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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy puts a shaky Liam to bed and tells him he needs to rest. Bill and Katie come in and she brings them up to date on his condition and that he does not know about Wyatt and the marriage yet but other things are coming back to him. Katie says they will be mindful of that and she can go home while they keep watch over him. Sasha speaks with Nicole and says she knows she is the last person she might want to speak to but she has finally found a guy that is appreciative of her and she knows what a great guy he is. He made the decision to break with Nicole all on his own and she should not blame him for those conditions. Zende tells Maya that he still cares for Nicole and he did not want this baby to come between them but it did. Liam wakes up again and Bill hugs him and says they thought they had lost him for good. Liam asks for Steffy and Bill says she will be back soon. He wants to get Liam checked out to make sure there is no lasting effects on his head injuries. Liam says he really is okay and he would not be here except for his brother – he gave him his life back. Now he is home with his family and his fiancée. Steffy charges home and tells Wyatt that she hates all of this and Quinn needs to go to prison. He says he would like to do that himself. He is trying to piece all of this together. He tells her about the surveillance footage in the parking lot. Everything Quinn told him when confronted she lied and he knows that now. Steffy says yes she took Liam out of the equation when she made sure Liam was away so Wyatt could have clear sailing with Steffy. Maya tells Zende that of all the people in L.A. he had to hook up with Sasha, but Zende needs to know how much this is hurting Nicole. He says he did not plan on this, it just sort of happened. Sasha tells Nicole that all of this hurts her too but this is the way it went down and now Zende is in love with her. Nicole shouts that he hardly knows Sasha. Sasha says one day she hopes she can be happy for her, they are like sisters. Nicole says they are not. They have nothing in common. Sasha has to bite her tongue to keep from telling her they are sisters.

Katie tells Bill that they have to tell him. Liam needs to know that Steffy is married now to Wyatt and is not his fiancée. Wyatt tells Steffy that Liam is still his brother no matter how much he wants to throttle him at times. But they cannot keep this from him; he has to know that Steffy is his wife and they have started a life together. Nicole goes straight to Zende and asks if this is true – he is in love with Sasha. How could he do this so quickly? He denies it but Nicole says she did say that and she can not imagine why she would make that up. He says they did make love and he was trying to be a gentleman and be respectful but he did not tell Sasha that. He wanted to be with Nicole more than anything but he could not get over the fact that she was having his uncle’s kid. She realizes it was unfair of her, but she cannot get over that he moved on to Sasha. He says he will never stop loving Nicole. Steffy repeats again that what Quinn did was insane and she wants her to be in jail tomorrow. Wyatt said yes Quinn had a part in it but they love each other and are married now so keeping it from Liam would be wrong. He meant his vows to her and he hopes she did too. They should not fall apart over this. They have all been victims of his mother before. Liam needs to know the truth and their own marriage will remain strong. He wants her to promise that.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Eduardo meets Adriana in the town square and tries to explain to her everything about his past and why he had to leave their family until Dario interrupts and wants him to go away but Adriana remains open to listening and agrees to breakfast with Eduardo tomorrow. Hope tells Caroline the truth that she killed Stefano which doesn't phase Caroline as she feels he got what he deserved. Roman and Rafe join Hope and Caroline where they talk about Caroline's visions that Deimos was behind Bo's kidnapping and how they need to prove it to stop him. Nicole goes to see Deimos for answers and they talk about Victor as well as Nicole's resemblance to Helena. Deimos invites Nicole to dinner to share his side of things with Victor but Nicole declines.

Kate questions Deimos' dealings with Nicole and says she doesn't want to play games. Deimos reassures her and they kiss. Nicole comes across Dario in the town square who invites her out for a drink. Nicole declines feeling she isn't ready but Dario says it's just a drink not marriage so she settles on a maybe for now. Rafe walks Hope home and they talk about working on finding out about Deimos and being there for each other. Rafe goes to leave after saying goodnight but stops and decides he's sick of playing it safe as Rafe and Hope finally kiss.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna finds Sonny in the church pointing a gun on Carlos and ready to kill him and she urges him not to go through with it. She decides that Carlos needs to be alive and ready to stand trial for murdering Duke although Sonny argues that Carlos needs to die. They but heads on who's way is the high way and who should be able to make decisions to honor the memory of Duke as they bring him back to the aircraft to get him back to Port Charles and charged with murder. The security officer wants to prevent them from leaving but Sonny knows how to persuade him to let them go. Carlos reminds Anna if she lets him go, she won't be in any trouble but if he gets charged, he can tell them what he knows about her and she will go down with him. Yet she admits to him she's willing to face her own consequences if it means bringing him to justice. Morgan finds out that his dad has had to take drastic action against Carlos, learning for the first time the man who put his dad and murdered his dad's friend is alive and has gotten away with murder. He concludes that he won't get mixed up in this but tells his mom and Michael that he has to get out of this facility sooner than they want him out because he has to be there for Kiki after learning she will soon be released from the hospital. When Kiki gets discharged she finds out that Ava cannot let her stay with her and has had to resort to the drastic measure of letting Avery stay with Sonny. Kiki is worried about what kind of trouble that could mean her mom is in and learns that her mom and Paul Hornsby had dealings beyond art dealing. When she is ready to leave and go to stay with Franco, she runs into Dillon Quartermaine at the hospital and they converse about what her mom and his dad have each been doing and how they both want to know as little as possible about their respective parent's dealings. While Anna is gone, and Jordan is alone in Anna's house after learning that Paul knows that Anna chose to shoot and kill Carlos instead of have him arrested for Duke's murder. She questions that until she talks to André and confirms that he has heard Anna confess that to him during a confidential doctor/patient session she had with him. Again, Jordan wants to do her job of law enforcement while André wants to protect the confidentiality of his patient.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley and Dr. Neville catch on to Abby's trick of sending them both flowers from each other with cute little notes. They tell Abby to stop matchmaking. Stitch persuades Dr. Neville to stop being a coward and tell Ashley how he feels about her. But, Dr. Neville decided not to confess his feelings when he hears Ashley tell Abby that her relationship is strictly professional. Ashley takes her job back as head of the research project which makes Hilary upset. Later she manages to persuade Jack to give her a seat on the board of his foundation.

Abby and Max's relationship continues to be difficult when Max convinces Charlie to pull the fire alarm at the coffeehouse. Max later apologizes to Stitch and tells him that he wishes Abby was a cool mom like Lily is to Charlie. Victor continues to dream about Nikki while he's in prison, but he refuses to see her when she comes to visit, which causes Nikki much sadness. 

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