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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn screams at Wyatt to be smart about this. All he has to do is walk away and not look back. He can have his life with Steffy and she with Liam. He tells her that she needs to be locked up. Steffy would leave him the minute she found out about Liam. Suddenly Liam remembers who he is and Steffy was his bride in the picture, not Quinn. Wyatt demands the key to open the lock but Quinn keeps berating him to just leave. Wyatt kicks in the door and on the other side is Liam who rushes toward him. Wyatt says he knows he has no idea what is happening but he needs to go with him right away. Liam smiles and says yes, he will go, he knows he is his brother. He says he is remembering more and more. He looks at Quinn and says she is insane. Frantically she rails that Adam was the best part of Liam and no man has ever talked to her like that. She did not plan on this or know what to do. He said she acted like they were married but he had no idea how far she would go. She robbed him of his life with his family. She rants until he tells her to stop pretending she loves him. She was only manipulating him. He said she tried to convince him that she was his Eve but he also knew that his Eve was somewhere out there and now he is going home to his Steffy. Bill tells Steffy none of this sounds plausible. Liam is somewhere and they need to find him. She agrees. It does not seem possible that the old Liam would leave his family, his job and her. But this new Liam might that was so bitter about everything.

Quinn still tries to twist things around that Steffy was there once but that is behind him. She begs Wyatt to convince Liam to forgive her and get him to remember how he felt as Adam. She needs to get him away from this place. Liam says yes she is going away; she is going to prison. With Quinn still yammering they can start over, Wyatt and Liam manage to grab her and throw her into a closet and put a padlock on it. All the while she is screaming to let her out. Wyatt calls Bill who is surprised that he has found Liam and they are on their way to the cliff house. Bill says he is there already and so is Steffy. She will be happy to see him. At his home, Wyatt points Liam down the path to the beach where he will find Steffy. He says they were all worried about him but Steffy most of all. He needs to go see her. Steffy sits and waits until Liam comes into view. He sees her first and runs toward her. She senses his presence and gets up and runs as fast as she can toward him. She jumps into his arms and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Maggie wakes up after her surgery and wants Summer to tell her all about her life. Nicole runs in to Deimos, who informs her that he now owns the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad and JJ continue to worry about locating Ben. Abigail kisses Ben and convinces him that she still loves him and wants him so they head upstairs where Abigail stabs Ben with scissors, knocks him out with a lamp and ties him to the bed posts.

Nicole researches Deimos and finds out that he was in prison for murdering Victor's fiancee, Helena, who Nicole finds a photo of online and sees their resemblance. Summer tells Maggie about her criminal past and thinks Maggie is ashamed of her which leads to Maggie tearfully revealing that she did know Summer survived and no one told her that her baby died as she chose to give her up. Fynn delivers a gift to Victor that came from Deimos which is an earring and a bloody napkin from their past with Helena. Chad comes home to find his guard knocked out but the door is locked. Abigail mocks Ben as he's tied up and covers him in lighter fluid as she prepares to light him on fire.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna has taken drastic action against Paul when he revealed he's onto her plan with Sonny to take matters into their own hands with Carlos. She knocks him out with chloroform, duct takes his mouth and leaves him in her living room when she's startled by a knock on the door and visit from Maddox. She makes sure to hide Paul from her doctor/friend's site and get him to leave although he urges her to trust him and confide her secrets. He knows she's lying and hiding something yet leaves. Sonny is putting his plans in motion to meet with Anna on a private jet and go after Carlos to get justice for Duke. Carly, however, is upset and emotional that her husband is putting himself in danger so shortly after he's gone to prison and right after he's recovered after almost getting killed and being put in a wheelchair. She goes to find Jason and urges him to talk to Sonny the way he always used to. She finds out he's spent the night with Sam who agrees that Jason needs to help Sonny and Carly with this. Carly affirms that Sam is the right person for Jason and she offers them her blessing while Jason goes to talk to Sonny. Sonny affirms that the "new guy" seems to understand him so much like the Jason he knew and believed had died. Yet, Sonny has made up his mind and leaves with Anna. Meanwhile, Tracy awakens after a "delay" that worries everyone including Finn. People are still worried when she's out of surgery and appears to be ok. Finn is alone in the staff locker room, making it clear he needs to inject himself with his needle. He also reveals he has a "dark side" that sounds very negative to the optimistic Dr. Griffin Munro when he goes to talk, praise and offer support to his colleague. Nina welcomes Franco home from work and is happily celebrating the possibility of the two of them having a baby together. As soon as he hears she is persisting with this behind his back, he is not in the mood for what she wants. She gets a call from her Ob-Gyn informing her that she cannot conceive a baby and she is furious, emotional and hopeless as she tells Franco he got what he wants which is no "threat" of having a baby, although it devastates her. Alone, he admits he is not happy that she is not happy.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Kevin, Mariah, and Natalie worry about making depositions on Passkey. Billy tells them to lie. Later, they discuss it at Crimson Lights where Michael hears their conversation. He explains that they could see jail time if they lie. Summer also worries about incriminating her own mother. While Michael speaks to Kevin alone, Mariah and Natalie tell Summer that if they don't have Passkey, they don't have anything. Jack goes to Newman Enterprises to try to find a peaceful solution to the Passkey problem. He finds Nick there instead of Victoria. Jack offers to cut Newman in on the profits from Passkey but no credit. Billy interrupts and says there's no deal. Later, Phyllis convinces Billy that Jack is protecting them and Jabot and they should go along with it. Nick arrives and says that Victoria wouldn't agree to take the deal. Jack blames Billy. Cane watches from the bar and Lily guesses Cane is missing the business world. In the lab at Jabot, Ashley wonders where Simon is. Ben informs her and Abby that Simon is in love with Ashley and isn't there because he's afraid Ashley doesn't feel the same. While Hilary, Devon, and Ashley are in a meeting, Abby makes plans for Ashley to receive flowers from Simon and vice versa. During the meeting, Devon takes sides with Ashley. After dismissing Ashley, Hilary tells Devon that this is who she really is and he can either stand by her side like a dutiful husband or he can watch from the sidelines.

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