Friday 3/11/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 3/11/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon waits in the doctor’s office for Quinn. He tells her that someone needs to knock some sense into her. Someday Liam is going to wake up and recognize her and want more answers. He realizes Quinn is the one to cut off their marriage but he still cares about her. The Doctor comes in and Quinn tells him about her friend and wonders if he will ever get his memory back. He did not feel like coming in today himself so she is asking questions. Steffy tells Wyatt that Liam is not an inconsiderate person and she can’t shake the feeling that something is terribly wrong. He is not just being selfish. And he would never leave his job leaving Bill and Katie high and dry. Quinn explains to the doctor that her friend had back to back concussions. The doctor says he is at a distinct disadvantage and needs to see the patient himself. He asks about previous hospital x-rays or exams but admits if it is as bad as she says he could have permanent damage and won’t remember. He recommends some wonderful clinics and support groups. Deacon continues that he does not like that look that she has. Someone is going to come looking for Liam. She has to wake up and confess. She better tell Bill and beg for his mercy or she could go to prison for a long, long time. She tells him he is so negative, no wonder she ended it with him. He tells her they can be good again if she would just let him help her. She will not let Deacon call Liam a putz. She does not want to hear that. They stop in to see Steffy and she tells Steffy that she would not worry about Liam. She is sure he is in very good hands.

Adam asks Quinn how her meeting went but then is interrupted by Deacon at the door. Adam answers the door before Quinn can and Deacon says he is a friend of Eve’s. She speaks up and says this is an old friend, Jim. Adam invites him in. Wyatt tells Steffy that he is not that worried about Liam. He is resourceful and he is probably not in danger and can figure his life out and return when he is ready. From now on, it is just her and him. Adam asks Jim if they have met before because he does not remember it. Deacon says he has been Eve’s friend a long time. Adam says it is really nice to meet him and see another human face, come by anytime. He goes to check on dinner that he is cooking. Deacon tells Quinn again this is all going to blow up in her face. This is some sort of twisted fairy tale. She has no other alternatives, she has to let him go. She says no…….there is one..... murder. She has a flash of an accident on one of their hiking trips with Liam going over the edge of a cliff into the roaring water.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad and Abby got ready for their wedding.  John and Eduardo tried to tried to get Marlena and Arianna back.  Justin told Hope about Chaseís case.  Justin told Hope that Chaseís confession was only said to her and not in front of his attorney.  Gabi told Chad that Marlena and Arianna were missing.  The police and the assassins who took Marlena got in a shootout.

Justin wanted Hope to get a signed confession out of Chase or Ciara would have to go to trial.  The assassins and the police continued their shootout.  Eduardo got shot saving Rafe.  Rafe went to Eduardo to see if he was okay.  Chad asked Theo to be his best man.  Eric caught Jennifer taking her pills.  Rafe told Gabi that Arianna was safe.  Hope went to see Chase to get him to confess.  Eduardo wanted to know where John was.  John ended up tied up in a lab.  Hope questioned Chase about backing out of his confession.  He said he wouldnít.  He didnít care what happened to him.  Abby saw Ben during her wedding.  Johnís father went to see him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

GH was pre-empted today but will return on Monday.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Victoria tells Victor that she wants them to get past this and come together as a family to protect his legacy. He points out all the times she has turned her back on him. Phyllis tells Michael that he can't mess up and Victor has to pay for what he did to her. Michael goes to the hospital to talk strategy with Victor. Adam gets the job in New York and celebrates with Chelsea. Victor uses Michael's phone to call Adam. Thinking it's Michael, Chelsea answers because Adam is in the shower. Victor wants Adam to visit him in the hospital. Chelsea says it isn't going to happen. Michael shows up as she and Adam are about to go to lunch to tell Adam that Victor wants to see him. Adam agrees to go. Chelsea tells Michael she wants to take the stand on Victor's behalf because she's afraid if Victor goes to prison, Adam will want to stay in Genoa City to run Newman Enterprises. At the hospital, Victor tells Adam he wants him to run Newman Enterprises because Victoria can't handle it. Adam tells Victor he is moving to New York and that Victoria is more than qualified for the job. Victor says she doesn't believe Adam will go to New York. Adam goes home and tells Chelsea that they are free to go. Abby opens up about her fears concerning Max. Ben says he is trying to make everyone happy and he just can't do it. They go to the lab to pick up Max and take him to lunch. At the lab, Simon notices that Max is eavesdropping on his conversation with Ashley about her past relationship with Ben and the fire at Newman Tower. He has a lot of questions about the fire. Ben and Abby arrive and Max wants Ashley and Simon to join them for lunch. It's obvious that Max is smitten with Ashley. Abby gets upset and Ashley reminds her that she is the adult in the situation and to give Max time, he'll grow out of it like Abby did. Phyllis convinces Billy to try again with Victoria. He tries to recreate the time they first got together but Victoria is adamant that she is through with him. Phyllis admits to Jack that she had Adam kidnapped. Jack asks her what more she is going to do to ruin what they have. Phyllis says that she plans to win her dignity back and if Jack isn't going to help her, he needs to stay out of her way.

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