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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

They all start yelling at the same time. Adam asks Wyatt what did he call him. Quinn says she was only helping Liam. Wyatt finds this hard to believe that Liam has been here this whole time and does not know who he is. Adam demands to know from Wyatt who he is, why he is here. He knows and he is not telling. Quinn screams this means a lot to her and Wyatt has to listen. Bill tells Justin that he was so hurt over his own little feelings that it never dawned on him that Liam might actually be in trouble. Justin has to find him. Justin says he is not in any of the major hospitals and not in custody anywhere. Justin asks who else has heard from Liam except him. Bill calls Steffy. He says he would not ask except that it is very important. He wants her to meet him at Liam’s. Quinn and Wyatt walk outside and lock Liam in the cabin. He pounds on the door and says he will not be lied to anymore. Wyatt finds it hard to believe that his mother is in love with his brother. She says he does not understand but for once someone needs her and she has a reason to wake up in the morning. She will not give that up, not even for Wyatt. And they can go away and no one will ever know.

Steffy walks into Liam’s house and the memories come flooding back. Bill comes in and says he is scared. He wants her to pay attention. She lived here and he needs to know what is missing. Go through it with a fine tooth comb, every closet and every drawer, whatever what may be missing, it could be important. Wyatt tells Quinn that Liam is not right. He can not even stand right and she did not take him to the doctor. She keeps saying they shared something and she was helping him. Wyatt tells her that they have to open this door and if she doesn’t he will go to the police. She is crazy and he will get her help. She barks that she gave him this precious life with Steffy so all he has to do is go back to it, say nothing to anyone and both of their lives will continue. Liam loves her. Wyatt stands there with his mouth literally open listening to this crazy mother of his. Steffy looks things over and says it all looks right to her, just a bunch of mail and bills piling up. Bill says Liam would have never done that. He would have had the power turned off but he would have paid his bills. She keeps saying she got these text messages and she thinks he is staying away on his own. Slowly Liam starts having flashbacks of Bill, Steffy, his brother. And especially Steffy in her mountaintop wedding attire. Liam tears the albums up and says Quinn is lying to him, it was not her in the pictures but Steffy. Quinn and Wyatt argue. He says this is wrong. He does not want a happy life this way, hurting his own brother. She demands that he stay and listen. She and Liam are both changed people….he is a gentle man, a kinder man. They are like two pieces of the same puzzle. They can walk away from their own life and be fresh like babies. He is happy and Wyatt can be too. All he has to do is not be ashamed that he got his happiness this way. All he has to do is walk away and never see her again.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Roman goes to see Kayla and talks to her about her decision to kick Steve out, encouraging her not to give up on him. Abigail has another nightmare about Ben and imagines seeing him again. Chad and JJ talk about a possible Ben sighting in California. Steve drinks at the Pub where a woman named Tina Bradley approaches, telling Steve of a time that he saved her life once and now she needs him to again because of a man lurking outside her home but Steve's conscience convinces him not to get involved because it would be proving Kayla right about him always being involved in danger so he tells Tina to just go to the police. Ciara goes to see Abigail about getting a job as her babysitter for Thomas.

Kayla gets dizzy and stumbles which concerns Roman, who tells her to make sure she takes care of herself. Ciara worries about having no free time with school and babysitting but assures Theo that she will have time for him. Chad and JJ confirm the finding in California was not Ben. Ben arrives at the DiMera Mansion and chokes out one of the guards. Ben heads inside to confront Abigail, who at first thinks it's another vision but this time he's real. Steve goes home with flowers for Kayla and leaves them with a note that he's never giving up on them. Kayla goes to work at the hospital and collapses when she gets there. Abigail tries to run from Ben but he stops her and says he just wants them to be together like when they were in love. Abigail tries to convince Ben that she agrees by kissing him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna is ready to take drastic action to find Carlos before Paul does, knowing all too well Paul wants to kill Carlos for his own self-interest, since Carlos can provide sufficient information to the cops to get Paul in serious trouble, if Carlos lives. Sonny goes to find Anna knowing what she wants to do and assures her that he wants the same thing she does, which is to find Carlos and probably not kill him since they need him to help them bring Julian to justice knowing Julian put Carlos up to murdering Duke. Carly is very upset that Sonny will not listen to her urgent plea that he not put himself in danger and abandon his family's needs for this. Meanwhile, Ava has her own worries after "somebody" has put what appeared to be a dead body with fresh blood, in her bed the previous night. She sees that Scott Baldwin is of no use to her as a body guard. Julian agrees and wants to replace him. However, Julian knows his sister has no power over Sonny in getting Avery back or with anything else. He warns her that since she joined forces with Paul Hornsby and it was revealed with the failed arms trade on the docks, none of their previous "colleagues" from their organization trust or care what happens to Ava. They now see her as a snitch. Sonny seems to also know that and is not worried about Ava. Paul finds Anna and tells her he knows she's working with Sonny and they have both tapped his phone. He is ready to put her in prison or in an institution when he reveals he knows what she has done yet she thinks first and knocks Paul out with Chloroform before he has a chance to make the call to do as he plans. Carly knows that she cannot get through to Sonny so she goes to talk to Jason to see if he can help her get through to her husband, just like in "old times". When she visits him, she sees that he's spent the night with Sam, for the first time since he's lost his memory. Julian knows he has to take drastic action to protect Ava's life even if it involves taking over the organization all over again. As Alexis is unaware of her husband's most recent move, she talks to Kristina about the importance of being honest and not keeping secrets from the people she loves.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

A doctor cleared Victor to go back to prison. Nick accused Victor and Adam of plotting to take over Newman Enterprises. Victoria learned from Dylan that Victor had been stabbed, and she blamed herself for the attack. Victoria wanted Dylan to keep Victor from going back to prison, but he told her there was nothing he could do. At Chelsea's, Sharon let Sage hold Sully. Adam arrived, and Sharon and Sully left. Adam comforted Sage about the failed adoption. Sage left. Chelsea admitted it was disconcerting to see Adam comforting Sage when they knew he was Christian's father, but Sage didn't. Adam revealed that Victor wanted him to avenge his death if he's killed in prison. Chelsea believed he was just trying to manipulate Adam into taking over Newman. Adam disagreed. Chelsea was frustrated that Adam believed Victor. She yelled that he could go run Newman if that's what he wanted. Adam left. Chelsea told Anita that it was time to let Adam do what he wanted, even if it scared her. Anita thought Chelsea should encourage Adam to go after the Newman throne. Chelsea wanted a life separate from the Newmans, but Anita said she couldn't always have it all. At Newman, Nick told Victoria that Adam and Victor were plotting against her. Nick decided to come work at Newman to protect Victoria.

Sharon and Dylan spent time at home with Sully. Sharon explained that she'd told Sage she could visit Sully whenever she wanted. Dylan liked the idea. Sharon wondered who'd help Nick through this, and Dylan said Sage would. Sharon realized it wasn't her place to worry about Nick anymore, but Dylan assured her that it's okay, since Nick's family. Dylan felt blessed to have Sharon and Sully. Sharon heard Dylan promise to always be there for Sully. At Newman, Adam told Victoria about Victor's fears. Adam told Victoria it's her responsibility to be as ruthless as Victor and ensure that Victor's company survives even if Victor doesn't. Victoria thought Adam was angling for a job, but Adam said he didn't care about Newman. Victoria asks why he's there, then. Nick and Sage met at the coffeehouse. Nick told Sage how inspiring she was. They discussed Nick's new job and Sage holding Sully. Sage thought it would be therapeutic to spend more time with the baby. At Walworth, Ian admitted he wasn't as powerful as he'd pretended to be and swore he wasn't behind the stabbing. Victor didn't buy it. Ian wanted to team up with Victor to take down the person who ordered the attack.

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