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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Adam asks Eve if she is ready for the hike. She says yes, she is always just worrying that they have enough sunscreen, water bottles and she wants him to be sure and wear his hat and sunglasses for protection. He says she is always looking out for him. She replies, yes, til death us do part. Deacon calls her one more time to say it is not too late to change her mind. She says no, this ends in death, no other way. Bill tells Wyatt that the meeting went well; he had the board in his hands. In meetings he wants that comparison with Liam but not in his relationships like with Steffy. Hope picks up the phone and it is Steffy which surprises her. Steffy wants her to put Liam on the phone; she is so sure he is there. Hope says he is not here nor been in touch. Steffy explains the details and says she is worried about him. She thanks Hope for any information she can ever give her. Adam and Eve get to the hiking trail and she says wait til he gets to the top; it is to die for. Along the way she says the end is near, not much longer now. Deacon waits for them. He also is dressed in a dark jacket, hat and sunglasses.

Adam stops and tells Eve that he is getting this same feeling, that someone needs him. Near the ocean Eve asks if he would like to get closer. She has her hand on his back as they move a little closer to the edge looking down at the ocean. Deacon is watching them. Steffy confides in Wyatt that Ivy is back and Liam is not with her. And she is ahead of him, she even called Hope and she knows nothing. He tells her that Liam wants to be lost right now and they need to respect that. He might be heading for a epic fall the way he is heading. Eve has a bad wheezing spell and she will not be able to make it back to the car so Adam goes to get her inhaler. Deacon finds the opportunity to talk to Quinn one last time and asks if she has changed her mind. She says no, it still has to be done. The time was just not right. He moves closer to the edge and she pushes him off the cliff. She hears his previous words that she can not keep Liam forever and she says yes she can.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Summer told Brady what happened with Maggie.  Theresa suggested telling Maggie the truth.  Kate warned Deimos that he shouldn’t go after Victor.  Steve questioned Eduardo about John.  Hope showed up to help.  Nicole told Maggie about Brady finding Summer in L.A.  Nicole told Maggie that she didn’t trust Summer and was suspicious of what Summer wanted from Maggie.  Theresa and Brady argued over Summer and Nicole.  Deimos told Kate that he wanted a future with her.  Steve told Hope and Rafe that they had a lead.  Nicole told Maggie that Summer needed help.  Nicole warned Maggie to be careful of Summer.  Steve told Marlena, Hope, and Rafe what the lead was.  Yo Ling told John what he was going to do for him.

Dario went to see Summer.  She told him about meeting Maggie.  Rafe asked Eduardo about the safe house.  Rafe told Hope that Eduardo was an assassin.  Nicole warned Maggie about Summer again.  Dario told Summer about the cons they were pulling.  Deimos got drugs from Rory.  Dario wanted Summer to take advantage of Maggie and Victor.  Nicole and Dario ran into each other at the town square.  Rafe told Steve, Marlena, and Hope that it could take days to find John.  Brady proposed to Theresa.  Deimos showed up at the Kiriakis mansion.  Steve, Rafe, and Marlena went to look for John.  The assassins brought Paul to the safe house.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Both Sonny and Alexis know that Kristina is keeping a secret from them regarding why she is not returning to school and they don't buy her explanation that her professor, Parker, is visiting her and arranging for her to do "independent study." Only Molly knows about Kristina's attempt to cheat, bribe her professor, getting reported and suspended and having a same-sex relationship with her professor. Alexis is excited and highly motivated to represent Olivia in a suit against the mayor for attempting to arrest her for public breast-feeding. She wants Julian and the Crimson staff to offer full coverage and publicity and make it known to all mothers nearby. He agrees although he makes it clear he is not as encouraged about Crimson or Olivia's case as others. Just as Maxie, Dillon and Nina are all ready to celebrate their predicted success with the new Crimson edition, which features Olivia's story as well as Epiphany as the featured woman, they are struck with another devastating "mishap." They discover that the pages of the magazine are not properly bound and all copies have been sent and distributed that way. At that point, they are worried. Yet it appears Julian is not surprised. At the hospital, Epiphany expresses her concerns to Elizabeth that there is, at the very least, the "appearance" that she and Franco have a relationship although she assures her boss Franco is her son's art therapist and nothing more. Nina has the same concerns and confronts Franco although he assures her he only has a professional relationship with Jake and nothing with Elizabeth. Elizabeth goes to confront Franco to lay down the law that she will never have any type of friendship with him nor see him as anything beyond her son's art therapist. Realizing even that presents confusion, she tells him she will terminate that and find another professional to work with Jake. Yet, they both realize that Helena gave her a mysterious "book" about the adventures of Jake that gives them all cause for concern as well as it may reveal secrets about Jake's previous association with Helena. Elizabeth realizes the only person qualified to unravel this mystery and be of help to her son is Franco.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Lily & Cane take the kids on a picnic in the park but they have to cut it short due to bad weather. At Crimson Lights, the kids wonder when Cane is going to come home. Cane gives Lily a belated anniversary gift and tells her he can't function without her. Lily and the kids are excited that Cane has decided to move home. Cane suggests they get a sitter for the night but Lily explains that she already has a sitter lined up because she's attending the fund raiser for Neil & Jack's new foundation. Cane wants to be her date and she accepts. Noah and Marisa flaunt their engagement in front of Luca. Summer defends him. Noah and Marisa decide it isn't worth it and go upstairs but not before Noah notices that Luca might be putting the moves on Summer. Luca tells Summer he needs someone to talk to. They go to the bar and Luca asks Summer why she defended him. She says she understands how he feels. Upstairs, Marisa thinks they need to find something for Luca to focus on besides her. Noah thinks Luca has already found it but he's not going to get it. Summer joins Marisa in her suite while Noah goes down to the bar to talk to Luca. Marisa warns Summer to stay away from Luca and not let him get under her skin. Summer reminds Marisa that she has a boyfriend. Noah tells Luca to stay away from Summer. He thinks Luca is using Summer to get close to the Newmans. Luca says that he will be in charge of Newman Enterprises and that Victor, Adam, and Noah don't own him.

Sharon and Nick celebrate the judge's decision to give Noah community service and probation instead of jail time. Nick confides his reservations about letting Shawn live with them. He thinks Sage shouldn't be pinning all her hopes on a confused teenager. Chelsea arrives and Nick says he wants to know what Adam is up to. Chelsea assures him that Adam has moved on and no longer cares about Newman Enterprises. She offers Sharon a job and Sharon accepts happily. Nick asks Chelsea to offer Sage a job too so she has something else to focus on besides the adoption. Dylan arrives and takes Sharon home. Sharon has doubts about taking the new job. Dylan says he respects whatever decision she makes. They make love. Sage meets Chelsea at the Top of the Tower. Chelsea offers Sage a job but Sage turns her down. The more they talk, the more suspicious Sage gets and she realizes that Nick put Chelsea up to this. She finds Nick and Shawn at Crimson Lights and hears Nick tell Shawn that if she wants to keep the baby, that is her right.

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