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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eve tells Adam again that she wants to move – out of L.A. they have been cooped up too long and she wants to see the world. He questions it but she says she can afford to take a leave of absence from her job so there is nothing stopping them. He is better now except for his memory loss. The doctor tells Ridge again that he can’t possibly be the father of his baby. Maybe he would be advised to have a paternity test. Ridge says he is wrong. He had a second opinion and now he has a beautiful baby boy, discussion closed. At home alone Thomas pops in on Caroline and baby Douglas. He tells her that he sees another side of his father now. He is not the secretive, controlling guy that he used to be. Because of Douglas he is seeing his dad in a whole different light.

Charlie finds Wyatt and wants to show him some footage of Liam and his mother. Meanwhile Quinn asks Eric for some time off, a leave for an undetermined time. Eric asks if it this new guy rumors she is dating or Deacon. Quinn says no it is not Deacon. She does not think she will see him again. Eric gives her the leave. Wyatt tells Charlie that Quinn never mentioned this about Liam. He goes to Quinn and says she must have been the last one to see Liam. She denies that Liam would ever accept a ride from her. Wyatt tells her there is footage. She quickly says Liam hit his head. He wants to know what she did to Liam. He saw on the footage that she put Liam in the car. She insists that yes she did but Liam insisted that he was okay and did not need to go to hospital. Wyatt should not be worried. It will be better for Steffy now to just slam the door on Liam and be Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. Wyatt goes back to Charlie and tells him Quinn’s story. It looks suspicious but apparently all is okay. No need to tell anyone or go on some witch hunt. Ridge goes home and is not too happy to see Thomas there and suggests he go back to work. Ridge picks up Douglas and tells Caroline that he gets all protective when he sees Thomas with Douglas. She says no one will ever know. Steffy keeps looking at her engagement ring but thinking about her mountaintop wedding to Liam. She sits on the beach and Wyatt comes back and joins her. He says this is where he proposed and he would like to commit the rest of his life right here. He wants to marry her as soon as possible. Meanwhile Adam keeps having thoughts and a few quick flashes of a lady’s head.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos wanted to make peace with Victor.  Maggie told Summer about why she gave her up.  Belle talked Philip into making amends with his family.  Deimos continued to make amends with Victor, but Victor wasnít willing to do it.  Victor wanted him to prove that he changed.  Dario opened up to Nicole about Eduardo.  Maggie told Summer about her father and how she regretted losing her.

Victor told Deimos to leave town, but Deimos didnít want to.  Victor wanted to know why Deimos wanted to make amends.  Deimos told Victor that he had a talk with Maggie.  Deimos noticed that Victor was upset about that.  Summer told Maggie about her past.  Philip told Belle that he wanted to start a new record company.  She suggested that Claire be his first client.  Dario told Nicole what Yo Ling did to John and Arianna and how Eduardo was involved.  Nicole thought Dario should give Eduardo another chance, but Dario didnít want to.  Deimos told Victor he was staying in Salem.  Deimos wanted Victor to apologize to him.  Philip had reservations about signing Claire.  Belle refused to give him money if he didnít sign Claire.  Victor didnít want to apologize to Deimos which made Deimos upset.  Maggie wasnít feeling well again.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Laura and Lulu finds the mysterious crate someone recently put in the attic with Nikolas' Will. Laura is intrigued that the key Helena gave her opens it. Lulu continues to remind her mom that she is spending too much time and energy obsessing about possible "clues" that could go nowhere and that's just what Helena wants. Yet Laura protests to her daughter she somehow knows there is significance and wants to unravel the mystery as she discovers a law book which she remembers belonged to Scott Baldwin many years ago when they were together, as well as a rose he gave her, as she recalls her history with both Lulu's father as well as Scott. Elizabeth reveals to Nikolas that she's just found out that Hayden is really Rachel Berlin, daughter of known investment tycoon Raymond Berlin who did many terrible things and cheated people out of their rightful monetary assets. Hayden protests that she intended to break away from her dishonorable family, reform herself and find love when she met Nikolas. Yet he assesses she's been continually lying from the start and it's not ending so he has no reason to believe a word she says. When Anna talks to Griffin and he probes her about her "secrets" she is not revealing to him regarding the death of Duke, she immediately suspects he may be lying about being Duke's son, could very well be working for Paul or otherwise spying upon her by using Duke's death. He agrees to let her run his DNA to prove he is not lying as he protests all he wants to do is find out more about his dad. Griffin reveals to Sonny, for the first time that he is Duke's son. Sonny informs him how highly he thought of Duke and sees the same wonderful traits in his son. He assumes the son of his murdered friend would want, as much as he does, to bring Duke's killer to justice. Yet Griffin protests to Sonny, just as he has to Anna, that they must exercise and embrace the "gift" of forgiveness for their own sake as well as for Duke's memory. Meanwhile, Carlos calls Paul and tells him he does not trust him knowing Paul and many others have incentive to want him dead. He demands Paul wire him the money he needs or else he will inform Anna and many others, of the secrets that could mean detrimental consequences for Paul. After the conversation, Paul gets a visit from Anna who announces she does not trust him to find Carlos and she will do it, herself. At that point, Paul knows he needs to take drastic action so he calls and informs a contact that Carlos Rivera is alive and indirectly encourages them to put another hit on Carlos, reminding them how everyone wants it and it could easily be covered up. Parker goes to see Kristina and concludes she has feelings for her but needs to let Kristina explore herself and her sexuality without fear, shame, or need to cover it up.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

One by one, people testify against Victor, including Paul, Marisa, Phyllis, Jack and members of the Newman family. Michael claims to have no questions for the witnesses but he reserves the right to call them back to the stand. Victor doesn't understand Michael's strategy. When Phyllis takes the stand, she loses control and has to be taken out of the courtroom. Outside, she tells Summer her heart is breaking because Summer is going to testify for Victor after what he did to Jack and Phyllis. During recess, Summer tells Victor she isn't sure she can believe in him anymore. Victor tells her that Phyllis is out of control and that people usually get hurt when that happens. He also tells Summer that Phyllis kidnapped Adam but he didn't press charges because he wanted to spare Phyllis after having hurt her, which he had no intention of doing. Summer takes this all in and worries that Phyllis is spiraling downward. Victor tells Michael to call Luca to the stand and ask him what information he has that would be important for the jury to hear. Luca tells the court that Michael isn't defending Victor, that he is losing the case on purpose. Victor fires Michael and says that he is going to defend himself and his first witness is Victor Newman.

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