Monday 4/4/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/4/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and Steffy run down the beach and shout they are really married. Thomas and Eric congratulate them….as well as Bill and Katie. Quinn says she has waited for this for so long so she would not miss it for anything. Bill offers a cheer and welcomes Steffy to the family. She is lucky as now she is officially a Spencer. Thomas also gives Wyatt a warm welcome. Eric says there is a lot of support here in this room. Brooke tells Rick and Maya that she is thrilled for Wyatt but it is strange that no one has heard from Liam. Pam speculates that Steffy must be over Liam or she would not have married Wyatt. Brooke tells Rick that she is still worried about Katie if she can be truthful and give up the booze. Katie tells Bill she was a very good girl. At the wedding during the toasts she did not have a single little drop. He does not have to be worried. She thanks Bill for trusting her. She thinks by seeing her therapist and not drinking she will be back to herself in no time. Eric tells Quinn they miss her at Forrester’s and she can come back any time she wants. She tells Eric and Wyatt that she hopes they do not mind but she is going to take a little vacation; it is sort of a mystery. She really needs to get away. She is so relieved how things worked out.

Adam plays around on the internet focusing on the collage of photos trying to remember the face that will come to him during his wedding. Adam hides everything when he hears Eve coming in. She said she had a glorious day but notices he has not packed very much so wonders what he has been doing since she has been gone. She says the past is the past and the photo albums should not matter. They have their whole future together. He says he wants to know more. He wants to know about their wedding day. Bill tells Katie that she is a strong woman and he is very proud of her. She calls Brooke and tells her the wedding and reception was fine and she did not have a single drink. She is getting herself under control so Brooke does not have to tell Bill. Brooke says she does not want to see her in pain and also not to keep things from Bill. Eve tells Adam that she has told him everything she knows; there is no big mystery. He asks her why she can not be honest with him. He knows there is more to it than that. She asks if his memory is coming back. Wyatt tells Steffy that she is incredible and he will never take her for granted. She has the brains to be President of FC and also to marry him, so she is very smart.

Days Recap Written by Joseph

Summer helps Maggie remember that she fell down the stairs and that's why she is in the hospital. Victor has a heart attack after an argument with Deimos. Deimos leaves Victor in the living room to die while he heads upstairs to join Kate in bed. Caroline has her vision of Victor's heart attack and panics. Nicole returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to retrieve her tablet when she finds Victor struggling and calls 911. The ambulance arrives which alarms Kate while Deimos prefers to ignore it. Maggie worries about not being able to feel her legs as Fynn tells her that they will have to wait until surgery to know the extent of the damage.

After Victor is stretchered out of the mansion, Kate & Deimos come downstairs surprised to find Nicole. Kate and Nicole question each other while Nicole and Deimos question each other's identities with Deimos seeming interested in Nicole's background. Brady, Theresa, and Summer try to locate Victor when Brady gets a call from Nicole informing him of Victor's heart attack. Kate is turned off by Deimos' cold and uncaring attitude towards Victor's heart attack. Caroline goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and senses Deimos' presence as she vows to drive him out of Salem. Theresa bonds with Maggie while Brady and Summer update Nicole on what happened to Maggie. Caroline goes to the hospital to see Victor and tells him not to die on her. Brady breaks the news to Maggie about Victor's heart attack which causes her to break down in tears. Deimos looks at an old photo of Helena who bears a resemblance to Nicole.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nathan reveals to Maxie the "secret" about Claudette being he dated her, found her special, married her and realized she was a Canadian citizen who needed a green card. He not the marriage annulled when he discovered she lied about loving him and her sole reason for marrying him was for the green card. Hearing that, Maxie concludes he did nothing wrong and he must know as well as she does that, had he told her "this story", she would have had any problem with what he did. And so, she concludes there must be another reason for why Nathan did not ever want her to know about his previous marriage to Claudette, As soon as Nathan is alone, he calls his mom, Obrecht, to inform her that Maxie "does not know" his deep-dark secret about Claudette and he must make certain she never finds out. Obrecht seems to be the only person in his life who knows the secret. Meanwhile, Dr. Finn is developing a good relationship with Tracy and is unafraid to demand she not leave the hospital until they know exactly what happened to her. Right when it appears Tracy will be ok, she suddenly has what appears to be another seizure. After Nikolas has laid down the law to Hayden/Rachel, that he's done with her, wants to end their relationship and their marriage for good, and he could get it annulled since it was based upon fraud, she reminds him it won't be in his best interest to do that. She informs him that she has proof that he intended to get her killed and Shawn Butler has been falsely imprisoned for shooting that Nikolas was responsible for. She could get him for attempted murder as well as the secrets she knows about his taking over ELQ and withholding the secret about who Jason really was. At that point, Nikolas knows he's been cornered. Elizabeth goes to talk to him and wants him not to have to live his life in fear of threats. Hayden goes and talks to Curtis who is still concerned about her living in the same house as the man who tried to kill her. She tells him she has Nikolas right where she wants him yet he tells her he knows of another way to put Nikolas in his place. Julian reveals to Nina that it was he who has been sabotaging Crimson, all the while keeping it a secret. Hearing that, she is infuriated to know that all the work and passion she and her staff have put into the magazine meant nothing to him and was all based upon a lie. She reminds him she could get him in legal trouble but will spare him that if he lets her "have" Crimson.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon and Dylan talked to the nurse that helped steal baby Christian. She tells Dylan that Dr. Anderson called her to check on baby Sully's condition after he was born at Fairview. Sharon is still suspicious that the nurse isn't telling them something about the night baby Sully was born.

Victoria wants to hire Michael as her legal advisor in her lawsuit against Jabot, but he advises her to consider reaching an agreement with Jabot. Victoria tries to talk to Billy and they almost agree to an equal division of the Pass Key profits, but she gets upset when Billy kisses her while he is drunk.  So, she says “See you in court." Victor refuses protection from Ian Ward in jail and later gets stabbed while he sleeps.

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