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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt says it seems like an eternity but he can’t believe they are getting married in two days. He admits he likes to plan ahead so he has already made some calls. Eve tells Adam that he just needs to let it go for a while and not try to dredge up his past that he can not remember. She says she is a reliable source of information so he can ask her anything. He laments that he would like to see the place they married; perhaps that will jar his memory. Eve says it is not that significant and they can’t go. She has already taken a leave of absence and they are going away someplace else. Katie tells Bill to go on up and she will follow in a minute. First she takes a slug from her hidden bottle in the canister set. She takes some fruit snacks up to the bedroom. Bill is happy to see her and tries to get her to sit beside him so he can kiss her. She pulls away a little. She tells him she needs to dress for bed. He says he was concerned and she apologizes but says she is seeing a therapist. She knows she needs some help but she will be okay. Brooke confides in Rick that Katie went berserk at dinner. Katie demanded that she admit she had feelings for Bill. She is starting to scare Brooke when Katie insisted she saw things that were not there. She says her time with Bill is over and Katie needs to realize that.

Katie comes out of the bathroom in sexy lingerie. Bill is impressed….until she starts burping and giggling. She denies she has been drinking although he suspects he smells it. She tells him that she is not lying. She has not been drinking. He can go downstairs and check all the inventory and see that nothing is missing. She is grateful that he is worried about her health. She kisses him. They make love and lay in each other’s arms. Adam tells Eve that he is going to go grab some wine for them and then they can talk about this sudden urge to leave town. Wyatt calls and tells her the wedding news…..and she can bring her new guy. He and Steffy want to meet him. He will not take no for an answer. She says she has wanted this so much and so she will try to be there. Silently she grits her teeth and thinking how she can get out of this. Adam looks at the wedding album again and tells Eve that she seems miles away. She takes the album away and says this is when his headaches come when he pushes too much. They can make new memories. They can leave day after tomorrow. Things will be different then; he will see. She will try to do better. She is excited….one more day. She is going to take a shower and meet him in bed. Adam stares again at the doctored wedding picture but sees Steffy as she lifts her veil.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole and Dario got Maggie home.  She was still feeling woozy so Nicole wanted to call the doctor.  Maggie didnít want her to do it.  Theresa noticed that her ring was missing.  Abby called out to Chad, but Ben stopped her.  Victor wanted to know why Dario was in his house.  Ben blamed Chad for taking everything from him.  Chad was locked in the tunnel.  Belle wanted to know what was going on with Theresa and Brady.  Abby tried to get the baby from Ben, but he didnít give him back.  Chad tried to get out of the tunnel.  Dario and Nicole told Victor what was wrong with Maggie.  Brady and Philip argued over what Philip did to Victor. 

Victor was upset that Maggie was sick.  She said it was about Summer.  They argued over Summer.  Abby wanted to go away with Ben, but he was upset that she changed the babyís name.  She told him that Chad is the babyís father.  She told Ben when she found out the baby wasnít his.  She tried to convince him not to take the baby because he was free.  Theresa was determined to find the ring.  Ben walked away from Abby.  When Chad and JJ came in, she yelled at them to get the baby from Ben.  They told her that Ben wasnít there.  She was the only one who saw Ben.  The baby was also safe from Ben.  Maggie fainted during Brady and Theresaís party.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Hayden/Rachel leaves Nikolas' house after Elizabeth informs her she could easily turn her in to the cops for what they now know about her but will not do so as long as she leaves and never returns. IHayden/Rachel is sad and will miss Nikolas and Spencer for reasons that have nothing to do with money. Curtis is with Valerie at Kelly's while Jordan and Maddox are together at another table. Valerie cannot get Curtis to share with her what his past issue with Jordan is about nor why Jordan dislikes and distrusts him. Hayden/Rachel rushes in and asks if someone could help her with her "emergency road service", stating she needs help with a flat tire. Curtis takes his "cue" while Valerie suspects nothing, having her believing he needs to "helps a lady with her vehicle". Curtis and Hayden (Rachel) talk outside the restaurant and he is surprised why she misses Nikolas now that she is no longer in danger from the man who tried to kill her and especially now that it's been revealed she has money and does not even need the prince for that. Ava goes to find Scott Baldwin and informs him, for the first time, what exactly happened to the flashdrive that he kept in his possession to prevent the prosecution from having her charged with murder. He finds out it was Paul Hornsby who ransacked his hotel room shortly thereafter, on the day in question. He learns for the the first time it is the new DA who now has the flash-drive and is holding it over Ava in order to threaten her and get her to do his dirty work for him .It also appears Ava and Scott have a perfect "coincidence of wants" when she tells Scott she needs someone to put themselves in danger to protect her from Paul and his men and She finds out Scott is desperate for money after stupidly investing and trusting Raymond Berlin, father of Rachel. Sonny and Anna both know they need to carefully guard the secret that Carlos is alive and she enlightens him that it's more than likely that Paul Hornsby has revealed the news and is in cahoots with Carlos, although she cannot prove it. He wonders why, if that is the case, has Paul not either offered Carlos immunity or ended him. They both conclude the reason for that is Carlos is refusing to "cooperate" with Paul's terms, which leaves both suspects more vulnerable. They both want justice for Duke and they are surprised that Duke's son has lectured them both on forgiveness of his father's killer. Ned flies into town to be there for his mother along with Dillon. Sam and Jason are growing closer as they relive his life which he still does not consciously remember.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Sage, Shawn, and Faith finish painting the baby's room. Faith asks what the baby's name will be. Shawn tells about her grandfather, Big Dave. While the jury deliberates, the Newman family meets outside and argues about what's going to happen after Victor is acquitted. Adam points out that Victor hasn't been acquitted yet. Inside the courtroom, Christine tells Phyllis that she blew it and that Victor has a good chance of going free. Phyllis tells Jack she doesn't want to hear from him how bad things are because of her. Jack tells Billy he's afraid of what Phyllis will do next. Victoria visits Victor who says he will forgive Victoria and thinks that if she supports him in returning to Newman, the others will follow. After Victor says nothing will change, Victoria says she wants no part of it. Victor says she will be disowned along with the rest of the family. She finds Nikki and blames her because she took a drink. Nikki leaves and goes to GCAC, where she orders a drink. Jack joins Victoria and gives her advice about Billy. Victoria says that if Victor goes to prison, she wants to end the feud between the Newmans and the Abbotts. Nick walks in as Sage decides she wants to name the baby David. At first, he's upset but then agrees to the name. Sage takes Faith to Sharon's. Nick wipes a smudge of paint off Shawn's cheek. Shawn opens up to Nick and he consoles her by holding her hand. Sage walks in. Shawn says she got something in her eye while cleaning up. When Sage and Nick go upstairs, Shawn apologizes to David for abandoning him. Sage hears this. Billy goes home and finds Phyllis there. He advises her to forgive Victor because that's the only way she's going to get past this. Phyllis cries and Billy consoles her. Victoria walks in to see Phyllis in Billy's arms. Jack find Nikki at GCAC and stops her from drinking.

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