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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sasha and Zende are working. She asks if they are just going to pretend it didn’t happen and not talk. He says no, it happened but he does not want to talk about it nor her to tell Nicole. Sasha says no problem; there is no one better than her at keeping really big secrets. He leaves and Nicole walks in. Nicole says she is the one who betrayed Sasha and got her fired before she came back and yet Sasha would never do that to her, they are best friends. She mentions Zende and said she lost her first love but at least she got to experience that and she is not sad. Maya talks to Zende and says she is disappointed in him for dumping Nicole. They both thought he supported her in this surrogacy. He says he does but reality plays a part in this. He will never stop caring about Nicole but he could not get over that she was carrying another man’s baby inside of her. Ridge goes to the office. As CEO he needs to be there before Rick takes over. Eric and Pam are thrilled when Ridge says the baby now has a name, Douglas. Stephanie will be looking down on him and watching him all over that house. Rick walks in as they are sipping champagne and he laughs out loud at the name, so fitting with the portrait of Stephanie now above the mantle. However, he comes around and congratulates Ridge and says Douglas is a fine name and he wishes them all the best.

Thomas looks in on Caroline and asks if she would mind if he held Douglas. Gently she puts Douglas in Thomas’s arms and explains how to hold him, loosen up his arms and let him sink in. Ridge is not sure what to think when he walks in. Thomas immediately hands Douglas over to Ridge and says he hopes some day he will be able to have this and he thanks them both for this opportunity. Later Ridge tells Caroline that she has that look and she can not do that every time Thomas comes around. He says he does not care about his reputation or the company. Caroline looks stunned when he says this is their family and that is the way it is going to be. Zende comes back and tells Nicole they need to talk so Sasha leaves them alone. He says he is sorry that he hurt her but he does not want her to avoid him. She says she thought he understood from the start and supported her. She had to do this for her sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe told Steve that Yo Ling could be playing them while they were figuring out how to save John.  Dario had questions for Eduardo.  Rafe thought that John was still in the same safe house.  He tried to reach out to one of Yo Ling’s goons, but it didn’t work.  John was able to break free from the pipe.  Steve and Rafe made a plan to rescue John.  Yo Ling brainwashed Paul.  Steve and Rafe snuck in the safe house. 

Eduardo told Dario how he ended up being a killer.  Marlena showed up at the safe house.  John found a woman while he escaped.  He also found Paul.  John rescued Paul, but Yo Ling and his goons were there before they could leave.  Steve and Rafe showed up to rescue John and Paul.  Dario was upset with Eduardo for what he did.  Dario wanted to know why Eduardo came back.  John told Marlena about Yo Ling.  Yo Ling arrested.  Yo Ling ended up dying.  John showed Rafe the woman he found.  It turned out to be Rafe’s mother.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nikolas is pondering what to do with Helena's mysterious oil painting, telling Hayden he sees no reason to play into his deceased grandmother's psychological games the way he's been doing his entire life. He intends to burn the painting and forget all about Helena, once and for all yet he admits to a similarly "undecided" Alexis that what he intends to do is easier said than done. Realizing in theory she has to get rid of the dagger Helena used to stab her mother to death, Alexis has similar difficulty following through on her intent to put Helena to rest for her as well. Sam feels the same. Right then, Sam gets a call from Spinelli with information he's uncovered about Hayden regarding a person (or alias?) by the name of Naomi Dreyfus. She goes to confront Hayden who's alone in the house while Nikolas is out. Hayden tells Sam she doesn't know what Sam is talking about and shows her to the door. However, as soon as Hayden returns to view the painting in the living room, she is shocked by what she sees. Monica invites a specialist, Dr. Finn, who works in Mexico, to help consult with her and get to the bottom of what has happened to Tracy. This doctor looks exactly like the deceased Oncologist Dr. Silas Clay (and played by the same actor, Michael Easton). Dr. Finn travels carrying what appears to be his pet iguana, in a cage. Monica has complete confidence in him as does Griffin, Dillon and even Tracy. Dr. Obrecht wants to prevent him from having authorization to practice medicine in her hospital but Tracy and Monica demand she finds a way to make it happen. Meanwhile, Franco rushes to find Nina and urges her not to go through with her Ob-Gyn appointment with Dr. Lee to find out if she can get pregnant and have a child with him. Nina wonders why, when they last spoke, he agreed to at least consider it, yet is now adamantly demanding she get it out of her mind. He hesitates but admits to her that his most recent experience of being responsible for baby Leo getting lost in a laundry cart was enough to convince him that he cannot remotely considering being a father. Yet Nina is not about to give up on that possibility.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Hilary takes credit for inspiring Ashley to donate 1 million dollars to Jack and Neil's foundation. Ashley reminds Hilary that she has been offered a seat on the board, a position Hilary desperately wants. Simon points out that Ashley looks better, possibly due to an adrenalin surge after the confrontation with Hilary. Ashley agrees to immediate testing. The results show she is recovering. She and Simon kiss. In their suite, Hilary tells Devon that she wants to be remarkable and she plans on ruling Genoa City. Devon starts to see some qualities in Hilary that he doesn't find attractive. He asks Neil not to offer Hilary a seat on the board. Billy and Phyllis discuss life and becoming mature as they sit by the fire. Billy spills wine and in the scramble to grab the bottle, Phyllis ends up on top of Billy. They kiss and instantly regret it. They agree to never speak of it. A police officer arrives and says he saw Billy's car trapped by the tree so he called someone to remove it. They head to the fund raiser, where Billy tells Jack that he and Phyllis were trapped at the mansion that Jill signed over to him. Luca joins them and lets them know he knows about their plan to have Michael lose Victor's case. Billy, having just learned this himself, announces he isn't happy with the arrangement. He goes up to his suite. Jack asks Phyllis how Billy seems to her. She says he seems to be accepting reality. Victoria visits Victor in jail to tell him that Luca is giving her problems and she needs his help. Victor tells her that if she wants help, she should go to Adam because he is the only one who can run Newman Enterprises properly in Victor's absence. Victoria tells him she will never visit him in prison again and leaves. She finds Billy in his hotel suite and starts to vent but Billy wants to know why she came to him. She is offended and leaves. Luca cancels plans with Summer. Summer, then, tells Phyllis and Jack she is suspicious of some things about Luca. Nick, Sage, Faith, and Shawn play charades. Shawn has Braxton-Hicks contractions and Sage demands she go to the hospital. The doctors clear Shawn to leave but Sage insists Shawn stay overnight for observation. Nick convinces Sage to let Shawn come home. Sage realizes that the situation is harder on her than she thought it would be. Luca visits Victor in prison and says he has information Victor wants. He tells Victor that Michael is going to throw the case. Victor says he already knew that and Luca is two-faced, betraying Jack, who is his employer. He tells Luca to leave.

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