Monday 2/29/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/29/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt tells Steffy that he would not be down on his knee if he was not serious. She is an amazing woman and he wants to marry her. He wants to be with her in every way so he does not feel he is rushing it. He takes off Liam’s ring and says she will not be needing this. He will never leave her; always put her first. All she has to do is say yes. Eve lays in Adam’s arms and they talk of their love. She adds there is room for the unexpected. She did not expect her feelings to run so deeply or real; things had not always been good but rocky sometimes. So she is savoring every moment now. With sadness Nicole tells Maya and Rick that Zende broke up with her. He wants to be cool with it but he isn’t. He respects her decision but he does not want it in his life. They both say it is the last thing they expected. Meanwhile Zende is shooting a sexy Sasha but she is not feeling it because he does not seem to be into it. He says they have what they need and he does not want to talk about it. He is going home and will talk later. She follows and knocks on his door. He says he will not be very good company right now. She barges on in and says luckily for him her feelings are not that easily hurt. He can talk to her about anything. She is surprised when he says he broke it off with Nicole. Sasha says Nicole put him in a very uncomfortable position so she is surprised it took him this long to call it off.

Eve tells Adam they have the best; they are living in the moment and do not have to worry about their past. This is the best it has ever been. There were times they were not kind to each other. He can not imagine that since she is so good and sweet. She says it is like a re-birth and she really likes the new person she has become. He kisses her and says she will not lose him. He will be right there for her. Steffy finally tells Wyatt that she does not want to keep putting her life on hold – she wants to marry him. Wyatt slips the ring on her finger. He tells her he will spend the rest of his life making sure that she does not regret saying yes. They kiss and he carries her to the bedroom. Sasha gets in Zende’s face and says unless he is not attracted to her, here she is, ready, willing and…..there is no reason to see what they are like together. She kisses him but he pulls away, rather startled. Wyatt and Steffy make love but when she gets up the first thing she notices is Liam’s ring and how they never officially broke up. She calls Liam and leaves a voicemail that she is marrying his brother. She just wanted him to hear it from her first. Eve finds the phone and listens to the message. She is thrilled.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Rafe that Deimos was working with Malcolm.  She thought also told him how she thought she killed the wrong man.  She told him that she got a call saying she killed the wrong man.  He thought Andre could have called her.  She wanted to go after Deimos, but Rafe wouldn’t let her.  Summer went to see Brady.  She told him that she wanted to kill herself because she’s lonely.  Hope told Rafe that she wasn’t going to go after Deimos.  Rafe assured her that she was safe from the DiMeras.  Nicole told Dario about Gabi.  She also talked to him about her company and Daniel.  Brady told Summer about Maggie.  He tried to convince Summer to go to Salem.

Nicole wanted Dario to tell her about Daniel and Summer.  Dario told Nicole about them.  Nicole wanted to know if anything romantic went on between Daniel and Summer, but Dario said there wasn’t.  Summer agreed to go to Salem.  When Summer left to pack, Theresa hoped that Brady knew what he was doing with Summer.  Theresa was upset that Summer was going to Salem, but she let Brady talked her into it.  Rafe went to see Hope at Jennifer’s.  Dario called Rafe and told him where he was.  Nicole went to see Brady so she could go home with him.  He told her Summer was going home with them.  Nicole questioned why Summer was going to Salem.  Rafe told Hope about his conversation with Dario.  Roman decided to close the case on Stefano’s death.  Hope thanked Rafe for helping her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the dust settles, Alexis and Julian are wondering how to proceed on their honeymoon, realizing his niece, Kiki, has been shot and is in critical condition, Nathan was shot, and Kristina was almost kidnapped until Sonny saved them. Nathan is doing ok and recovering but Maxie has concerns when he tells her he loves her and calls her Claudette while under the influence of strong painkillers. He later informs her that Claudette was a French poodle he had as a kid. However, she finds that odd and admits to her mom that although Nathan has give her no reason not to trust him, the same could have been said to Lulu about Dante before he cheated on her. And look what happened with that, regarding trust. Jason and Elizabeth are at Shriners Children's Hospital in Philly with Jake and receive encouraging news from his doctor that their son will be ok. They are surprised by Nikolas who brings Aiden & Cameron to visit their brother, as well as a large donation begun when Spencer raised funds for the hospital by selling bow ties. Although Elizabeth doesn't want to stay at Wyndemere because she hates Hayden, her hand is forced when Aiden & Cameron encourage Jake to get well and join them on the island. Jason thanks Nikolas but warns him this will not change anything. He still intends to take back ELQ from Nikolas. Nikolas expresses that he and Spencer want to "give back" for how Shriners helped his son yet he "counters" Jason telling him that ELQ will remain his. Upon hearing what happened at the church, Jason calls Sam to check on her. A short while after, she shows up at the hospital to see Jason. Back at Port Charles, although Hayden and Tracy want to remain adversaries, given that Hayden has married the man who stole Tracy's family's company, they discover they have a lot in common. Tracy has another "relapse" where she loses her train of thought and this time, she has a seizure and falls over. When Hayden calls for help, Griffin rushes over.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Phyllis's plan works. Victor fires Natalie who is now free to work on her security program with Billy and Phyllis. Adam tells Victor that he told Chelsea the truth about Christian and she forgave him, so he has decided that Victor can keep his company, because he has chosen to be with his family. Summer throws Natalie out of her place for being a traitor to Victor, then gets a hug from Luca before he gives her some time alone. Billy persuades Phyllis to go tell the police what Victor did to her and Jack, so he can finally pay for his many crimes. After admitting she was wrong, Phyllis tells Jack that they will bring Victor down together. Billy shows Victoria the proof that Luca gave him about Marco. Victoria demands an explanation from Victor and wonders how he could do something so terrible to Jack and Phyllis.

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