Tuesday 3/1/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/1/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy laments to Wyatt that she called Liam but he did not answer. She wanted him to hear from her that she was actually moving on. Eve listens to the voicemail that Steffy left for Liam. Bill tells Katie that Allison is making reservations as they speak for lunch and he would like her to reconsider and apologize and make amends with Brooke. A crisis comes up and Katie says she will have to cancel the lunch and take care of this herself. She does not feel she is as good at this editor business as Liam was. Wyatt says he has checked and Bill is at the office so he will call his mother and meet and tell them both at the same time. Eve tells Adam that when he said he loved her that brought another smile to her face. But now she needs to run an errand. He says she can if she will hug and kiss him again like she did earlier and put another smile on her face. Steffy has been working from home but shows up for a meeting with Ridge, Thomas and Caroline. Steffy shows off her ring. Ridge is surprised and Caroline is beyond giddy. Steffy says as difficult as it is Wyatt is helping her get over Liam.

Quinn barges on in to Bill’s office only to be followed by Wyatt who tells them he has some good news. Katie and Quinn congratulate him but Bill is shocked and disturbed. Actually Quinn is not surprised and Wyatt wonders why. With Eve away, Adam Googles Adam Smith on the laptop. Somehow in his navigating he comes across Spencer Publications and Eye on Fashion. Bill tells Wyatt that he did want Steffy with Liam. She is strong enough that he is glad that she is not putting up with Liam's BS and he supports Wyatt’s engagement with Steffy. Ridge tells Steffy that he is okay with her engagement but he just wants to be sure she has thought this out and it is right for her. She says Wyatt is her future. Bill tries to call Liam but has to leave a voicemail. He tells Liam that he wants him to come back so he can tell him the news that Steffy is now engaged to Wyatt. Liam needs to come back and claim what is his. Eve finds Adam on the laptop but tells him he needs to lie back down; he does not need to strain his eyes. She is all he will need to find answers about his past. Eve receives Bill's message and leaves one of her own from Liam. He is happy about Steffy’s decision and Bill should give his position at SP to Wyatt as he needs more time away by himself. Quinn calls Wyatt and says he needs to claim his birthright at SP as it looks like Liam is not going to come back.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Roman how he killed Ava, but Roman wasn’t convinced he did it.  Chad talked to Stefano about their relationship.  Chad was confused about who he was going to be like.  Jennifer didn’t remember kissing Eric.  Kayla noticed the cut on Joey’s hand.  Joey confessed to being the one who killed Ava.  Eric tried to convince Jennifer that she’s addicted to her pills.  He got her to go to an AA meeting with him.  Joey told Kayla how he killed Ava, but she didn’t want Joey to confess.  She wanted him to let Steve take the fall.

Chad told Abby about his dream about Stefano.  Belle told Marlena that Eric could go to prison for 14 years.  Roman went to see Kayla to talk about Ava.  When Kayla didn’t tell him anything, he left.  John went to Steve and offered to help him.  Roman had suspicions that Steve was innocent, but Steve didn’t want a trial.  Eric told Marlena that Jennifer is addicted to her pills.  Eric blamed himself for why Jennifer is taking pills, but Marlena tried to convince him that it wasn’t his fault.  After Jennifer talked to Abby about her wedding, she took her pills.  Belle told Roman that Steve wasn’t going to prison.  JJ told Chad that Ben escaped.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While talking to Hayden at The Floating Rib, Tracy suddenly collapses and appears to be having a seizure. Dr. Griffin Munro is nearby and tells her she needs to get to a hospital although she does not want to listen to him. Both Dillon and Hayden are worried about her although she wants to remain in control of everything, does not listen to them and assumes Griffin is too young, inexperienced, nothing more than a candy-striper. She tells him she needs a "real doctor". He goes and finds Dr. Mayes whom she can see is older although she knows nothing about him. Dillon admits he's worried his mom may be suffering from dementia. Tracy continues to distrust Hayden and believe she wants Tracy to be sick and helpless. Sam takes Danny to Shriners to visit Jason and Jake. Elizabeth is clearly not ok with that. It's clear that Sam and Jason may be getting closer as he expresses how worried he was that she was without him at the chapel when she could have gotten killed by the gunman. She expresses she believed he should have been there because he could have saved the day. Nikolas still needs help in finding out secret information about Hayden. Everyone is encouraged that Jake will be ok although everyone is still worried about Kiki. Ava realizes that Paul is in control over whether she goes to prison for murder. She informs Franco that she can see he has been a wonderful surrogate father to her daughter so she tells him if something happens to prevent her from having access to her daughter, she wants him to be there in her place.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Paul, Christine, Dylan, and Sharon dine together. Christine makes it obvious that she has no intention of letting Noah off easy for his crime. Sharon gets angry and leaves. Dylan tries to go after her but is stopped by Phyllis, who wants to report that Victor hired Marco to impersonate Jack. Billy and Phyllis assure Paul, Dylan, and Christine that there is evidence. Dylan goes upstairs to find Marisa while Paul goes to Newman Enterprises to talk to Victor. Marisa and Noah tell Dylan everything they know. Victoria confronts Victor and he denies any wrongdoing. Victor tells Adam, who is also there, to leave. Paul arrives and Victor asks Victoria to stand with him. She doesn't and gives the evidence to Paul, who watches it and arrests Victor. Nikki arrives in time to see Victor nearly collapse. Nick and Sage meet with the pregnant young woman who is considering giving her baby to them. Sharon arrives and gives Nick a glowing recommendation. Adam goes home to Chelsea and tells her that he's turned his back on the company but he doesn't want to leave town. He thinks they can live in Genoa City and have nothing to do with Newman Enterprises. One by one, the Newmans hear that Victor has been taken to the hospital. Those who hadn't heard of Victor's crime find out. Ben examines Victor and they run tests but find nothing wrong. Victor wakes up to find his entire family surrounding his bed and they are all angry. Noah accuses him of being the reason Courtney was killed and leaves. Victor is so upset by this, he tells everyone to leave and pulls his IV out, telling his family he doesn't need them.

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