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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The beach is set up for the wedding. Wyatt walks back into the house where Bill and Katie congratulate him on his wedding day. Bill tells Wyatt that he cleans up fine but he needs to have a little father/son talk before the others show up. They discuss Quinn and her bringing the new man in her life – Adam. Adam asks Eve what the big rush is. They do not have to leave tomorrow on their trip. She manages to sweet talk him and says she has one quick errand to run and dissuades him from going along. She wants him to stay and pack. She quickly shows up at the wedding gushing how thrilled she is for Wyatt. Instead of packing Adam picks up the wedding album once more and almost sees the face of Steffy on their wedding day. Ridge tells Steffy that he wants her to be happy and she can with Wyatt. She says her mother just called and cannot come, but she sent this beautiful bouquet.

Quinn slips into Steffy’s dressing room and wants to hug her before the ceremonies. Steffy says she knows Quinn was always in their corner even before there was a Steffy and Wyatt. And because of her past involvement with Wyatt it was a little scary, but she is okay with that now and she appreciates her coming. Wyatt catches Quinn before they head down to the beach. He wants to know again if she had anything to do with Liam disappearing. She repeats her little story that Liam collapsed, she found him, tried to take him to hospital, and he did not want to go. So it looks like he just took off and Wyatt should not be worrying about him on his own wedding day. Adam gets on the laptop and starts experimenting with making faces like the one he keeps seeing in the pictures. The bride emerges and the ceremony will begin.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chase ended up making bail.  Hope and Rafe were upset that Chase got off.  Ciara was mad at Hope for lying about Chase pay for what he did.  Ciara told Hope and Rafe what happened when she ran into Chase.  Chase went to the DiMera mansion to look for Andre.  Chase told Chad how he met Andre.  Chad had Chase thrown out.  Chad asked if Abby was still having visions of Ben.  She lied and said she wasnít.  Hope comforted Ciara about Chase.

Ciara agreed to get help, but she didnít want to go back to Jenniferís.  Hope wanted to show her something.  She took her to a hotel room.  Gabi convinced Eduardo not to leave Salem.  Abby had another vision of Ben.  Ciara thought she would never fall in love again after what Chase did to her.  Hope let her know that wasnít true.  Adriana, Rafe, and Dario met at the pub.  Gabi showed up at the pub.  When Eduardo showed up, Dario was upset.  Gabi was upset with him for not giving Eduardo a chance.  Chase stole a womanís purse.  Abby told Chad that Ben was at the mansion.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna and Sonny work together to get a guy to bug Paul's phone when he's distracted and leaves it on the table at Kelly's. Sonny is determined to find out where Carlos is and confirms he an hear every call that Paul makes on his phone. Emma comes to visit her grandma, traveling all the way from Berkeley and Anna introduces her to Griffin after he's run the DNA test to confirm that he's Duke's son. Seeing his efforts to prove he is who he says he is, she happily welcomes him to the family and he talks to Emma about his deceased father whom she remembers and misses. After Kiki busts out of the hospital with Ava's help to go and visit Morgan at his facility and she hears he does not want her around anymore, she tells him she can't let him give up or blame himself for her getting shot. At that point, he is motivated to work on his treatment, take his meds and do whatever he must do to get better, get out of the facility and be there for her. Carly talks more to Finn about his pet lizard/bearded dragon, Roxie and how he chose for her to be his service animal. he tells the story of saving the wild reptile's life and wanting to set her free and having her choose to come back to him and live with him. Finn seems to be respected by the people of Port Charles although he is secretly involved in a habit while alone in his hotel room of injecting a needle in his veins with "something". And this habit seems to be something he obsesses about needing to do although he does not reveal it to anyone.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

At Billy's, Jack told Billy that Victoria thought something was going on between Billy and Phyllis. Phyllis arrived and admitted she'd been confiding in Billy because he empathized and didn't judge her. Jack assured Phyllis that she could always talk to Jack. Billy and Phyllis locked eyes and flashed back to the kiss. Jack and Phyllis went to the Club. Phyllis divulged her plan to destroy Newman Enterprises and convince Summer that Victor was a bully. Jack warned Phyllis that she'd be consumed by her thirst for revenge, causing Phyllis to storm off. Mariah, Kevin and Natalie met at the Club. Natalie and Mariah worried that Victor would come after them, but Kevin thought Victor had bigger fish to fry. Kevin, Mariah and Natalie were thrilled when they recalled that Jack had promised to Jack to release Pass Key once the trial was over. The trio went to visit Billy. Billy decided to launch tonight and began making calls to the press. Natalie hugged Kevin for making her dreams come true. At Sharon's, Nick second guessed his decision to testify against Victor. Sharon assured him he made the right choice. Sharon mentioned that the new baby would be lucky to have a dad like Nick. Nick, eager to have some positive news, hoped the adoption wouldn't fall through. At Crimson Lights, Shawn bristled when Sage asked her to sign the adoption papers early, but Shawn promised that she hadn't changed her mind about the adoption. Sage went to meet Nick, after the verdict. He didn't want to talk about the trial, so they ended up in the bedroom.

Sharon saw Shawn mulling over the adoption papers and attempted to empathize about what it was like to give up a baby. Shawn realized Sharon took Cassie back and asked if she regretted giving her up. Sharon replied that Nick and Sage would be great parents. Shawn, eager to hear from someone who'd been in her shoes, was upset that Sharon evaded the question. Shawn suddenly went into early labor during the talk. At the hospital, when Sage learned about the conversation, she accused Sharon of trying to sabotage the adoption and causing Shawn's predicament. Shawn gave birth to a premature baby boy. The baby wasn't out of the woods yet, but Sage and Nick seemed cautiously optimistic after visiting him in the NICU. Shawn wanted to see the baby, but Sage suggested waiting. “I want to see my son. Now,” Shawn demanded. At Sharon's, Sharon told Mariah that she was scared she'd cost Nick his baby and the chance to be as happy as Sharon was. Jack returned to Billy's and told him about Phyllis's plan. Billy revealed his decision to launch Pass Key and hoped that would distract Phyllis. A disapproving Jack thought was reckless to launch Victor's stolen company now. Billy accused Jack of being timid. Jack charged that Billy was being vengeful, just like Phyllis. When Phyllis learned about the Pass Key launch from Kevin, she proposed a toast to “sweet, sweet revenge.”

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