Wednesday 3/2/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/2/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tries to convince Wyatt on the phone that Liam has abdicated his throne and it is time for Wyatt to move up and be with his father at SP. Bill tells Katie that someone made a huge mistake and he can not make it right by firing someone. It is Liam. He can’t be bothered to answer his phone so he had to leave a message. He supports Wyatt but he thought Liam had a right to know. Liam left a message too, he is too busy to worry about Steffy. Maybe Quinn is right; he has neglected Wyatt for too long. Ridge tells Steffy that he is happy if she is happy. He just wonders if Liam came through that door right now and offered an apology or excuse would she still be wearing Wyatt’s ring? She says she deserves to be with a man she can count on, and Liam can not be bothered now. Wyatt comes in and says he will always stand by Steffy and treat her right. Ridge congratulates him.

Eve gives Adam his medicine and then answers the door. It’s Deacon and again she is not happy to see him. She just wants him to leave the photo albums and then go. She does not trust him not to slip up. She just wants some photos to stir Liam's memory. He makes fun of her new color palette, like Pam’s. She says he has changed since she was shackled to him. He wonders how she can keep her stomach from turning when she says she loves Liam and he has said those words to her too. Bill rants that he spent years teaching Liam how to run this business. He knows he has the talent, perhaps not the cojones, but now he can’t be bothered. So perhaps it is time that he offered Wyatt a position there. Wyatt laments to Steffy that his mother thinks it is time he switched over to SP since it is his birthright. Quinn tells Deacon that it is part of the plan. Wyatt needs time with Steffy and she will do all she can with Liam to make sure that happens. When this job is done, she will be through using him and be glad it is done. Deacon does not know how she can do that and she says Liam may have to disappear for good. She says she can not take the chance that he will figure it out too soon. She can not break character. She has to pretend to be that man’s wife 24 hours a day. She had hoped that would be Ivy or Steffy but not her. Bill tells Katie that Wyatt’s whack-job mom kept him from being closer but he belongs here and it is time he stepped up and will help him. Steffy says Wyatt’s plan is okay but she would like to have her husband at work with her. She says as President she forbids it, but as her fiancé she says go for it. Deacon makes a sandwich and accepts the money Quinn offers him and she tells him to go. He wonders how much longer this can go on. She will have to lock Liam up every time someone comes over. Deacon says this is simply a disaster waiting to happen. She says Wyatt deserves a chance to be happy and that can happen with Liam out of the way….maybe she will just have to kill him. He leaves and says he will be watching this train wreck. Adam calls out and Eve goes to him and cradles his head in her arms to help his headache. The words reverberate in her mind – she may just to have to kill him….. kill him….. kill him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

People gathered at the pub to celebrate Stefano’s death.  They recapped about the things Stefano did to them over the years.  Roman flashed back to Stefano first.  Abe had a flash back of Stefano and Lexie.  Kate flashed back to being married to Stefano.  Hope was uncomfortable during the celebration.  Hope overheard Victor and Caroline talking about Deimos’ connection with Malcolm.  Victor was convinced that Stefano was responsible for Bo’s death.  Hope agreed that Stefano was responsible.

Kate and Victor argued over him helping Stefano get her.  Victor flashed back to when Stefano blamed Philip for killing Tony.  Marlena had a couple of flash backs of Stefano.  She almost let it slip that Sami stole Stefano’s money.  John had a flashback of Stefano.  Caroline wanted Hope to say something about Stefano’s death.  Hope flashed back to killing Stefano.  When everyone left, Hope saw Stefano’s ghost at the pub.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam and Jason are clearly bonding while alone with Danny. Maxie finds out that Nathan's older sister, Nina, has never heard of his childhood dog, Claudette and she demands to know why. Although Nathan informs her he had Claudette while Nina was in the coma and Nina seems to believe that must be the case, Nathan reveals to his mom that he lied to Maxie about the secret regarding "Claudette." Obrecht reminds her son that he does not want the truth revealed about that if he does not want to lose Maxie and he seems to agree that is correct. Tracy has her new doctor, Mayes, run some tests on what is causing her seizures and lapses in memory and cognitive function. Dillon rushes to see his mom and reveals that he's informed his dad. She obviously does not want Paul to have any information about her medical condition. So she reminds her doc that he is sworn by the oath of doctor/patient confidentiality and confirms with him that he will not reveal the truth to anyone about what is really happening to her. Ava is worried she could go to prison for the murder of Connie, since she cannot count on Paul to conceal the evidence. And if that happens, she won't be able to be there for baby Avery or for Kiki while she's in a coma. Right then, she finds Sonny and he assures her that he respects and appreciates her adult daughter for what she's done for his family and he will only do what is right for baby Avery. Ava realizes she is running out of choices and may need to rely on Sonny if she cannot be there for their child.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Summer visits her Grandpa Victor in jail where they both imagine what life would be like if he weren't around to help his family. Victor tells Summer that Phyllis would still be in her coma, because he never would've paid for her to get her experimental treatment. Her grandmother Nikki would be a homeless alcoholic, because he would've left the country and divorced her.  Summer's father Nick would be the head of Newman Enterprises with three ex-wives to his credit. Victoria would be an alcoholic with a troubled marriage to Billy who would've accidentally shot Adam while trying to kill Victoria. Victor persuades Summer that he did all the things he did to Jack and Phyllis in order to protect his family. Later, Summer tries to persuade her family to go listen to Victor's side of the story.

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