Monday 3/28/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 3/28/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt joins Steffy on the beach. He tells her they have waited long enough…..he wants them to get married….and right away. She agrees. He says they did not have to force it or fight for it and it will be like nothing else ever before. They start making a list of who to invite. Adam looks at a magazine and has flashes of Steffy on top of the mountain in her wedding dress. When Eve returns he tells her he thinks his memory might be coming back. He shows her the wedding album and says he suddenly saw her coming forward on their wedding day. She questions him if he actually saw her and he says not the face, but he knows it was her. He says he knows he could love her even better if he remembered just what she meant to him. Adam feels Eve shaking and she says it’s because she does not want to lose him. He says she won’t but he is not her husband all the way as long as she has to keep taking care of him. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam will always be in her past but he has made his choice and moved on. Wyatt is her future now. He says yes and no one will be able to take that away. Meanwhile Adam has more flashbacks of the lady in the wedding picture…..the face is coming in clearer and Eve looks worried.

Katie invites Brooke over for dinner. She tells Brooke and Bill that she knows she has been a big concern for them. But she is seeing her therapist and knows now that the drinking did not help matters and she has given that up and got rid of all except for Bill’s favorites. Her dance with the devil is over and she will move past that. They both can rest easy. She does want them to assure her that they are loyal to her as a sister and for Bill as a husband and father of her son. They assure her she does not have to question that. Things go pretty well until Katie sees Bill sharing his baby pictures of Caroline and Douglas with Brooke….and then she imagines Brooke feeding Bill off her fork, giggling and rubbing her bare toes against his legs. She ends up on the floor and screams at them to stop flirting right in front of her. Brooke says they were not flirting; they were just enjoying the food she prepared. She is not going through this again so she will leave. Katie will not let her touch her. Katie realizes she has made a huge mistake and apologizes to Bill. He says they both love her and Brooke is doing all she can. He doesn’t know what else she can do. He leaves the kitchen to go check on Will. Katie is tempted and goes to find a hidden bottle in her canisters.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and JJ set up the plan to get Ben.  Abby was worried that Ben was at the DiMera mansion.  JJ and Chad got into an argument over the mansion not being safe.  When they heard a noise, JJ went to investigate it.  Jennifer called Abby to tell her that she took the rattle.  Abby told Jennifer that she didnít take it.  While they were talking, the power went out.  Abby saw Ben outside watching her.

Abby went to the door to get Ben, but he was gone.  Abby almost hit JJ with a fire poker.  JJ and Chad told her where they were when they disappeared.  She told them that she saw Ben.  Chad tried to contact the guards, but they didnít answer.  JJ went to check out the garden.  Abby wanted to know if Chad was telling her everything.  JJ came back and said he didnít see anything.  She thought they were lying to her.  They said they werenít lying.  She started to think she was going crazy.  JJ assured her that there was a sighting on the perimeter.  The window to Thomasí window was open.  Abby thought she saw Ben again and got the gun.  When Chad looked for him, he was holding the baby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy demands that Dr. Obrecht stop preventing her from giving Finn access to her case, expressing he's the only doctor she's seen who knows what he's talking about. When Obrecht intimidates the new doctor and questions his competence, he firmly reminds her that she authorized Mayes to do an unnecessary surgery involving cracking a patient's skull open for a false diagnosis of cancer, which could have left Tracy permanently brain damaged for nothing. She does not prevent Finn from having his way at that point but remarks that everyone's "confidence" in Finn may not be validated. Finn is alone in his hotel room injecting a needle into his veins. Nikolas declares that any "love" or trust he previously ever had for Hayden is null and void now that he knows Hayden Barnes does not exist and the woman he married is actually Rachel Berlin, unknown to him all this while. She protests but he seems to have decided he's done with her for good. He calls Sam to resume investigating and bringing his wife down. Hayden/ Rachel continues to remind Elizabeth what a low life she is. Yet Elizabeth is confident that Hayden/Rachel will soon be out of Nikolas' life and out of her way for good. Laura meets with Scott Baldwin hoping to shed some light on the mystery of the key found in a crate that says Nikolas' will and the mysterious law book she recognized from when she and Scott were together many years ago. She knows she has to crack the code of the mysterious symbols one way or another. Ava declares to Paul that she knows she cannot trust him with his most recent action and she will handle things herself. She goes to talk to Scott and has him represent her legal interests.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The judge allows Victor to defend himself at his trial since there is suspicion that Michael was going to throw the case. Victor recalls all the prosecution witnesses and shows that despite everything, he will always love his family. Nikki is unable to handle the stress of the trial and decides to drink again. Victor tells the jury in his closing statement that he grew up in an orphanage and didn't have a family. His family means everything to him, so he will do whatever is necessary to protect them.

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