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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge kisses Caroline on the forehead and helps her through her exercises. He rubs her back. Brooke rushes to the office and Rick tells her that Caroline is in labor. And they are having a home birth……his house. Brooke says they need to put that aside for now. Rick continues that Ridge is abusing his power by taking over the house. And this is a control issue for him. Brooke says Ridge has been a good father to all his children so this child will not change that. She lets slip that this baby is a miracle baby as Ridge had a vasectomy. Thomas welcomes Steffy and Wyatt downstairs and soon Katie and Bill are there, all to welcome the newest Forrester. Eric tells Bill that Caroline is very much like his sister Caroline, very special. The Forrester/Spencer bond could have been broken but it wasn’t, it is as strong as before.

The midwives get everything ready and help lower Caroline into the tub of warm water. It won’t be long now. Katie says she knows they want to keep it low-key but she brings out a bottle of champagne. Bill snatches it from her quickly and says he will put it on ice and wait for the baby to actually be born first. Thomas has a heart to heart with Steffy and says she and his dad have a right to be ashamed of him and he has changed for the better now. He’s really happy for him now with this baby. Rick questions Brooke of when Ridge had a vasectomy. She says it was a long time ago when he was in Paris. When he fell in love with Caroline and wanted a baby, Ridge went to the doctor and wanted to get the vasectomy reversed. He would do anything to give Caroline a child. This is really incredible when he thought he could never have more children. Rick thinks it is incredible that Ridge would keep secrets like this, getting his way at all costs. Through her pain, Ridge tells Caroline he is so proud of her. She thinks her water broke so one more contraction and push. Eric says Stephanie would approve of this, a child born of pure love….and in this house where Ridge was raised. Suddenly the baby drops out. Caroline holds it to her chest and Ridge pats it’s head and kisses Caroline.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Steve worked on his case.  Abby wanted to get out of Salem.  JJ and Chad tried to talk Abby out of leaving.  Steve and Kayla ended up in an argument over him sleeping with Ava.  John told Eduardo that they had to give themselves up in order to save Marlena.  Gabi told Rafe and JJ that something happened to Marlena and Arianna.  Deimos gave the formula for the serum to a guy named Petrov.  Rafe tried to make Gabi feel better about Arianna being missing, but it didn’t work.  Steve wanted to go to the room where Ava kept Kayla.  When Jennifer went to see Abby, they got into an argument over her living in the mansion.  Eduardo told Rafe that he knew where Marlena and Arianna were.  Eduardo told Rafe that he would get Marlena and Arianna back. 

Rafe wanted to know what was going on.  Eduardo told Rafe how he got involved with the people who took Marlena and Arianna.  Rafe was upset with Eduardo about his past.  Rafe demanded to help Eduardo.  John went to Deimos to talk to him about Petrov.  Steve found the room that Ava held Kayla captive.  Deimos refused to tell John his business.  Joey told Kayla that he didn’t want Steve to go to prison.  Steve found a shrine that Ava had.  He also saw a picture of a snake and the word “death” written by Kayla’s picture.  Kayla showed up and saw the shrine.  John kept questioning Deimos, but Deimos threw him out.  Before John left, he told Deimos to tell Petrov that he won.  John also said that there would be a blood bath if Marlena and Arianna were hurt.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam is busy and motivated to get the goods on Hayden for Nikolas as she meets with Baxter, portraying herself as a potential investor and seeing if she can pump not only him, but others, for information about "Rachel". Elizabeth also approaches him, seeing that he "wants" to trust his new wife but clearly knows he should not and expresses her concerns. Nikolas, however, instructs Sam to call off her investigation and to no longer spy upon his wife. He informs Elizabeth he has done that and does not listen to her protests about how she learned the hard way by not listening to reason before making bad trust-related choices with both Ric and Jason. When she sees Nikolas will not listen and wants to take his chances on Hayden, Elizabeth goes to find Sam and asks her to keep the investigation going even if Nikolas does not want it, hoping Sam will realize the need to prevent Hayden from betraying Nikolas and breaking his heart before it's too late. Curtis finds Hayden but cannot find out what is going on with her. He does, however, find out that Jordan wants him to leave town and for everyone he meets to know his undesirable past and distrust him. He goes to confront her, reminding her that he can reveal secrets about her. Paul goes to visit Anna, hoping she will trust him and they can work together to find Carlos and bring Julian to justice. Yet she does not and we see, as soon as Paul leaves her home, he gets on his phone to warn Carlos that she is onto him. We also see "someone" spying upon Anna, lurking outside her house and spying upon all people who enter.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil enters what he thinks is Ashley's office and finds Hilary and Devon making out on the couch. He is shocked that Devon let Hilary take over Ashley's position. Ashley arrives and assures Neil that this is what she wants. Neil offers Ashley a job helping him and Jack start an organization for addicts. She turns him down. Simon and Ashley go over the latest results of their research, which are the worst they've had. Simon promises Ashley that he will do whatever it takes to save her life so that she has a chance to stick it to Hilary. Victor threatens to go public with their affair if Judge Moxley doesn't see to it that Victor sees little to no jail time. Judge Moxley says she knows what she needs to do. Nikki and Victoria dine at the Top of the Tower when Judge Moxley arrives. They figure she has just come from talking to Victor. Nikki tells Victoria that Newman Enterprises is hers for the taking. Victoria says she needs help. Nick and Sage take Shaun to Crimson Lights. Nick gets a phone call from Victoria and says he needs to leave. Sage inadvertently sermons Shaun about eating right for the baby. Shaun snaps at her and Sage apologizes. Nick tells Victoria and Nikki that he has too much on his plate right now with the adoption. Nikki is worried that it's too soon for Sage. Later, in front of Victoria, Summer admits to Victor that Natalie was working with Billy and Phyllis behind their backs and the reason she didn't tell him sooner was because Phyllis told her not to. Jack convinces Phyllis to let the law handle Victor. Summer calls Phyllis, who meets her at Summer's apartment. Summer tells Phyllis that Victor knows about Billy and Phyllis taking Passkey. Phyllis tells Summer that this isn't her fault and that she shouldn't have put Summer in this position. Jack confronts Billy and Phyllis about Passkey. Natalie walks in and they introduce her to Jack. Billy tells Jack that Victor fired Natalie so they hired her. Jack wants to know how the press found out. Luca arrives and admits it was because of him. Jack says he wants nothing to do with the Santori family and their business. Luca says he is no longer associated with his family or the Newmans. Judge Moxley holds a press conference and admits to her affair with Victor. She recuses herself as judge at his trial.

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