Tuesday 4/12/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/12/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is devastated that Quinn had Liam all this time and took advantage of him. He says no, she was taking care of him and told him that she was his wife. But she will be turned over to the police now. He does not want to talk about it and wants just to get on with his life with Steffy and put this past them. She argues that she was there waiting for him the day he apparently lost his memory. She was ready to continue their life but he never showed up. Wyatt and Bill find the closet door in the cabin to be broken into and no Quinn. Sasha tells Julius she has every reason to be happy at Forrester. She works there and is dating the son of a Forrester. She knows Nicole is sad but he can take some pleasure that she is his daughter too and is happy. Sasha says she knows how lucky she is to be with Zende and he broke it off with Nicole. He made that decision and she is not going to let him go. Nicole tells Maya and Rick that she did this for them and Zende is the one who moved on. They do not have to feel badly about that.

Lt. Baker comes in and gets all the details that Bill and Wyatt can give him. Liam tells Steffy that he is sorry. All he remembers is waking up at the cabin. He does not know how he got there. And he knows Quinn hates him but it is sick for her to pretend they were married while taking care of him. He wonders what she wants. Steffy remembers what Quinn said at her wedding to Wyatt that all was worth it. While eating his hotdog, Lt. Baker says he will need to speak with Liam. Bill says he will arrange that. Liam wonders if Quinn was packing up the house if she was planning to kill him and move away. He thanks Wyatt for finding him and bringing him home. He hugs him and says he wants to find Quinn so he can find out why she did this. But it is clear that Wyatt saved his life. Now he just wants to be alone with his fiancé. Sasha continues to berate Julius for favoring Nicole and not accepting her as his daughter too. He says he has looked out for her his entire life and this is the way she repays him by hurting his other daughter. Zende walks in before they are through and he tries to apologize to Julius for breaking up with Nicole. Sasha jumps in and says but at least he is dating her now and Julius is cool with that. Julius makes a quick exit. Maya tells Nicole that Sasha stabbed her in the back and Zende is not with her because she is prettier or not pregnant. Sasha tries to turn Zende on right there in the office but he pulls away and says he cannot do this. She recommends that he go home as Caroline and Ridge will be wrapped up in their new baby and he can have the house all to himself. Wyatt is shocked to hear Steffy say she is going to stay with Liam for now. He is fragile and she could not break it to him in just one sentence that she is married to Wyatt. Liam tells Steffy that he is so grateful to be home….and with the woman he loves.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Roman talks with Eric, preparing him for prison. Lucas brings Jennifer home and worries about her pain pills but Jennifer insists she's fine until JJ comes home interrupting them to tell them about what happened with Abigail and Ben which shocks them. Chad sits at home with Abigail as she seems not to remember anything that happened with Ben.

Eric goes to see Marlena, feeling that he let her down but Marlena understands he made a mistake and encourages him. Abigail falls asleep and dreams about what happened with Ben. JJ and Jennifer go to the DiMera Mansion and talk to Chad about what happened. Chad sticks to the story that Ben attacked Abigail and she stabbed him then threw a kerosene lamp that burned him in self defense. Jennifer goes back home where Eric shows up and they drink wine together then end up kissing and rush off together. Marlena breaks down crying in John's arms about Eric going to prison. JJ goes to the hospital and delivers a warning to Ben who remains unconscious that he will pay for everything he's done.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna gets detained and prevented from leaving the aircraft with Sonny to go find Carlos. She knows Paul is behind it when he calls her and professes he has to "save her from herself". She tells him she knows he let Sonny go because he hoped Sonny would kill Carlos for him. She reminds Paul she has had no reason to trust him and knows he only wants to save his own skin. Jordan finds out that Paul had Anna arrested and finds it hard to believe that Anna is going with Sonny to find Carlos in Puerto Rico and possibly kill him. Sonny meets up with Carlos in the Catholic church when Carlos pulls a gun on him, taunts him, tells Sonny he needs to say his prayers before Carlos puts a bullet in his head and ends him. However, when Sonny hears Carlos laughing about how he killed Duke, Sonny is angry enough to overpower Carlos and make him beg for mercy as Sonny gets ready to kill him. Right then, Anna finds a way to distract the guards who detain her, runs off to find Sonny and catches him ready to kill Carlos. Back in Port Charles, after Nikolas realizes he has no choice except to sign his ELQ shares over to Hayden/Rachel, he gets a visit from Jason and Sam who tell him Jason will "buy" the shares, explaining that Jason wants the majority stock that Nikolas now has and if Nikolas refuses, they can turn the evidence over to the police that he tried to have Hayden/Rachel killed. He agrees and that means when Hayden/Rachel returns home to collect from him, he informs her he no longer has it to give to her. Curtis seems "interested" in Hayden/Rachel although he is currently dating Valerie. She can see that and admits she maybe should not continue to see him. Dante and Lulu meet in the park and do the "communication exercises" that their marriage counselor has assigned to them, see that they are making progress and are both encouraged to make their marriage work.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Natalie and Mariah worry about giving their depositions and convince Kevin to talk to Summer. Summer agrees to try to convince Victoria to take the deal Jack offered. Billy gives his deposition. Victoria insists on attending. She accuses Billy of choosing Passkey over his family. Summer is conflicted after talking to Phyllis. She feels that if she tells the truth, she will break her mother's heart. Talking to Victoria does no good. Victoria refuses to take Jack's deal. Billy and Phyllis wonder where Jack is. He is at the hospital with Nikki. He makes a deal with Nikki- he will let her tell her family on her own time if she attends an AA meeting with him. She agrees. She falls asleep in her hotel suite and has a dream that Victor comes to her. There's a knock at the door and she wakes up. She's disappointed to see that it's just room service bringing her tea and not Victor. Phyllis gives her deposition. After, Victoria asks for time alone with Phyllis. She questions Phyllis' love for Jack when Jack wanted peace between their families. At the prison, the warden tells Victor that it was a guard who stabbed him and not a personal vendetta. Victor stumbles back and sits on his bed. His wound is bleeding.

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