Thursday 4/14/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 4/14/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill and Katie have lunch at an outdoor restaurant. She assures him again that she has not been drinking and she is enjoying herself now without it. He says he will not pass any judgment so she can tell him if she has any urges to drink. Thomas asks Pam if she has seen his dad. She says yes, he managed to tear himself away and is having lunch with Caroline. Dr. Wolin happens to be eating there too and he walks over and introduces himself to Caroline and says he was Ridge’s urologist. He congratulates her on her new baby. Ridge walks up and says something came up and he must go. Mistakes can be fixed. While Caroline goes ahead to the car, Ridge tells the doctor that he does not want him near his wife again. The doctor remarks if that child is really his then he has nothing to hide. Bill tells Katie that they need to do this more often. He reminds her again how much she and his family means to him. She says nothing more is going to interfere with his happiness. Ridge catches up with the doctor. The doctor says Ridge did not impregnate his wife. He knows it and Ridge knows it. Ridge says he is throwing round accusations and he does not want him to mess with him. Do they understand each other? Katie overhears as the doctor says it is not accusations; everyone knows it is the truth. Brooke tells Thomas that all is well with her and Katie; in fact she is going there now to see her. Back at the office Caroline asks Ridge is he wants her to massage his shoulders; he seems awfully tense. She wonders if it had something to do with that doctor. He says it is nothing for her to worry about. She does not believe it. He tells her that he did not want her to worry so he did not tell her. He tells her the doctor knows that Douglas is not his son. Thomas walks in.

Katie walks over to the doctor and introduces herself and wants to join him. She has a question. She laments that she could not help but notice he and Ridge were having an argument and wonders what it was about. If there is a problem perhaps she can help. She asks his association with Ridge. The doctor says he is his ex-urologist. He says secrets can be touchy. At Katie’s Brooke goes inch by inch in the kitchen cabinets until she discovers some hidden liquor. Bill walks in and asks why Brooke is here. He starts to pour her a drink of sparkling water which Brooke directs him to the bottle she found but it does not contain water. He says it is flat and Brooke hands it to him to smell and it is vodka. Thomas asks his dad about a gown he is designing and then lets him back to what they were discussing. Katie thanks the doctor and says he has helped more than he could know. But she would still like to know why he keeps mentioning secrets. Finally the doctor says that Ridge is infertile. She says that is impossible as he just had a son. The doctor says then it is someone else’s child. Ridge tells a worrying Caroline there is no proof that Douglas is not his child. Just some doctor who is trying to shake down the Forrester family. They are safe.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Brady and Theresa go out on a date to the nightclub where Summer is drinking at the bar. Brady tries anything to help Summer out but she insists she's fine while Theresa is annoyed until Summer leaves and they finish their date. Rafe and Hope talk about their kiss. Hope is worried about messing up their friendship while Rafe feels they should give things a try. Abigail wakes up on the couch and at first thinks Ben is trying to take Thomas but it is just Ciara babysitting. Thomas cries when Abigail holds him but stops when Ciara takes him and calms him down.

Rafe talks with Chad about Ben before Chad heads home. Ciara leaves when Chad arrives. Thomas continues to cry as Abigail holds him so Chad offers to take him but Abigail argues that she can take care of her own son. Rafe calls Hope and they agree to talk tomorrow. Brady and Theresa go home where they find Summer sitting outside their door. Brady is concerned and invites her to stay with them which annoys Theresa further. Chad takes Thomas from Abigail and he immediately stops crying which upsets Abigail.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly is very relieved when Sonny finally returns and appears as though he's safe and sound as well as contented that he accomplished what he wanted regarding Carlos. Tracy is recovering, doing better and everyone praises Dr. Finn for saving her life. Monica campaigns to get him on the GH staff permanently. However, this is the day when he is scheduled to give a lecture and it's a do-or-die moment for him. Obrecht coldly reminds him he better not be late for the event or he will regret it. However, he makes it clear that he has to return to his room at The Metro Court to urgently tend to his "needs" with his needle and his mysterious drug. Carly welcomes him at her hotel and suspects nothing although she finds him kind of odd as she notices he has large quantities of distilled water shipped to his hotel room. Right when the lecture is scheduled, Obrecht cannot find him. He does not respond to his pages nor phone calls or anything and she angrily tells Monica it will be a cold day in hell before she'd consider letting that guy be on GH staff. Carly wonders why Finn has not responded to the mandatory wake-up called he asked the hospital staff to give him. She goes to his room and is shocked when she discovers his drugs and needles on the floor and sees he's passed out and completely non-responsive on the couch. Jason happily announces to Tracy, Monica and Michael that he's successfully gotten Nikolas to sign over his ELQ shares to Jason and from now on the company is back in the hands of the Quartermaines. Everybody is happy and praises him. However, Laura and Lulu are both concerned with what kind of trouble Nikolas might be in and what could have "prompted" him to do that. Lulu instantly assumes that Hayden must be blackmailing and committing extortion and theft, reminds her brother that is illegal and urges Dante to do something about it. Yet Nikolas informs his sister if they get Hayden arrested, many other people could "go down" with her, although he does not reveal exactly who will be in legal trouble nor what it is in regard to. Jason and Sam are growing closer and Dante and Lulu are back on track for getting their marriage back.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At the coffeehouse, Summer agonized over her upcoming deposition. Luca urged her to tell the truth. Phyllis got Summer alone and told her to ask Luca why he cared. Phyllis wanted Summer to support her the way she supported Victor. Summer argued that Phyllis kidnapped Adam, so she was no better than Victor. Phyllis regretted hurting Adam and Chelsea, but she promised that if they could prevent the lawsuit, it would end the feud for good. At Newman, Summer asked Luca he cared what she did in the deposition. Luca said it would break his heart if Summer were arrested and it would jeopardize future plans. At the Club, Neil learned that Jack gave Hilary a spot on the board. Neil disapproved, so he told Jack that Hilary blackmailed Ashley. Ashley arrived, and she came clean to Jack about her brain tumor and Simon's cure. Jack was upset that Ashley didn't tell him sooner, but Ashley felt comfortable with her choice. At the lab, Hilary told Devon that Jack gave her a spot on the board. Devon was proud she earned the position fairly. Neil went to Hilary and Devon and filled him in on his talk with Jack. Hilary was furious with Neil. Neil left. Devon told Hilary that the only thing that mattered was the family they were building. They went home and made love. Devon assured Hilary that he believed in her and would always support her. Hilary said she'd survived too much to let anyone get her down.

Jack told Ashley he thought they were losing Billy. Phyllis arrived and warned Jack that his deposition could affect Summer. Ashley suspected that Phyllis was pressuring her brother, and she didn't like it. Phyllis noted that Ashley's other brother was on Phyllis's side. Ashley warned Phyllis not to drag either of her brothers down. Victoria brought Billy his ticket to Johnny's play. They had a friendly conversation about their son and vowed not to let the lawsuit affect their kids. Summer, Kevin, Mariah and Natalie had their deposition and they all lied. Ashley went to Billy's and told him about her health scare. She urged him to do something good with his second chance at life. Billy said he would if she would. Ashley left, and Billy stared at a photo of his kids. Jack lied during his deposition because he didn't want to contradict Summer's story. Victoria surmised that Jack lied, and she told him that he talked about peace, when in reality, he was no better than Victor. Jack returned to the Club, where he told Phyllis that he perjured himself to protect Summer. Jack blasted Phyllis for pressuring Summer into lying, and he accused her of selling her daughter's soul. Phyllis stormed off, and ended up on Billy's doorstep. Phyllis and Billy hugged. Mariah, Natalie and Kevin were relieved to learn that Summer backed up their story. At the coffeehouse, Mariah said she didn't know how to thank Kevin for believing in her and making her a part of the project. Mariah was finally happy for the first time in her life. Kevin's attention drifted when he noticed Natalie walk in wearing a little black dress. Natalie did a little twirl and stumbled. Kevin rushed over and caught her, while Mariah looked on. Victoria learned that all the depositions supported the Abbott's story. Leslie advised dropping the lawsuit. Later, Summer approached Victoria and urged her to drop the lawsuit and choose her love for Billy and their kids.

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