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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt wakes Steffy up with a pretty breakfast tray with flowers and all her favorite foods. She says he can not spoil her like this forever. She remembers their words of commitment to each other and that will be forever. Wyatt says he hates to leave her on their first day of a honeymoon but he is worried about his mom and thinks he ought to go see her. She says yeah, he probably would like to see this new guy in her life. It might really open his eyes to see what kind of guy he is. Meanwhile on the other side of the mountain Adam asks Eve where they are going. She says some place a long way from L.A., a fresh new start. He finds a sword necklace in her belongings while Eve is packing the car. Bill calls Justin in and says he has an assignment for him – find his son. It’s not like Liam but it is as if the rest of them do not exist and he may just be sitting on top of a mountaintop alone somewhere. He can go off and find himself but he has no right to just cut himself off from everyone else. He wants Justin to look with a fine tooth comb and find out what Liam is up to.

Eve returns to the cabin and asks Adam what he is doing with the necklace. She admits it was a gift to him but he didn’t like it so she put it away. Adam asks more questions and she questions why he is asking so many when she told him everything he needs to know. She wonders if the necklace is making him remember. He asks would that make a difference if he did. He walks away when she says forcing things are not making it better. He says he does not have time and it’s like she does not want him to ask questions. She replies again that everything she is doing is for him and she promises everything will be fine. She cajoles him that they just need to say goodbye to this room. She starts to kiss him but he pulls away, thinking of kissing another girl, Steffy. Wyatt walks up and sees a For Rent sign on the cabin door, he peeks inside the window. He lets himself in and keeps going into the bedroom where he sees Quinn kissing Liam. Shocked, he demands some answers from her and why Liam is here. Adam pulls back and also in shock asks who Wyatt is and what did he call him – Liam? Wyatt wonders if he has been here all this time and demands answers from Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Brady comes home from the hospital to update Theresa about Maggie and Victor. Nicole visits Maggie in the hospital and records a video on her phone so she can show Victor a message from her and then gives Maggie a photo of Daniel to comfort her through surgery. Pamela from the ISA declares that Steve was working undercover for the ISA when he killed Ava who was a threat. She reveals that the judge has wiped it away and there will be no trial which shocks Justin but he confirms it with the judge. Philip goes to see Brady for an update on Victor. Brady wants Philip to make things right with Victor if he recovers.

Summer visits Maggie at the hospital and encourages her about the surgery and having a second chance but Maggie questions if she deserves another chance with Summer. Joey and Jade join Steve and Kayla, excited that the case is closed and Steve is free. Kayla is less excited while Steve is shocked to learn that Jade knows Joey killed Ava. Deimos researches Nicole and finds out that she was once married to Victor. Nicole shows Victor the video message from Maggie as he's unconscious and after it plays, he wakes up. Victor thanks Nicole for saving his life and warns her to stay away from Deimos because he will come to her after seeing her. Deimos appears outside the hospital room window. Jade encourages Joey about what happened with Ava and kisses him. Steve thinks they should be happy it's all over but Kayla fears that she and Joey can't live with the trouble that follows Steve. Kayla gives his ring back and remarks that she is going to have to figure out if they can share a life together.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam discovers, with Jason, that everything points to Nikolas as the person who had means, motive opportunity and probability for getting Hayden shot. She is horrified and admits to her "still-amnesiac" husband that, even if he does not remember, she has always known her cousin to be the "good Cassadine". Although she knows Nikolas has "gone bad" recently, she could not imagine and does not want to look at the cold reality that he is a murderer. She goes to confront Nikolas and tells him she knows what he's done. She won't let him get away with it and will call the cops to have him put in prison. He tries to restrain her. They struggle. She appears afraid now knowing he is capable of killing a woman. Jason arrives there and as soon as he sees a "suspected murderer" scaring and endangering Sam, he wastes no time severely injuring and almost instantly killing Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel rushes in and, for the first time since the last altercation he had with Jason, she is scared, vulnerable and afraid of losing Nikolas. Curtis is also there to prevent Jason from what he knows would be killing Nikolas without effort. Jason and Sam return to his apartment together, kiss and sleep together while romantic music plays. Hayden/Rachel and Nikolas are still suspicious of each other while they return to their mutual bed for the night together. Ava is haunted, suspicious and afraid of "somebody" having a death wish on her and goes to ask Julian what he may know about who it might be. He informs his sister he knows the most likely suspect who intends to endanger them both is Sonny. She goes to confront a pretty calm and contented Sonny, telling him she won't let him get away with what he is doing and will take her baby daughter from him as soon as Kiki returns home. Carly is worried about the trouble Sonny might be getting himself into regarding finding Carlos and bringing Duke's killer to justice. Yet he is very confident that neither of them need see Ava as a contender because she's in trouble. As soon as Ava gets into her bed and suspects nothing as she turns out the lights, she senses fresh blood dripping all over her bed and is horrified as to what this means and what could have happened to cause this. Kristina tells Molly she is very discontented that their mother clearly does not accept that her daughter may be gay. Alexis goes to confront Parker, threatening to take action against her daughter's professor for the trouble she's put Kristina in. Yet Parker is able to enlighten Alexis about how Kristina only wants her mom to be there for her, listen, pay attention to her and assure Kristina she will always love her. Julian is able to get Kristina to listen and understand more about her mom as he assures her that her mom does not intend to disrespect Kristina and assures his step-daughter she need not worry.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At the Club, Devon admitted he'd told Neil not to give Hilary a job on the board because he thought she only wanted to use the position to raise her social standing. Hilary was furious. At the hospital, Sharon told Dylan that she was uneasy about Nurse Steven's interest in Sully. The nurse's record was clean, so Dylan and Sharon agreed to stop the investigation. Victor called Adam to the hospital and told him about Ian's threats. Victor was concerned Ian would kill him. Victor asked Adam to kill Ian if Ian succeeded. Nick came to check on Victor, but Victor said Nick was dead to him. Nick was worried about Victor, but Victor said he had it under control, then he threw his sons out of the room. Victor noticed that his wound was bleeding. Nick accused Adam of being in cahoots with Victor. Ben told Abby that Victor was stabbed. Abby was angry that none of the Newmans told her. Abby answered a call from Ashley's doctor and learned about her illness. Ashley and Simon arrived, and Ashley fessed up about the brain tumor and Simon's cure. Devon and Hilary arrived, and the truth about Hilary blackmailing Ashley came out.

Devon and Hilary went into her office and had a disagreement about Hilary forcing Ashley out of her job. Hilary felt that she'd been justified because Ashley was too sick to run the company. Hilary told Devon to leave if he didn't realize she was the best person to run the company. Devon said he loved her too much not to save her from herself. Ben and Simon went to the hospital to see Ashley's lab results. Ben was impressed. They talked about Ashley, and Ben got the feeling that Simon was falling in love with her. Ashley explained that she'd she kept Abby in the dark to protect her. Abby complained about the Newmans doing the same thing, and that's how Ashley learned about Victor's stabbing. Abby asked if Ashley didn't pursue a relationship with Ben because she was sick. Ashley insisted that she didn't have feelings for Ben. Abby forgave her mother for hiding things. Nikki talked to Paul and Dylan about Victor. Paul promised to ask his prison guard friends to keep an eye on Victor. After Nikki left, Paul told Dylan not to get sucked into the Newman drama. At Crimson Lights, Sage and Nick vowed to look ahead to their future. Sage asked Chelsea for more responsibility at work. At Chelsea's, Chelsea and Sharon talked to Sage about the failed adoption. Sage couldn't stop looking at Sully, and Sharon let her hold him.

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