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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eve confides to Adam that she has a friend that is about to die. Things just got out of control. Ivy walks in just as Steffy is trying again to get Liam to answer his phone and her not just go through voicemail. She demands to know from Ivy just where Liam is. Wyatt shows up for his first day on the job at SP. Bill hopes he is up for the challenge. Deacon calls Quinn due to her text. She tells him to meet her at the location; she has no other choice. Ivy denies that she knows where Liam is. He did follow her to the plane and even boarded it, but he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head. He woke up finding himself flying to Australia then returned home. Steffy does not believe this. She said she thought he was with her because of text messages. Now it is like he has fallen off the face of the earth.

Deacon meets Quinn but says there must be another way. She says Liam will not suspect and no one else will know either. Wyatt says he is so into this new job. Bill laments that his days of counting beads are over. His brother flew the coop and it’s almost like Wyatt is taking over his life. Wyatt says give him a month and Bill will wonder how he ran this place without him. Quinn tells Deacon she has to wrap her mind around this so this is like a dress rehearsal. She has no other choice; it needs to be done. She needs Deacon to lure Liam to the edge of the cliff so Liam won’t suspect anything. With the tides and the weather no one will find the body. Ivy asks Steffy why she is engaged now to Wyatt in such a short amount of time. Steffy says she is tired of being let down. Quinn returns to Liam and he asks about her friend. She says it will be over soon. She has asthma and needs her inhaler. She says it may be due to stress but it has been acting up lately. Adam is ready to go hiking but Eve comes out with other things on her mind. She kisses him and says she loves him. He brings out things in her that she never knew existed, but you can't catch lightening in a bottle twice. He tells her she does not have to feel like this as he will never leave her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby said she saw Benís face outside of the DiMera mansion.  Brady tried to get Maggie to give Summer another chance.  Maggie decided to do it.  JJ and Chad told Abby that Ben wasnít in Salem.  JJ walked Abby down the aisle.  Jennifer read a quote from Jackís book.  Julie read from a book Chad picked out.  Maggie and Summer met at the hospital and agreed to talk.  Chad and Abby got married.

Eric confronted Jennifer about taking her pills, but she wanted him to butt out.  When he left her alone, he got something alcoholic to drink.  Summer and Maggie went to the pub to talk about Summerís past.  Chad and JJ talked about Ben and hoped he was out of the country.  Summer brought up Maggieís personal life which made Maggie suspicious of her.  Maggie wanted to know what was going on with Summer.  While Abby was alone, she thought she heard someone call her name.  When Chad showed up, she told him that Ben was there.  She told Chad that she wanted to leave Salem.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ava is desperate to get Kiki to awaken and demands the staff give her some answers. Griffin wants to encourage her to know, in due time, Kiki will regain consciousness although he is completely uncertain as to when, how or what to tell her. He is able, however, to communicate with Ava and encourage her not to give up on her daughter. Anna finds out, for the first time, that Duke was Griffin's father and that his mother never had a chance to tell Duke he had a son, because he was either unreachable or when she was able to find him, she learned he was in love with another woman, Anna. Now it's too late because she's gone and so is Duke. Griffin, however, has a letter that his mom wrote to him that he will read when she dies, explaining her relationship with Duke, getting pregnant by him and the circumstances involved in his never being able to know his father nor Duke knowing she had a son. At first, Anna feels terrible knowing she was the reason he and Duke never knew each other. Yet Griffin assures her he does not blame her for that. When she sees what a wonderful doctor he is, she is in awe at how much he is like Duke and how the man she loved lives on in his son. When Ava desperately urges Kiki to awaken and say something to her, she only hears her daughter call for "Morgan."

Sonny visits his son in the psychiatric facility and sees Morgan has completely lost hope. He sees no end in sight and only wants to be there for Kiki, yet he feels hopeless to do that while he's in there and even after he is out. Ava calls Sonny to inform him that her daughter is asking for his son. He puts Morgan on and encourages his son to know he can now be there for Kiki. When Kiki finally awakens and talks to Morgan, his spirits are suddenly uplifted with hope in knowing he's made a difference with her. Laura and Nikolas and all the people whom Helena addressed in her will, are on edge, wondering what Helena intends to do to them, even while she's in the grave. Hayden still suspects Nikolas and admits to Curtis she may have only married him for his money. Curtis is determined to stay in town. Valerie expresses interest in seeing more of him and giving him a chance even though she's heard negative things about him. Alexis admits to Julian that she is determined to get publicity for Olivia and her story when they go to court and take action against the mayor for attempting to arrest Olivia for breast-feeding her baby in public. He promises to support her but may have a secret plan to prevent the story from being in his magazine.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria goes to Victor for help because some department heads were having a problem with her authority. Victor just laughs at her. Jack, again, shows resistance to the Passkey project and wonders what else Phyllis will do. Billy urges Phyllis to walk away from the project before she loses Jack. She finds Jack at the Top of the Tower and claims she wants to change, make smarter decisions. They go home and make love. Summer tells Nikki that she's spent a lot of time with Victor and he isn't doing good. She thinks he might need Nikki more than he's letting on. Shawn's apartment was broken into so Sage invites her to live with them. Faith is excited about this but she says some things that force Sage and Shawn to talk about the rules once the baby is born. Shawn says Sage and Nick don't have to worry about Shawn popping in. It would hurt too much to remain in their lives. Nick comes home and raises some concerns about Shawn living with them, it might be putting the adoption at risk. Shawn offers to leave since the Newmans only agreed to take care of her medical expenses and adopt her baby. Sage wants Shawn to stay and Nick relents. Sharon stops by to let Nick know that Judge Moxley has come back with a verdict. They go back to the courthouse where Victoria on a business call. Nick offers her some encouraging words before heading into the court room. Billy arrives and tells Victoria she can talk to him about anything. She's about to when Summer and Nikki arrive ruining the moment. Noah tells Judge Moxley that he is the only person to blame for his actions. Judge Moxley sentences Noah to probation and community service. Relieved, Noah thanks Billy for the things he said on the stand and wants to know how he can make it up to Billy. Billy says he can never listen to Victor's advice again. Billy tries again to make Victoria understand they should be together but Victoria says, though it hurts right now, the pain is temporary. Noah gives Marisa an engagement ring. At GCAC, Noah and Marisa run into Luca and Summer. Summer points out the ring and Luca comments on how soon this is happening when Marisa is still married to him. Nikki visits Victor in jail but he wants nothing to do with her.

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