Thursday 3/24/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/24/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Caroline that Patty is a professional nanny; she will be fine alone with Douglas. They need a date night to be alone and have some adult conversation. Maya and Rick look through Ridge’s desk drawer at work looking for something incriminating. Thomas catches them riffling through the desk. Rick admits it; they are trying to find something to prove that his dad can not be trusted to run the company. Vivienne feels badly and tells Nicole that was supposed to be her girl and now Sasha goes after Zende. Nicole says yes, she stabbed her in the back, her very best friend. Julius says what is done is done so it’s time for Nicole to move on. Nicole cannot believe he is taking Sasha’s side over hers. Sasha shows up at Zende’s room and asks if he told Nicole about them. Before he can answer, she kisses him and says she really did not come here to talk. Ridge and Caroline have a good dinner and she says she is still pinching herself that she has such a handsome husband and the sweetest, cutest baby. He swears he is going to be a very good dad. A guy keeps staring at Ridge. Ridge admits to Caroline that he knows he has seen him somewhere, he just can not remember where. Rick has Charlie check out the Forrester security footage of the parking lot a few weeks back when someone put a dent in his car. Charlie says okay but it will take a while. Sasha comes on stronger until Zende finally pulls away and says his mind is on other things now. Not to be dismissed she starts to strip and kisses him again. They end up in bed. When he asks about her parents, she stops shy of telling him about Julius. Zende says here they are in bed and they are talking about her father; not very romantic. She says no, it is okay. They should be able to tell each other everything. Then he admits he told Nicole they made love. She had pretty much figured it out herself. Sasha says it is okay as it was love for her. She hopes that is how he felt. Rick tells Maya that he is not backing down despite what Thomas said. He is going to find a way to bring Ridge down. When Caroline can’t wait a second longer to get back home to her baby, she leaves while Ridge is going to pay the bill. The man walks over and introduces himself as Dr. Wolin, the doctor who refused to reverse Ridge’s vasectomy. He does congratulate him on the birth of his son…..but then adds it was more than a miracle. It was impossible with zero sperm. He knows his secret; he is not the father of that baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrianna wanted to know what Eduardo was doing in Salem.  Eduardo wanted to know if Adrianna was all right. Dario was upset with Eduardo. Eduardo told Adrianna that she and Arianna were kidnapped because of him. Maggie wanted to tell Victor something. Eduardo told Adrianna why she was kidnapped and why he left the family. She didn’t want anything to do with him. Maggie and Brady told Victor that Summer is her daughter. Victor had trouble believing it.

Hope ran into Rafe at the police station. She told him what was going on with Ciara. She also told him that she felt guilty about Chase. Rafe made her feel better about blaming herself. He introduced her to his mother, but Adrianna wasn’t interested in meeting her. Victor was still suspicious of Summer being Maggie’s daughter. Maggie wanted him to be supportive of her. When Maggie wanted to lie down, she realized something was wrong. She took her medication and went for a walk. When Hope left, Adrianna told Rafe that she was staying in Salem. She was upset that he and Gabi wanted Eduardo in their lives. When Maggie left, Victor was upset with Brady for bringing Summer into Maggie’s life. Rafe told Adrianna that Eduardo was a hitman. She was upset and wanted Eduardo gone.  Maggie talked to Julie about Summer being her daughter. Victor did a background check on Summer. Maggie went to see Summer. Ciara ran into Chase when she was looking for her keys. Chase told her that he made bail.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Laura declares to Lulu that regardless of what anyone says, she has to unravel the mystery of the key that Helena gave her. So they go up to a long forgotten attic and find everything is covered in dust except for a large chest that says The last will and testament of Nikolas Cassadine. That immediately alerts them that this item was put in this abandoned room not long ago. Laura also uses the key to see if she can unlock it and it seems to work. Elizabeth is determined to find out what Hayden's story is and gets on her computer to find out something interesting. While that is happening. Hayden goes off to secretly meet with Diane to tell her she wants to "protect her husband's interest". Nikolas learns for the first time that Hayden went behind his back with this legal interaction and told him nothing about it. Diane learns for the first time that Hayden never told him anything about it. Hayden is still somehow able to convince Nikolas that he has a reason to trust her and he declares that he does not want her to "miss out" on what should be rightfully his in the event of his death, given the prenup and what he's found out from Helena's will. However, when Diane is alone with Nikolas she warns him that if he trusts Hayden with having marital property rights to all of his assets and estates, he might regret it and so he might want to re-think it unless he completely trusts her. At that point, he listens to her and agrees it would not be a better idea for her to be representing him in legal matters like this. Hayden returns home, confident that her "husband" backs her, that she has all the power and she can have Elizabeth removed from Wyndemere. However, after finding out information on the computer, Elizabeth is equally confident that Nikolas will have Hayden removed and out of the house for good when she reveals that she has found out Hayden's real name is Rachel Berlin. Meanwhile, Nathan is having nightmares about Maxie finding out his secret about Claudette, declaring she cannot trust him, does not believe he's a good guy and never wants to see him again. When he awakens, he finds out that Maxie has had some weird encounters with GH's new neurosurgeon Dr. Griffin Munro. Michael goes to inform Anna that his father has informed him that Carlos is alive and Sabrina is with him and urges her to know that regardless of her justifiable need to take action against Carlos, there is an innocent baby in need of protection. She agrees with that but knows she cannot reveal to him the whole truth about Carlos. Anna invites Griffin to come and see pictures of his deceased father and learn all about Duke's life and history and his tragic death. Yet he can detect that she has a secret regarding the man who shot his father that she is not revealing.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

When Michael visits him in jail, Victor lets him know that there may not be a trial if Adam comes through on his proposition. At the penthouse, Adam lets Chelsea know that he is torn between the Newman family and Victor. At Newman Enterprises, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick have a talk about Victor and the trial and what the outcome might be. Abby and Noah arrive to join in the conversation. Luca surprises Marisa with divorce papers already signed. At the Athletic Club, Phyllis, Jack, and Billy talk about the trial. Phyllis yells that she wants Victor brought down for what he did to her and Jack. Summer joins them. Victor tells Michael about the offer that he put before Adam. He hopes Adam will come through as he thinks he will. Victoria becomes upset with Abby when she thinks that she wants Victor's office redecorated, and he isn't even gone yet.

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