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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam shades his eyes and looks into the distance on the beach and sees Steffy. She senses his presence and they run to other. She jumps into his arms and he clings to her and says he is home. Wyatt explains to Bill that Charlie actually showed him some footage of Liam in the parking lot with Quinn. Bill calls him a bozo. Wyatt admits he did go to his mother but she obviously lied and Liam has been at her place all this time. Then he found she was going to leave town and went to see her with this new guy. It turns out it was Liam and they were in bed together as in married. Quinn kicks on the closet door and screams to let her out. Suddenly with seaweeds all over him Deacon shows up and opens the door. He seethes at her that she thought he was dead and all washed up, but here he is. Liam tells Steffy that he has been sick and then lied to. Quinn held him captive and she got inside his head and convinced him that they were married. Quinn wants to go get a towel for Deacon and he says do not worry about that. He picks up an axe and says she better worry that he is going to bury that in her head. She knows he won’t. He says she also will not run out on him. He did not spend the last few weeks almost near death for her to do that. She agrees that she got caught up in her fantasy so she does not need to hear his I told you so. She wants to get out of here as the cops could very well be on their way when Liam and Wyatt get back home. Deacon says he is not going anywhere with her…..she might push him into the Grand Canyon this time. Bill tells Wyatt that his mother is sick and deserves to spend the rest of her life in jail. Wyatt reminds Bill that she is locked up and can’t get loose so he has not called the police yet. They agree to go find her.

Deacon tells Quinn that she is crazy. She says that crazy is what attracted him to her in the first place so they could go to counseling now and get back together. She does not believe Steffy will let anything today interfere with her marriage, at least she better not. Steffy figures it out. All this time Liam was with Quinn and she had his phone and was using it and lying to everyone so they all thought he really left town on his own. He confesses that Quinn told him they were married and he had no reason not to believe her. Deacon tells Quinn no. He’d be an idiot if he ever trusted her again. He is not that desperate to get her back in his bed. She says she has money and he has debts. They can have a good quiet life together if that is what he wants. He could have gone to the police by now but he came straight to her so that tells her all she needs to know. Liam hugs Steffy and says he does not have all the answers yet but she brought him home and he will never let her go again.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Abigail lights Ben on fire but Chad bursts in to put out the flames, which upsets Abigail because she wanted to kill Ben. Steve briefly chats with Joey and Jade before receiving a call from Fynn about Kayla being in the hospital. Fynn goes over with Kayla that she had bleeding on the brain which caused her to pass out. Steve arrives but Kayla wants him to back off. Kayla admits the bleeding was caused by when Ava knocked her out which Steve feels responsible for. Kayla and Steve argue back and forth with Steve wanting to help her through this but Kayla wanting time and space.

Jade and Joey eat together at the Pub where Jade convinces Joey that he should spend spring break in Chicago with her. Chad and Abigail go over what happened. Abigail is mad at Chad for stopping her, feeling that Ben can now never be stopped and still wants to kill him. Chad calls JJ to bring the police and an ambulance. Chad tells Abigail that she can't kill Ben because of Thomas and that they will tell the police it was self-defense. Ben breaks free of being tied to the bed and sneaks downstairs but Chad knocks him out. The police arrive and Ben is stretchered out. Chad tells JJ and Lani that it was self defense which Lani questions, upsetting Chad. Kayla is released from the hospital and goes home to find the flowers and note that Steve left. After the police leave, Chad tells Abigail that it's all over but Abigail remains upset with Chad for not letting her kill Ben and says she will never be free because of him. Chad holds her as she cries.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden/Rachel lays down the law to Nikolas. She informs him she has proof, that will hold up in court, that he got her shot. She can and will have him sent to prison for attempted murder unless he signs over his ELQ shares to her. He refuses until she reminds him that when Spencer comes home from school, he'll wonder where his dad is and Nikolas will only see his son again through a window at the prison. At that point, he knows he has no choice so he complies with her terms. At that point, she declares she need not stay at Wyndemere and he need not stay married to her any longer, as long as she can leave with what she wants. Meanwhile, as Tracy is recovering in her hospital bed after the surgery, she knows she has to contact Hayden/Rachel to inform her that Tracy is coming back very soon and has a text sent to her. As soon as Hayden/Rachel receives the message, she rushes to see Tracy and happily informs her she was "successful" in taking ELQ shares from Nikolas. Hearing that, Tracy is encouraged assuming that means she's given it back to the Quartermaines until Hayden/Rachel informs her she did not do that and is keeping it for herself. At that point, Tracy is certain Hayden/Rachel cannot get away with that and will regret it when she exposes her true identity and everyone knows that she (Hayden/Rachel) is the daughter and co-conspirator of the notorious Raymond Berlin. Hayden/Rachel is not worried about that however when she reveals to Ned who she is and Tracy can see she's not afraid to make it known. Anna rushes to board a private jet with Sonny to hopefully find Carlos Rivera in Puerto Rico. While they're en route to their destination, Paul breaks free after she's knocked him out with Chloroform and tied him up, in her living room. He knows where to find her and has the authorities detain her and prevent her from getting off the plane as they inform her she's under arrest. Yet they tell Sonny he's free to visit Puerto, go where he wants and do what he wants. She finds it odd that Paul would not want to arrest Sonny and then realizes the reason he's let Sonny go is because he believes Sonny will be likely to kill Carlos (which is what Paul wants). Maxie and Nathan are happily together yet he is still uneasy with her "understanding" that he was an honorable "victim" of Claudette from Canada who needed a green card and married him only to obtain that and the "betrayal" she exercised upon him. Maxie promises not to need to know more about Claudette until he leaves her alone in the room, at which point she gets on her laptop and looks up the identity of Claudette West.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Dylan that Victor asked him to avenge his death because he fears he will be killed in jail. He asks Dylan to do what he can to protect Victor. Victor refuses to tell the warden what happened the night he was stabbed. Victor asks Ian Ward his opinion of the warden. Ian tells him that he thinks the warden truly cares about the prisoners. Nikki continues to drink, because Victor is very angry with her and the rest of the family. Jack asks Victoria to take a share of the Pass Key profits instead of going through with the lawsuit, but she refuses to take the deal even when Nick thinks it's a good idea. Nick stands by Victoria's decision to go through with the lawsuit even though he thinks the deal Jabot offered is a fair one. Sharon is very afraid of the dreams she has been having about the night Sully was born. Victor has memories of happier times with Nikki. Then he gets another threat from a computerized voice that tells him he is a dead man .

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