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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While still in the birthing tub, Caroline and Ridge revel in their new baby. Ridge gently splashes water over his little body while Caroline gently rocks him. Downstairs all are waiting for the arrival. Bill brags that it being a Spencer it should have his uncles' good looks and charm and business savvy. Thomas remarks that Ridge might have something to say about that as he likes to control things… a good way, of course. Rick continues to badmouth Ridge for keeping his vasectomy a secret. Brooke says but in the end he did all he could to make sure Caroline could get pregnant and have his child. Most men would have given up when they heard they could not have children but he would not be denied. The midwives hand the baby to Caroline now in the bed with Ridge. They say the baby is fully healthy. Ridge is going downstairs to announce the birth and asks if any can come up. They say yes, absolutely as long as Caroline is up for company.

Thomas is nervously waiting for the signal he has a new baby brother. He tells Steffy that he is disappointed that he had all these issues with Ridge. She said she did too in the past but they have all moved on. He hopes this baby will bring them all closer. She says it will as it is part of him too. When Ridge comes down he says it is a 7 pound 3 ounce boy. Thomas congratulates him and gives him a hug. Ridge allows doting grandfather Eric to go up and big sister Steffy but nixes Thomas going right now; that is just too many people at one time. Bill gives Ridge a big cigar. He says he still does not see what Caroline sees in him but he is the father of her child… he offers sincere congratulations. Ridge says he will keep all of Bill’s fatherly advice in mind like steering the boy away from dressmaking. Thomas stops Ridge and asks again if anything is going on that is keeping him from going upstairs. He knows he has been a disappointment to him in the near past and he thanks him for letting him stay here in the house so he can be close to him and Caroline and the baby. He laments that he is changing and he is committed to being the son that Ridge deserves. He will babysit, change diapers, anything Ridge wants. And if he is lucky one day he will be in Ridge’s position. Eric tells Caroline that Ridge is so lucky to have her and he thanks her for bringing this new edition into the family. Ridge holds the baby for a few minutes and kisses him on the forehead. He tells Caroline that the others will just have to wait. For now it is just going to be the two of them with their baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor was upset that Philip stole the serum that Bo risked his life to get.  Philip blamed Victor for why he stole it.  Shawn and Belle argued over Claire.  Claire told Joey that something happened to Ciara.  Brady told Theresa that Summer is Maggieís daughter.  Shawn and Belle argued over the money Sami gave her.  Maggie and Summer met at the hospital.  Theo was trying to figure out what Chase did to her.  Philip explained what he did with Deimos, but it only made Victor furious.  Philip realized that he didnít want Victorís forgiveness.

Claire told Joey that Chase raped her.  Claire wanted to find Chase and make him pay.  Ciara told Theo that Chase raped her.  She didnít want him to tell anyone.  Summer and Maggie got off on the wrong foot.  Shawn and Belle argued over Philip until she threw Shawn out.  Belle met Philip in the park.  Theo went to Joey and Claire to figure out how to help Ciara.  Claire had a plan to help Ciara.  Brady questioned Summer about the way she treated Maggie.  Theo and Joey grabbed Chase when he was at Jenniferís house.  Someone punched Philip.  Theo took Ciara to the warehouse so she could confront Chase.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy escapes from the hospital and goes to the Quartermaine crypt to visit and speak to her deceased family members, expressing that she's not ready to join them in the after life. Right then, Dillon finds her. Again, as they speak, she collapses. He takes her to the hospital again and realizes he's never gotten any explanation as to what is happening to his mom and realizes she was lying when she told him she merely had a reaction from going off of anti-depressant meds. Dr. Mayes is Tracy's authorized doctor. He assumes and does not want to question or prove with an MRI or biopsy whether it is, in fact, cancer. Tracy has not even revealed to her son or to Monica that she's been diagnosed with cancer. Dillon and Griffin find out "by accident" that is the case. Griffin realizes that they cannot go a major surgical procedure without first confirming it's cancer. Yet Dr. Mayes is in charge and only Monica can be trusted to listen or so what is right. Right then, Paul wants Anna to trust him to find Carlos yet, again, he calls him and warns him that he's not safe. Paul does, however, offer Carlos a "deal" if he helps him and Anna bring Julian to justice for killing Duke. Yet Carlos does not want to trust Paul nor help him or Anna. Sonny goes to talk to Anna, realizing they are on the same side wanting to take action against the people who killed Duke. Sonny then realizes that he has to let Michael know the likely circumstances of where Sabrina went, realizing his son is unaware that Carlos is still alive, at large and on the run. Meanwhile, Jason admits to Carly Sonny and Michael that he is planning on leaving town. Yet she takes him to the Quartermaine crypt and tells him the story of his life with first being a Quartermaine and then losing his memory and joining forces with Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sage wonders if Nick is trying to sabotage the adoption of Shawn's baby. After asking Nick to tell her the truth, he admits that he thinks she is trying to replace Christian with another baby. Nick decides to abstain from the vote to oust Victor from Newman Enterprises because he doesn't want to take sides in this family battle over the company. Michael is surprised when Lauren takes Phyllis's side and thinks he should take Victor's case and throw it, so that Victor can finally go to jail for all his crimes. Victoria confronts Billy about working with Phyllis to steal the computer security program from Victor. Billy admits that Phyllis didn't persuade him to work with her. He wanted to do it because he thinks Victor should pay for all the hurt he has caused people over the years. Victoria cancels the wedding because Billy once again put his desire for revenge on Victor ahead of her and their children. Victor hires Michael to defend him after he has a disagreement with his former lawyer.

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