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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge ushers Steffy down the path to the wedding altar with Wyatt waiting. The minister welcomes them and starts the ceremony. Adam scrounges the internet looking for more answers and comes up with a face in the wedding photo but it is not Eve’s. He keeps hearing her say that she knows what is best for him. He feels she is keeping something from him – is it from this girl in the photo? He feels like he is going crazy…..going back to the day that he actually met Eve who he was told was his wife. He does not know the girl in the photo but feels like he is losing her. Eric says it is very satisfying seeing a grandchild get married. He offers more kind words that they should let peace live in their heart and take care of each other forever.

Quinn has a few words to say at the ceremony and says there is nothing she would not do for him. Standing here right now all has been worth it. They all deserve someone who believes in them. Wyatt gives her a big hug and she congratulates him. The couple exchange their vows. There will be no wedding rings, they will tattoo them later. He says he must thank his mother as she encouraged him, knew Steffy would be the best for him. She is fierce and she inspires that in him. He trusts her and wants to share things with her. He will always be honest with her and put her first, that is his commitment. She responds that she is so grateful for him. He is more spontaneous and daring than she is, and constant. She is saying yes today as she believes that his commitment is forever just as hers is. The minister proclaims them husband and wife and there are group hugs and selfies all around.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Kate that he took everything from Victor.  She didn’t believe it.  She wanted to know what he did to screw over Victor.  Finn told Victor that Maggie was going to need surgery.  Brady had problems with his heart.  Finn checked him out and said he was okay.  Finn told Brady that Maggie had an accident.  Brady wanted Theresa to call Summer to tell her about Maggie.  Deimos told Kate how he poisoned Maggie.  Deimos wanted to know if Kate wanted to still be with him.

Kate was hesitant to be with Deimos after what he did to Maggie.  Deimos tried to justify what he did to Victor.  She ended up kissing him.  Victor told Brady what was wrong with Maggie.  Victor wanted to know what Summer was doing at the hospital.  Summer wanted to know what happened to Maggie.  Victor let her know that he knew about her past.  He wanted Summer gone.  Victor showed up at the mansion to threaten Deimos.  Deimos wanted Victor out of his house.  Victor told Deimos that Maggie might never walk again.  When Victor was about to kill Deimos, he had a heart attack.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis admits to Julian that she is having difficulty processing Kristina's admissions of her same-sex interest in her professor. She does not want to appear to be a homophobe and merely has concerns that Kristina's professor may be manipulating her daughter. Meanwhile, Lucas comes by to announce he and Brad are setting a wedding date. Alexis congratulates him and offers her blessing. Hearing that, Kristina angrily declares to her mom that it's obvious she's ok with someone being gay as long as it's not her daughter. Nina and Maxie invite a fashion consultant to Crimson whom Maxie follows and admires. Nina also demands that Curtis drop what he's doing to meet with her and tell her about any or all progress he's made in finding out who may be sabotaging their magazine. Dante and Nathan talk about trust issues in their respective relationships and Nathan concludes he has to come clean with Maxie and admit that he was (or maybe still is) married to Claudette. Sam and Jason are obsessively brainstorming about the mystery of Hayden who is really Rachel Berlin, daughter of crooked rich investor, Raymond Berlin, coming to town to scam him for money. Then she revealed she knew he was not Jake Doe before anyone else knew he was Jason. Yet right before she could reveal it, she suddenly got shot. Sam concludes it may not have been Shawn Butler's attempt to shoot Jason (then Jake) nor an accident that Hayden got shot. They wonder if there might have been another shooter who had motive to shoot and kill either Rachel Berlin or the alias of Hayden Barnes and what the motive might be. Nikolas angrily concludes to Hayden/Rachel that they are through. Their marriage was based on fraud and so it could be easily legally annulled. Yet when she is unsuccessful urging him to give her another chance, she concludes to him if he does that, she can reveal everything she knows about him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Shawn is very anxious to see David, but Sage thinks that seeing David will make her change her mind. Nick convinces Sage that keeping Shawn from seeing David will just make things worse.  When Shawn sees the baby, she wants to hold him and doesn't want the nurse to take him for tests. Sage believes that all her fears are coming true. Sharon tells Dylan that Nick and Sage might lose the baby and its all her fault. Dylan calls the hospital and finds out that Shawn and the baby are ok. Dylan admits that he went to see Patty because he thinks Sandy was up to something more than just obsessing over Nick. Sharon thinks back to the night she delivered Sully and remembers there was a nurse in the room also. The Abbotts hold a press conference to announce the Passkey launch. Jack begs Victoria to take the high road and make peace between the Abbotts and Newmans. Victoria interrupts the press conference and slaps Billy, calls him a liar, and says that if he wants a war, he's got one. She announces that Passkey originally belonged to Newman Enterprises and was stolen. Luca, who'd been fired before the press conference, points out that Jabot will need someone like him. In prison, Victor has a fist fight with his cellmate and is given a new one, someone he already knows.

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