" to have her falsely believing she killed him and he was wearing a bullet proof vest. They obviously know "somebody" was behind this and Anna hesitates to admit what she knows about Paul. Paul knows he needs to talk privately to Carlos in the interrogation room, realizing the two women cannot find out what Carlos knows. Realizing he has as much to lose as Carlos does once Carlos is arrested, he promises to "go easy" on him as long as Carlos effectively rolls on Julian and gives the DA's office what they need to put Julian away. Right then, Julian and Ava meet privately and secretly in the park. She makes herself inconspicuous wearing dark glasses a hat and heavy coat and expresses to her brother that she cannot have either of her daughters living with her because of the danger she is in. They both know that now that Carlos is alive, he will have incentive to give the cops and DAs the information he has on Julian about putting Carlos up to killing Duke. Julian goes off knowing that he is in a desperate situation. Meanwhile, Nina encourages Nathan to fight for Maxie while Kiki encourages Franco to fight for Nina. Maxie talks to Griffin and finds out for the first time that Duke was his father. It appears that Griffin has seen Nathan before and has reservations about him when he sees him with Maxie. After Finn has passed out in his hotel room and Carly discovers his needle and syringe on the floor, she tells him she'd like some explanations, as she reason to believe he could have died, needs medical care and it looks like he may very well have an illegal drug habit. He tells her he is diabetic and administering his insulin. She "wants" to believe that although her intuitions tell her otherwise. Knowing she's been nice to him, he apologizes and thanks her for her hospitality. Obrecht comes by and tells him he's fired and in worse trouble for that, since she can clearly see he's not fit to treat patients in hers' or anyone's hospital. Carly protests that this man is diabetic and she's falsely accusing him and wonders why he did not inform the chief of staff that is the case. Yet he tells her they both have to realize his failing to attend the staff meeting will get him justifiably fired. Carly makes it clear, regarding the trouble he's in, that she wants to help and will not let consequences befall him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Lily tells Neil that he should be more supportive of Hilary because Devon wants the marriage to work. He says he will do anything to stop her from causing harm to the family. She overhears, but approaches as if she hadn't. Lily shows her pictures of the twins. Neil and Hilary find a table where he tells her that Jack will fire her after finding out she blackmailed Ashley. Hilary tells Neil that if he doesn't convince Jack to keep her on the board, she will let the police know it was Neil who kidnapped her. Stitch and Max surprise Abby at the lab. Max apologizes to Abby and they all go out to lunch. Abby stumbles on the carpet. Away from the table, Max suggests to Lily that they throw a shower for Abby. Joining them, Stitch thinks it's a good idea. When Abby approaches, Stitch tells her he wants to book a room as a weekend getaway for the two of them. Abby gets excited. As they leave, Max eyes the carpet and the stairs. Summer tells Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie that she lied in her deposition. They start planning their future and what they will buy with the money they'll get from Passkey. Natalie leaves and Kevin and Mariah flirt. Mariah gets emotional. Natalie walks in with her hair done, a new dress, and no glasses. Kevin is drawn to her and Mariah becomes jealous. Summer regrets lying in her deposition and returns to Newman Enterprises to tell Victoria the truth. Summer begs Victoria to end the feud between the two families. At GCAC, Jack joins Phyllis and tells her that he lied to protect Summer and that he sold his own soul to the devil, Phyllis sold Summer's. Phyllis leaves and goes to Billy's house. He suggests they go for a motorcycle ride to cheer her up. They return all muddy and Phyllis goes upstairs for a shower while Billy gets cleaned up elsewhere. Victoria calls Jack to her office. She wants to make a deal with him. Jabot & Newman share the profits from Passkey on one condition. Jack has to fire Billy. Victoria convinces Jack this is a good idea. He goes to Billy's house to talk to him and finds Phyllis wearing nothing but a shirt of Billy's and Billy without a shirt.

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