Thursday 3/10/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 3/10/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In bed, Adam tells Eve that he does not remember their life before but nothing else matters now. He hopes it was always this good. She says yes, from the very first time. He asks about pictures and she says yes she found a few. He thinks that is great as it might trigger some memory. She stammers that she does not want him to force things but she will show him. Immediately he wants to go to the wedding photos. Ridge and Caroline hold their baby. He says Thomas is anxious to meet his little brother. She says she knows he is being protective of her and the secret but they can’t avoid Thomas forever. Steffy tells Thomas that Liam is out of her life and wants it that way but she can’t help but wonder where he is or what is more important than his family. Thomas hugs her and says he made his choice and she just needs to let go and move on.

With Ridge downstairs, Thomas goes up and sees Caroline holding the baby and cooing to it. She looks up and sees Thomas. He comes on in and says she does not look tired, she is glowing. He wants to see his baby brother for the first time. He sits by the edge of the bed and is thrilled. Steffy tells Ridge that all is fine with Wyatt but she still can not shake why Liam is not here. Wyatt deserves all of her attention and she will try to do that. Adam looks at all the pictures, even one with motorcycle and combat boots in her wedding photo. He says she is a different woman in every one. She admits the wedding day photo is not her, it is a fantasy so she can dress up in white. Thomas feels so protective of his baby brother. As Ridge comes in Thomas says he is going to make a promise right now that he will be the best brother a baby has ever had. He should be so lucky to have what Ridge has. Adam tells Eve that he is walking around, a half person trying to find something to complete him. She is enough but he needs to find more where he is independent of her. She tells him that he is a great man and she is so grateful to have him in her life. He wonders if it will always be this way, a big blank space. She assures him because of the way he loves her they will make new memories and she will not lose that….no matter what happens.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe showed up at Eduardo’s room while John was there.  Eduardo didn’t want to risk Rafe’s life, but Rafe wanted to be there.  Eduardo got a call from a man.  Ciara wanted to be alone with Chase.  Ciara confronted Chase about what he did to her.  The guy who hit Philip turned out to be a cop.  Ciara got Chase to admit to raping her.  The cop confronted Philip about the woman he let die.  The voice warned Eduardo that Marlena and Arianna would die if he went to the police.  Chase continued to apologize to Ciara, but there was nothing he could do to make up for what he did.  Deimos stopped the cop from attacking Philip.  Ciara called Hope to tell her to meet her at the warehouse.  Rafe wanted to go with Eduardo and John to find Marlena and Arianna, but Eduardo talked him out of it.

Hope showed up at the warehouse.  Ciara told Hope that Chase raped her.  Deimos told the cop to stay away from Philip.  Rafe gave Eduardo and John an hour to find Marlena and Arianna or he would call the police.  Ciara told Hope about the rape.  Hope confronted Chase about raping Ciara.  When the police showed up, Hope had the arrest Chase.  Deimos decided to hire Philip.  John and Eduardo went to the warehouse.  Hope comforted Ciara about the rape.  John and Eduardo were able to see Marlena and Arianna.  The voice wanted them to take a drink.  They drank the stuff the voice wanted them to drink.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dr. Mayes is getting Tracy ready for surgery, assuming she has cancer, and completely disregarding the concerns of both Dillon as well as Dr. Griffin Munro. Dillon, however, only trusts Griffin and assures him that he and his family have power over the hospital and he won't let Mayes get Munro fired for doing his job. Yet Mayes continues to threaten them both, reminding them that Tracy is his patient and no one else's by her own choice and that they cannot undermine him. Meanwhile, Monica goes to find Jason while he's at the Quartermaine crypt. Right then, some memories are coming back to Jason of being a Quartermaine and his deceased grandmother inspiring him and his choice to have her last name which was Morgan. Meanwhile, Sam goes to talk to Nikolas and Laura about the reading of Helena Cassadine's will. Yet she also expresses her concerns, to Nikolas, again about Hayden and the fact that she now has an mysterious out-of-service number on her phone. Sonny reveals to Michael, for the first time that Sabrina is more than likely not with her family. She is with Carlos who is alive and on the run. He informs his son that Anna has revealed to him that she is positive that Carlos is alive and they both agreed that instead of arresting Carlos, they want to offer him immunity in exchange for information Carlos has about Julian, who obviously put Carlos up to kill Duke. Anna finds Dr. Griffin Munro at her door after he admits he's been following and stalking her. She, right away, knows what she has seen or known this guy before although she has no conscious memory of when or where. She goes and talks to Dr. Andre Maddox wondering what that could mean or how she can unravel the mystery about GH's new neurosurgeon.

Y&R Recap Written by Carole

Nick and Sage are at the club, where she asks him how he really feels about adopting. Sage feels like he's sabotaging the adoption He tells her that she sometimes seems desperate. She tells him to stop micromanaging her. She wants him to support the adoption going through. Unfortunately, the young girl Shawn shows up, and over hears them arguing. Nick apologizes, and say he has to leave. Shawn is concerned but Sage tells her that married people sometimes fight, but that doesn't mean they're breaking up.

Summer has gone to visit her grandfather again, who gets agitated when Summer mentions the board meeting. Victor seems to space out, and get confused. Summer calls for help. Victoria has called a board meeting to remove her father as CEO. Most of the board members are family except for a couple of long time employees. Victor has given Summer his proxy, since she's the only one who came to see him. Chelsea won't allow Adam to go in person, so he votes over the phone. After an impassioned reminder of who Victor is by Nikki, they vote to name Victoria CEO. Nick abstains and Summer votes no but, in the end, Victoria is in, and Victor is out. Nikki, Summer, and Abby head to the hospital. Ashley is already there with Dr. Neville and goes to see Victor. She tells him to be a better father for Abby. Later, Abby Summer, Nikki and Victoria arrive to tell Victor the news. He blames Nikki and Victoria, and has a dire warning for his daughter. Nick has rejoined Sage and Shawn, who is reassured about their relationship. Dr. Neville and Ashley offer to look after Max for Stitch.

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