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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke drops in at Spencer Publications but finds from Bill that Katie is not here. She is at home seeing her psychiatrist, something he wishes she had done long ago. Maya tells Nicole that she and Rick feel badly that Zende broke up with her and they know it is because of the baby she is carrying for them. Nicole says yeah it hurts. But asking Zende to wait the entire nine months was just too much. Zende does not have his heart in the photo shoot with Sasha and she tells him he has to get out of this funk. He has way too much going on for him and he deserves way better than Nicole. Zende suddenly calls it a day. Sasha says she will let it slide today, but no more moping around. Carrying another couple’s baby was only the latest of Nicole’s ways. Nicole tells Maya that Zende is a great guy and a great catch and she is afraid he will not be around alone for very long. Sasha wastes no time. She walks in on a shirtless Zende in his room. She admires his body and says she has heard of the Hollywood sights but it did not include this. She does not believe that he is not letting this bother him. She compares herself to a saint compared to those Avants who are now going Hollywood. She kisses him and says she came here for him. They are young and single and have no commitments. She unzips her dress and peels down to her undies and climbs into his arms. Brooke laments to Bill that she does not want to overstep. She wants to be there for Katie as her sister and friend. They both agree they do not want to walk on eggshells. He says he will plan a quiet night at home with Will for dinner. That is all he cares about, his wife being okay.

Katie shares a bit of her past with her doctor, the latest being that her sister is in love with her husband and she recently heard her say she is still in love with him. And she does not completely trust her husband either. She goes off on Brooke, how she acts around her husband. It is more than giggling or tossing her hair, and it’s not just flirting. She should not let it get to her. She can not stand the thought of cutting her out of her life but she can not have faith in her like this. The doctor says Brooke will have to prove she is worthy. Katie says tonight she is just going to focus on her family with a good family meal. She is not going to lose him again to Brooke. Katie is a disaster at dinner. She spills her wine all over the table and half of the spaghetti and meatballs. Bill passes on the wine and in fact picks up Will and takes him to go play. Katie is disappointed and realizes how it looks. Later Bill asks how the doctor visit went. She says they were having a nice family dinner and everything was fine. He reminds her that she fell asleep the other night downstairs, passed out and then went off on her sister. He has drinks only every now and then. She says she does not want any of this happening. She feels Brooke’s presence in this room all the time. He tells her this is her imagination and this is all in her head. She says she can feel him slipping away, she is losing him. He tells her it is because of her drinking, her insecurities. The only one that can undermine their marriage is right here in this room. She cries that she is sorry; that it hurts so bad.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla went to see Steve and told him how she knew that Joey killed Ava.  Chad was upset that Ben escaped.  Abby overheard JJ and Chad talking and wanted to know what they were talking about.  Steve told Kayla that Joey had to stay quiet about what he did to Ava.  Steve thought Roman was suspicious, but he covered it up.  Steve said he was pleading not guilty and this mess would be behind them.  Kayla was still worried.  Chad told JJ to tell Abby what was going on.  JJ lied and said he wanted to be there for Abby instead of telling her about Ben.  Brady, Theresa, Summer, and Nicole were back in Salem.  When Brady and Theresa left, Nicole wanted to get to know Summer.

Theresa talked to Abby about her situation with Brady and Summer.  Theresa told Abby that Summer thinks she’s Maggie’s daughter.  Nicole questioned Summer about her connection to Daniel.  Steve was free on bail.  He didn’t know where to go until Kayla told him to come home.  Maggie and Summer ran into each other at the town square.  Justin warned Belle not to let Steve’s case go to trial.  When Steve and Kayla went home, Joey told them that he didn’t want Steve to take the blame for what he did.  Steve talked Joey out of confessing to what he did to Ava.  Brady was upset that Theresa took Summer to a hotel.  Steve broke in Ava’s hotel room to look for her diary.  He found a key with her jewelry.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jake is ready to leave Shriners and has a clean bill of health and positive prognosis from the doctors. However, he seems to sense that his dad may be pre-occupied with Sam and Danny. Nina is still very passionate and adamant about herself and Franco adopting a child and discusses the matter with Maxie who encourages her to not give up on that. They both agree that Franco has a "gift" with how Kiki adores him as well as how he's bonded with Jake. Yet he doesn't want to consider adopting and continues to remind Nina that, realistically, no adoption agency would consider letting the two of them adopt a child. Yet, right as Nina and Maxie speak, Franco contacts Jake who opens up to him about his fear riding a bicycle after his accident. Elizabeth can see that her son shares a lot more with Franco than he does with her. Franco goes to pay Jake a surprise visit at Shriners with a bike that Jake wants and which prompts him to no longer be afraid. Elizabeth realizes this is good for her son so she listens to Franco. Back in Port Charles, Michael as well as Sonny and Carly know that Morgan could be facing legal consequences and prison time for his most recent action where he stole a gun and went on the docks to intervene with the gun smuggling operation. Diane comes by and does not dispute that the judge and DA may want to put Morgan away for what he did. Yet she tells them she can probably prevent Morgan from doing prison time if they portray him as a sick person in need of medical care. Sonny is ok with that idea although Carly reminds him that as long as Morgan has his freedom, he could be a danger to himself and others and could experience worse consequences than he's already been through. Sonny is obviously not ok to hear her say that the only alternative to prison time for their son is incarceration in a mental hospital.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Coffeehouse, Luca tries to strike up a deal with Kevin and Mariah concerning Natalie and her software. Victoria feels guilty that she betrayed her own father, but Billy assures her that she did what had to be done. Christine tells Jack and Michael that there were no casualties in the boating accident. Christine reminds Jack that Kelly held him hostage so this will be considered self defense. Michael tells Jack that he is free and clear. Downstairs in the dining room at the Athletic Club, Abby lets Stitch know what has been going on concerning Jack and Kelly and how she held him hostage while Marco pretended to be Jack. Stitch becomes angry and tells Abby that Jack used Kelly and then murdered her.

Billy tries to console Victoria over her testimony against Victor. Natalie joins them and asks Billy if he is ready to go to work. At the lab, Hilary feels that she is the latest company jerk since Ashley has taken over as head of the company again. Devon tries to console her. After Devon leaves, Hilary goes into Ashley’s office and finds her asleep on the desk. Hilary notices the bottle of pills lying in front of her. Hilary awakens her and asks why she is sleeping. Ashley lies and tells her that she had a headache. Hilary puts two and two together and realizes that Ashley is a patient there. Ashley begs her not to tell her family. Hilary tells her that she owes her and tells Ashley to step down and let her run the company. Ashley and Hilary begin to argue but are soon interrupted by Devon and Simon. Victoria cannot believe her ears that Billy is Natalie’s boss. Billy tells Natalie to run along and they will get together later. Victoria is suspicious of what's going on. Stitch and Jack have a confrontation over Jack’s involvement with Kelly. Stitch storms out leaving Abby alone. At the hospital, Stitch reprimands one of the nurses over one of his patients. Stitch is joined by Abby and Max, who got into another fight at school.

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