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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Adam says he is just very confused, he is not sure it is memories. Eve says she is his wife, she wants to help and protect him but he must tell her what he is thinking. She is aggravated by his obsession of who he is and where they were married. She feels like suddenly she is not enough for him. He can not believe she does not want him to be normal again. She rants that she is starting to feel used. She has spent much of her life taking care of him and now he is suspicious of her. Nothing is going to make them happier than they are right now. He says he has not seen that look in her eyes before. He is feeling like he does not know the real Eve. Brooke lets herself in and catches Katie again with a Vodka bottle although she has not had a drink yet. Brooke asks her just how long can she keep this up without telling Bill. He is not stupid. She laments that Bill is her husband and it’s her business, not Brooke’s. Bill walks in and Brooke says she wanted to hear about the wedding and Katie was filling her in.

Adam tells Eve that he feels he is on the verge of discovering something right here. She says they can compromise. She is going to go finish packing and they can go away and discuss this further. He goes back to his composite photo but can not quite make out who it is. Wyatt takes Steffy to the bedroom where he has strewn rose petals all over the bed. They make love. Katie manages to dismiss Bill from their talk and then tells Brooke that she is not an alcoholic and everything is under control. If she tells Bill it will only worry him. Eve apologizes to Adam and says she just wants to be with him. Nothing is more important than putting their lives back together and they can not do it here; it is too cramped. They need to forget the past and think of their future. She loves him, pure and simple. She tells him about Oregon where they can camp, fish in the stream and she knows he will love it. He doesn’t seem convinced. He goes back to his composite and remembers the bride walking toward him on the mountain.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Hope talks with Ciara about her therapy appointment with Marlena today. Steve and Kayla argue about Steve's trial with Kayla suggests going on the run and Steve being accepting of prison. Chase breaks in to Jennifer's house to get the rest of his things but is caught by Rafe and arrested for breaking and entering. Ciara doesn't show up for her appointment with Marlena and instead hangs out with Theo. Roman informs John about Victor and Maggie while trying to get a hold of Caroline.

Ciara goes to the police station and tells Chase that he will not break her. Ciara apologizes to Hope for no showing her appointment and promises to reschedule. Joey talks with Jade at the Pub, who encourages him about Steve's trial. Justin offers Steve and Belle a deal that will see Steve spend ten years in prison but Steve turns it down, trusting Belle as his lawyer. Hope and Rafe go to the Pub where Hope wants Rafe to open up about his family but gets interrupted by a call from Marlena. Kayla finds Joey in the town square and meets Jade. Kayla can't believe that Joey told Jade the truth that he killed Ava. Joey insists that he can trust Jade while Kayla warns him not to come to the courthouse. John interrupts Justin, Roman, Steve, Belle, & Kayla before the trial by introducing Pamela, the director of the ISA, who he says is crucial to the case.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The doctors have all determined that Tracy is now in need of brain surgery. Both her sons are worried yet Finn puts their minds at ease that he knows what is needed. Monica is there for her sister in law. Obrecht approves yet wants Finn to know if he fails in his plan, he will pay. Griffin is visiting with Anna and with Emma when he gets called in. He's ready to head the O.R. with everyone including Tracy, confident of his neurosurgery expertise. Elizabeth assists. Tracy lets everybody know that they have not seen the last of her when she gets wheeled into the hallway, ready for surgery. Sonny comes to see Anna and tells her, whether Duke's son understands or not, they should be on the same page (Sonny and Anna) with stopping at nothing in bringing Duke's killer to justice. He reminds her that he has successfully obtained a way to listen in on all conversations between Carlos and Paul Hornsby and encourages her to do the same. That motivates Anna to find Paul when he's at the hospital, once again, to get him to let her borrow his phone to sound as though she's making a call to her daughter. As soon as she's out of his sight and earshot, she attempts to install the microchip Sonny gave her that will enable her to tap his phone. Sam and Jason are still determined to crack the case on the mystery of Hayden/Rachel, and in turn get Nikolas to have to return ELQ to Jason's family. Nikolas finds them and states that he has "changed his mind" about permanently ending and annulling his marriage to Hayden/Rachel and so he no longer needs Sam's PI assistance investigating his wife. Sam demands to know why. He states he loves his wife and does not need anyone's approval to make decisions as he sees fit. Alone, Sam and Jason conclude the only reason for Nikolas staying married to Hayden/Rachel is because she is "holding something over" on him. They go through how it was the Hayden's first scam was revealed the night of the nurse's ball, right before Nikolas took her into his house. Also, they see it very noteworthy that right before Hayden told them both she was ready to reveal who Jake (as Jason was known at the time) really is, Hayden suddenly got shot. Right then, Hayden/Rachel talks alone to Curtis who indicates he takes an interest in her although it's not clear as to why, as it's also not clear why she would want to stay with Nikolas, given that she may not need his money, given her own rich family. Nikolas returns home and Hayden/Rachel returns shortly thereafter, informing her husband she is "committed" to him. However, she surprises him by inviting Curtis to stay at the house with them, with or without Nikolas' approval.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victor wakes up in the hospital with Nikki by his side. He tells her to leave, that he doesn't need her help. Nikki runs into Nick and Sage, who are there to see Shawn and David. Sharon wakes up from a nightmare of Sully crying and Nurse Stevens telling Sharon she couldn't breast feed him. Dylan feels that he should have just let things go and that he is to blame for Sharon's nightmares. After hearing what happened to Victor, Nick calls Dylan in hopes that the police can find a different place to put Victor that's more safe. Dylan agrees to go to the hospital. There, he comforts Nikki. When he tries to talk to Victor, he realizes that Victor wants to go back to prison to seek revenge on the person that stabbed him. Dylan tells him to take care of himself. Sage is optimistic until she and Nick find that Shawn and the baby were discharged from the hospital. Shawn left a note for them explaining that she decided she wanted to be David's mom. Sage and Nick go to Crimson Lights where they decide to wait a few months before looking for another birth mother. Billy brings Victoria flowers and tries to make peace but she refuses. Michael arrives and announces that he will be advising Victoria. He advises Victoria to settle out of court but she insists on suing Jabot. At GCAC, Billy tells Jack and Phyllis the bad news. Jack points out Billy's shortcomings and he leaves. Nikki arrives. Jack joins her at the bar while Phyllis goes after Billy. Nikki confides in Jack, who offers to become her sponsor. At Billy's house, he and Phyllis drink to their success but Phyllis opts to go home to Jack when Billy wants to toast to their friendship. Sharon takes Sully to the doctor because he has a fever. Nurse Stevens approaches and asks to hold Sully. She sings him a lullaby. Sharon seems very uncomfortable. Dylan arrives and wants to know why Sharon was talking to Nurse Stevens.

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