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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Deacon that she does not see that they have much of any other choice with Liam. Deacon owes her a happy ending and she is going to get one. Bill calls Wyatt and is adamant with him. He told him the other day that he wants to see him ASAP. Wyatt tells Steffy that his dad may make him an offer and she says she will support whatever he decides. Bill explains to Wyatt that he knows it looks like he favored Liam over him but it is because he is Liam’s only parent. Wyatt has Quinn even though she is a nut job. And Wyatt started early in his career through her and Liam had nothing. Bill wants a son to carry on his name and his vision and that is now not Liam; he hopes Wyatt is. Deacon tells Quinn that he has been in prison and that is not the life for him. He tells her that Liam is messed up and Deacon could go to Bill and tell him everything. She says he does not want to do that. She did not like being married……or sharing the bed with him and yet now he wants their relationship back and keeps hanging around instead of moving on. Adam comes out of the kitchen and catches Quinn and Deacon in a very serious discussion.

Bill agrees to Wyatt’s contract and money demands. He also wants to be sure that Bill did not mean all those things about him being impulsive and not as smart as his brother. He only said those things to get under Quinn’s skin. Bill said he called him here to offer him the job, enough explanation. And just make sure that Quinn stays away and doesn’t poison him more. Steffy talks to herself and says Liam does not get to just disappear; she won’t let him. Eve (Quinn) tells Adam they were talking about him; nothing serious. She has been overprotective and she knows how cooped up he feels. She thought perhaps they could all go on a hike in the canyon. He jumps at that chance and tells Jim (Deacon) that it is so nice meeting him. Deacon finds it hard to believe when Quinn says he could be the answer for her to find her happy ending. She can be the super power and him her genie.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Yo Ling told John about his past.  Rafe told Marlena what went on at the warehouse.  Yo Ling woke him up.  John confronted Yo Ling about turning him into a killing machine.  John wanted to know how many people he killed, but he wouldn’t tell him.  They went back and forth over what happened to John.  John wanted to know what Yo Ling wanted from him.  Steve got ready for his meeting with Belle.  Joey wanted Kayla to forgive Steve or else Ava would win.  Steve met Belle and showed her the pictures he took of Ava’s shrine.  Belle took it to Justin.  Yo Ling told John he had a disease.  Yo Ling told John what he did to get the cure.

Justin didn’t think Belle’s evidence was good enough to let Steve go.  Justin told her that she would have to go to trial.  Yo Ling continued to tell John about his past.  John wanted to know why his father changed.  Shawn told Rafe that Eduardo had drugs in his system.  Yo Ling wanted John’s help so he wouldn’t go before his time.  Joey overheard Steve and Belle talking about his case.  Rafe went to see Eduardo.  Marlena walked in and asked where John was.  Eduardo thought they were trying to turn John into one of them.  Rafe wanted Eduardo to talk to him.  Rafe and Marlena questioned him about John.  Yo Ling wanted blood from John.  Yo Ling explained why he wanted John’s blood.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

All interested parties gather at Wyndemere while Scott Baldwin acts as executor of Helena Cassadine's last Will and Testament. He plays a video of Helena sarcastically addressing Alexis, Sam, Elizabeth, Laura, Nikolas and Lulu. She gives them all mysterious gifts and toys with them and speaks to them in riddles. They all want to forget about her but are all a bit curious to figure out what her mysterious plans and riddles are all about. Meanwhile, right when Dante and Lulu are both encouraged to happily announce to all that they are ready to get back together, Nathan admits to his partner that he had to keep a secret from Maxie about Claudette. The reason is that Claudette was not merely an ex girlfriend. She was his wife. Meanwhile, Maxie rushes to the hospital in order to find Epiphany Johnson to have her on the cover of the next issue of Crimson. Griffin is also lost in thought getting off of his shift and showering in the locker room. They collide into each other. Maxie sprains her foot and Griffin demands he lets her treat it. Although they've never met before in their lives, they talk freely about their respective drive and passion in their chosen fields. Yet he makes it clear that he has some secrets. Meanwhile, Anna is thinking that very thing, remembering having seen Griffin before and wondering why he came to her house, admitting he's been following and stalking her. She talks openly to Andre when Jordan comes by. She was unaware that her good friend is a patient of her boyfriend and it appears Jordan may detect a reason to be "jealous" of the "intimate bond" that Anna and Andre share, although it's said to be strictly professional.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sage invites Shawn to stay with her and Nick since her apartment was broken into and she is scared. Nick wonders if having Shawn stay with them is a good idea because he fears that she will want to stay with them after the baby is born. Shawn listens from the stairs and tells Nick that if he doesn't want her to stay with them, she will go.  Noah's trial gets underway and after the testimony it is unclear what Judge Moxley's decision about Noah's future will be. Noah and Marisa spend what could be their last moments together and Noah tells Marisa that no matter what happens with the trial, he still wants to marry her.  Jack wants to put an end to the passkey project because he fears a lawsuit from Victor once he finds a way to get out of this latest round of charges against him.  Luca tells Natalie to forget about the Abbotts because they are stupid to shut down the passkey project.  Luca tells Natalie that they should launch the project together but she thinks he is a slimy snake.

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