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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill assures Katie that he is not tired of her for acting like this. He does not want to lose her again so he wants her to get better. She promises she will not let that happen. She says she does have hormones flowing through her body and he has to know she can not just forget what happened with Brooke although she is trying to forgive them. Brooke still has those feelings. Brooke admits to Rick that Katie overheard her say something to Bill and she can not shake that. Rick does not think she has done anything wrong. She says Bill has been stubborn but in a good way. Bill tells Katie that he will say it as gently as he can. This is more like the post partum year and the meds are not doing her any good or her going off of them either. She says everything is fine….reminding him that he drinks and ignored her when she nagged, so he should lighten up now. He excuses himself to go to Justin’s and is taking Will with him. Katie finds that offensive. Sasha is all over Zende but he stops and says someone could get hurt. She says okay she will go if he wants her to. She does not mind being turned down, but not to accept responsibility that it is her fault. Katie goes back to drinking and calls Brooke to come over. When Brooke finds out why she wants to scold her she starts walking away and Katie warns her not to turn away while she is talking. Katie continues that is Brooke’s history. That is how it starts. She tries to make Katie think it is her paranoia. That is not going to happen this time. She is not going to turn her life over to Brooke even if she has to make a holy spectacle of herself. She tells Brooke not to lecture her on alcohol. Brooke tells her what she thinks is happening is not happening at all. Katie says Bill is not running to Brooke; he is just running away right now from Katie. She will die first before she lets him go to Brooke.

Sasha comes back in just as Zende gets into bed. She says she will not let him say no. She is not a no girl; she climbs into his bed determined to claim her prize. She asks if he has what they need to be safe and he nods yes. Brooke tells Katie that every time Bill leaves the house does not mean he is coming to Brooke. Katie throws her glass of wine into the fireplace and says she does not need this. She just needs Brooke to be out of it. Her list is too long and she will not be on it anymore. Brooke says she is at peace with herself and she has accepted the fact that she and Bill are not going to be together. Why can’t Katie? Katie cries that how can anybody love her. She ends up crying and hugging Brooke. She knows she has to stop doing this. Her husband and child need her. She tells Brooke to go before Bill comes home. She crawls around on the floor picking up the pieces of glass and holds it in her hands, even drinking some wine from the jagged broken glass. It only makes her cry more

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos ran into Maggie at the town square.  She wanted to know why he wanted to hurt Victor.  Deimos said Victor didnít tell her the truth.  Victor told Caroline about Deimos seducing his fiancťe.  Victor also told Caroline how Deimos went to prison for his fiancťeís death.  Caroline wondered if Victor killed his fiancťe.  He said it was an accident.  Philip was upset with Belle for not knowing what she wants from him.  Ciara was upset when she ran into Chase.  Claire wanted Chase to tell her what was going on.

Victor told Maggie what happened with Deimos.  Philip wanted to be with Belle exclusively.  Claire wanted to know what Chase did to Ciara, but he didnít answer her.  Claire came on to him and got him to meet her later.  When Claire went to find Ciara, Theo approached Chase and asked him what he did to Ciara.  Chase refused to answer him.  Claire found Ciara at Jenniferís house.  Claire wanted to know what happened with Ciara.  Claire figured out that Chase raped Ciara.  Belle wasnít ready to be with Philip.  Claire told Ciara to go to the hospital to get checked out, but Ciara didnít want to go.  Claire also suggested that Ciara tell Hope what happened, but Ciara didnít want her to know.  Theo showed up to check on Ciara.  When Hope came home, Ciara didnít tell her the truth.  Victor went to see Deimos and told him to leave town.  Caroline had a vision of Victor having a heart attack.  Victor cut Deimos with a knife.  When Victor left, Deimos put the knife through Victorís picture.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny and Carly conclude that maybe the best option for Morgan is to have him committed to a psychiatric facility, realizing he cannot be trusted to take his meds, they cannot watch over him if he's free, he may be a danger to himself and others and he's facing serious legal charges. Maddox agrees. Diane is ready to represent him but concludes even if she can win the case for him, she cannot do it in good conscience knowing the condition he is in. Yet he urges them to, at the very least, let him see Kiki before he gets taken away. She is still in ICU, comatose and hooked up to machines without any answer about what will happen to her. OUtside her room, Ava talks to Julian and informs him just how her daughter got shot. Hearing that, he is angry and tells Morgan he won't let him near his niece. Yet Ava admits that although she does not want it either, she knows her daughter loves Morgan and maybe, for all they know, he can reach her somehow. Morgan goes into Kiki's room and talks to her. She does not awaken and he leaves with Maddox. However, as soon as she's alone in her room, for the first time, she moves her hand, opens her eyes and says: "Morgan". Dante and Lulu are both very upset and depressed yet hopeless that they can save their marriage. They both get served with divorce decree and declare their marriage is over. However, Nathan wants to encourage Dante, as Maxie wants to encourage Lulu, not to give up and get back what they had. In the course of both respective conversations, Dante and Lulu both find out that Nathan deceived Maxie about his history with "Claudette". Dante urges his partner to come clean to Maxie, realizing the truth is better than lies, as they know all too well he and Lulu had to find out the hard way. Lulu urges Maxie to trust Nathan. Yet the secret never gets revealed when Maxie assures Nathan she trusts him and does not require an explanation.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis asks Michael to take Marisa's case because she feels like she owes her for helping Jack. Noah admits that Dylan was right to arrest him and Victor but he asks Dylan to put in a good word for Marisa. Noah meets Marisa at GCAC, where she suggests they run again. Noah asks Marisa to marry him so they don't have to incriminate each other. Marisa points out that she is still married to someone else. Phyllis tells Michael she wants him to also represent Victor so he can throw the case and make sure Victor never sees blue skies again. Michael refuses but Phyllis persists. Nick and Sage run into Shawn at Crimson Lights. She invites them to an ultrasound she has scheduled at the hospital. During the ultrasound, Nick urges Shawn to look at the screen. Sage thinks this might make Shawn change her mind about giving up her baby for adoption and she accuses Nick of not wanting the baby. Abby catches up with Max at the hospital and earns some points with him by telling him to act like an adult and maybe people will treat him like an adult. Stitch apologizes to Max for yelling at him. Max wants to go back to school and asks Abby to take him there. While Dylan and Sharon are waiting at the hospital with Sully for a routine check-up. Dylan gets a call from the station. Later, he finds Stitch to question him about allegations of mistreatment of Max, who indicated to his teacher that he was verbally abused. Dylan advises Stitch to get a lawyer. Stitch gets upset that he can't see Max until the end of the investigation. He finds Abby, who comforts him. Ashley announces that she is stepping down and wants Hilary to take her place. Though Ashley said this was her decision, Devon suspects Hilary pushed her to that decision. Simon pleads with Ashley, who thinks the experiment isn't working, at least not fast enough to help her. Simon asks her to trust him. She asks Simon to make her better so they can take Hilary down together.

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