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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Jarrett he has been with him a long time so it is only natural that he would be the one to announce Douglas to the world. They set up for a photo shoot. Zende asks Nicole to look at him. He does not want her to regret her decision, but he is not the right guy to go through it with her. She wonders if he is seeing someone for him to come up with this decision all of a sudden. Maya tells Rick that Zende and Nicole seemed so happy. She can’t help but think this can be fixed and they will get back together. Rick says anything can be fixed. Nicole keeps questioning Zende who this other person is; she wants to know if she works at Forrester. She is devastated when she hears it is Sasha. Julius pops in and sees Sasha first who is only too glad to spill the beans that she is seeing Zende now, not Nicole. Julius says he told her to stay away from Zende but she could not wait to get her hooks into him. This must be payback. She says she is not going back to Chicago or anywhere. She barks at him that he kept her a secret and the minute he found a chance to leave he did. He kept her from her sisters. She loves him but he is a mean man. She could blow his entire world. He tells her go ahead and do it but stop threatening him.

Nicole is sick and turns from Zende. She tells him do not blame this on her pregnancy; it was his choice. He claims if she wanted to have a baby, it could have been his. He just needs a little understanding. He did not just stop caring about her. She reaffirms again that she is having this baby, a gift to Maya and he can continue on with whoever he wants. Rick confides in Maya that this chair used to be his and they were building a legacy but Ridge set him up and manipulated him to get him out of the company and the Forrester house. They feel there must be a way to bring Ridge down; they start looking through a desk drawer. Ridge tells Caroline that luck had nothing to do with it. They made this happen. He says Thomas took advantage of her that night but he wants her to be able to tell him how she feels when she says she thinks about Thomas and keeping him away from his baby. Julius tells Sasha that Maya put too much pressure on Nicole until she could not say no. Sasha tells him that he is not the man he claims to be. She knows he loves her but wants her to leave. He says he will not say that to her again. Nicole has broken up with Zende so Sasha is free to pursue that as sickening as it may be. Nicole cries to Zende that he knew this would hurt her….she cries even more when she realizes that he and Sasha have been intimate. She walks away crying.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Abby that Ben wasnít in Louisiana.  Dario was upset with Eduardo.  Rafe brought his mother to the hospital where she reunited with her children.  John got Paul checked out at the hospital.  Rafe told Gabi and Dario how he found their mother.  Adrianna told them how the men kidnapped her.  Adrianna wanted to know what her kids were keeping from her.  Abby was upset with Chad for lying to her.  Abby told Chad that Ben is stalking her.  Chad apologized for keeping a secret from her.  She forgave him, but she didnít want him keeping anything else from her.  Chad had an idea.

John thanked Steve for saving him.  Rafe, Dario, and Gabi didnít tell Adrianna about Eduardo.  Adrianna wanted to know what was going on.  John went to see Eduardo and told him they were safe.  When John and Marlena went home, he told her how she risked her life to save him.  Abby and Chad told JJ what happened with her nightgown.  Chad told JJ and Abby his idea to trap Ben.  JJ apologized to Abby for lying to her.  He assured her that he would get Ben.  John told Marlena what Yo Ling wanted from him and Paul.  Rafe told Eduardo that Adrianna was kidnapped.  Eduardo wanted to see her, but Rafe didnít want him to go.  Abby was afraid that Ben would take Thomas.  Chad assured her that Ben wouldnít hurt her or the baby.  Adrianna ended up seeing Eduardo.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nikolas and Laura continue to discuss the pros and cons of keeping the items Helena gave them each in her will. She tells her son even if it makes sense not to give Helena any more power, she knows she cannot ignore the mysterious key and she advises him not to be so quick destroying the painting Helena gave him. She also reminds her son that regarding his decision to marry Hayden which she cannot undermine his right to choose, he is very fortunate to have a prenup. Hayden is alone in Wyndemere after "something" may have happened to the painting. She's just found out that Sam and Spinelli are onto her about a person by the name of Naomi Dreyfus, so she gets on the computer to find something out. Elizabeth catches her and reveals she was eavesdropping and knows Hayden has a secret about a Naomi Dreyfus. Hayden tries to intimidate Elizabeth reminding her she is merely a guest in Nikolas' house, means nothing to him, is all alone and from low life trailer-trash stock, whereas she (Hayden) is his wife. Elizabeth counter-intimidates Hayden, reminding her that Nikolas may believe Hayden matters to him but that won't last long when he finds out the secrets she's hiding, reminding Hayden she must know he's been investigating her behind her back. Elizabeth further reminds Hayden that she has a job, a family and friends whom have been in her life for a long time and care about her whereas Hayden has nowhere to go once she can no longer stay at Wyndemere with Nikolas. Tracy and Monica demand that Obrecht not prevent the new Dr. Finn from treating Tracy and practicing medicine at GH and remind her they could use their family's power to fire her, revoke her medical license and fail charges against her if she persists. At that point Obrecht realizes she has to let up and Monica contact Finn to offer her gratitude and encouragement so he can get to the bottom of what happened to Tracy. Finn is at his hotel room with his mysterious lizard named Roxie. Carly comes to visit him and inquires what is up with what appears to be very strange to her, when she sees he recognizes Roxie as his "service lizard". He is able to convince Carly of his bonding with his companion reptile although she finds it very odd. Sonny goes to talk to Kristina apologizing for their recent argument yet he informs her he is about to take action against this professor who took advantage of his daughter, assuming it must be a male. Knowing she cannot let her dad find out she had a same-sex encounter, she urges him not to go through with it stating she needs to handle her own life. Sonny agrees and the secret does not come out to him that his daughter is gay.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Christine and Michael get ready for Victor's trial. Both are nervous and have doubts about the trial's outcome. Michael fears that Victor knows his plan to throw the trial after a long discussion with Victor in jail. Christine fears that Adam will go against his family's wishes and testify for Victor. Victoria agonizes over her testimony at the trial because she fears that testifying against Victor will cause permanent damage to their relationship. Adam visits Victor in jail and Victor tells him that he will plead guilty at the trial if Adam promises to run Newman Enterprises while he's in jail.

Sage decided to take the job with Chelsea so she won't be so focused on Shawn's baby. Sage and Nick had a heart-to-heart talk with Shawn who then decided to give them her child, because she thinks they could be good parents. Sharon has a nightmare that she heard Sully crying but when she picks up the baby, the baby blanket she had him wrapped in is empty.

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