Friday 2/26/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/26/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon tells Quinn that man in there is Liam Spencer and is not her husband, and furthermore he hates her. She can not be in love with him. She says this is so far from what they had he would not believe it. He hits her up for a loan to tide him over. She says he will have to earn it. Adam wants to see pictures of them. Wyatt tells Steffy that his mom prides herself on her deadlines so it has to be because of this new guy and Steffy says she thinks she is really falling for him. Zende tells Nicole that he would not have picked the decision she made, but he respects her for it. But now his uncle has a closer relationship with her than he does. She says technically the baby is hers but that does not mean she will have a closer relationship with Rick and she does not know why Zende is bringing it up. He says his relationship is with Nicole and he can’t do this. It’s too bizarre for him. He says he loves her but he can’t see her with Rick. She is disappointed since he had already said many times they could get through this. He was hoping he could but it just does not feel right. She made her choice and he did not judge her and now he hopes she will not judge him for making his choice. She cries that she thinks their relationship is stronger than that. He laments that when he thinks about his wife, he thinks about her having his baby, not another man’s. He is adopted and you would think he could be more understanding but this is different. She says he could go to counseling….she is having this baby and there is no turning back. So if he can not accept this then they can not be together. He kisses her goodbye and says he is sorry but he can’t do this.

Wyatt takes Steffy back to his place and is against it, but lets her pack up. She wants all her stuff at one place and now that is at Eric’s. Adam is confused but he thinks to the phone call from Steffy but just as someone he feels like he should know. He calls out to Eve and she says the voice he hears is the garbage man. She then tells Deacon he will not see a penny from her unless he finds some pictures and doctors them so she can show Liam and he will stop asking questions. Adam tells Eve that he doesn’t want to just lie around all day, he wants to do something, so she could have called him to see the garbage man. He knows he is not getting better despite her taking care of him. She assures him his memory will come back. Wyatt tells Steffy they have put their happiness on hold along enough; they deserve this. He will help take the stuff to the estate but he hopes it won’t be for long. He’d like her back here. His life is better with her in it and he’d like that all of the time. He wants her to move in with him full time, toothbrush, name on mailbox and all. Adam says he has not had the tiniest glimpse of their life together. He needs that. He needs to appreciate his wife more. She is so beautiful and sensitive and he knows he loves her. Eve tells him that she loves him too and they kiss. Steffy tells Wyatt that she has heard his sales pitch before but she is not going to move in with any man unless she is married. He says okay, he has had some time to think about it. Time’s up, he wants to get married. He pulls out a big ring and asks her to be his wife.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve walked in on Joey strangling Ava.  Steve told Joey to leave after he killed Ava.  When Joey left, he dropped a bandage.  Victor and Maggie argued over Caroline leaving the mansion.  Caroline ran into Deimos and warned him to stay away from Victor.  She had visions of Deimos with Malcolm.  Rafe told Chad that Stefano’s body was found.  Hope confessed to Roman that she killed Deimos.  Hope slipped and said Rafe helped her cover up Stefano’s murder.  Steve confessed to killing Ava.  Deimos brought Caroline to his room.  She wanted to know what he knew about Malcolm.  Rafe brought Andre to Chad.  Andre told Chad that he was innocent and wanted Chad’s help.  Chad refused to help him.  Roman was willing to let Andre take the fall for Stefano’s murder.  A nurse called Kayla and told her about Steve.

Deimos denied knowing Malcolm.  Caroline told Deimos that she saw him with Malcolm.  Deimos denied it.  She wanted him to let her go and he did.  Andre told Chad that he would regret walking away from him.  Steve told Kayla and Roman that he killed Ava.  Caroline went to Victor and told him about her vision of Deimos and Malcolm together.  Steve lied to Roman about why he killed Ava.  Steve told Kayla to take Joey home and to call Belle.  Joey interrupted and said Steve couldn’t do this.  Joey didn’t want Steve to take the blame, but Steve told him to go home.  Steve wanted to be arrested.  Victor told Hope that Deimos was tied to Malcolm.  When Hope got off the phone with Victor, she got a call from someone telling her she killed the wrong man.  Steve got arrested.  Hope told Rafe that Roman knows the truth and that he would let Andre take the blame.  She also told Rafe that she may have killed the wrong man.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny, Carly, Michael, and André all discover that Morgan has escaped from his hospital room although he was bound in restraints. They all wonder and debate what will and what should happen to him at that point. He goes out to the hospital rooftop, stands on the ledge and is ready to jump and end his life. He "sees" Kiki appearing before him, in her hospital ground, indicating she's alive and well. At that point he is hopeful until she reveal that he got her shot and she could die because of him. She tells him what he always remembered her telling him, which he always disregarded and for which she is now paying the price. She tells him the only way to make it right is to jump so he can end his life after costing her life. Before he gets ready to jump "with Kiki", Michael finds his brother, reminds him Kiki is not really there and urges Morgan to come down off the ledge. André also comes out there and asks Morgan why he wants to take his own life, to which Morgan replies that he keeps trying and failing to succeed and do good. He keeps causing trouble and harming other people and he needs to rid the world of him by ending his life. Sonny comes out and after talking to his son about how he cannot live if Morgan dies, he stands on the ledge with Morgan telling him if Morgan dies, he has to die with him. After letting Morgan know that he is there for him and won't let him fall the same way Sonny knows people have done the same for him, he finally convinces Morgan to get off the ledge. At that point, Morgan goes back to his family although they know that André has to continue keeping him in protective psychiatric custody if not jail, given the circumstances. There is still uncertainty if Kiki will be alright as she remains in critical condition. Ava is very upset and only focused on her daughter. She lashes out at Paul, blaming him for what happened to Kiki. Meanwhile, Jordan and Anna secretly brainstorm about how to take down Paul, realizing that he is responsible for the arms trading even though he wants the people of Port Charles to believe he's the hero who ended the crime. They know, although they cannot prove, that Ava is "in on" something with Paul. They want her arrested for murder, as she should have been from the start and Jordan believes she can easily take down both Ava and Paul. Yet Anna reminds her if she does that, she will have to arrest Anna as well, which will prevent them from doing what they need to do. Paul knows how to prevent Ava from getting arrested and presents his "document of immunity" to Jordan, which is obviously detrimental for what she needs to do. There is still uncertainty about Kiki's condition. Carly is upset about failing to see what was going on with not only Morgan, but Sonny as well with his secret that he could walk. Griffin is offering support to her although there is still uncertainty with all the very crucial issues that have happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Adam tells Chelsea the truth about Christian's paternity. Chelsea finds it difficult to accept until Adam opens up about dealing with his son's death alone. Chelsea comforts him and talks about starting over in a new place. Adam seems hesitant to leave Genoa City. While Natalie is gone, Luca and Summer discover that Natalie is working with Billy. Summer meets Natalie for coffee and warns her not to betray Victor. Luca tells Billy he wants in on the plan to destroy Victor. When Billy says he isn't interested, Luca presents video proof of what Victor did to Jack and Phyllis. Jack brings flowers to Phyllis, who stayed the night at GCAC. She says that isn't enough and throws the flowers away. She needs time. Jack agrees to give her time as long as she doesn't forget who loves her. Summer visits Phyllis and is concerned about her mom's problems with Jack. Phyllis assures Summer that they're working on it. Summer tells Phyllis that she believes Natalie is working with Billy. Billy confronts Jack about Victor hiring Marco to take over Jack's life. He calls Jack a coward for not making Victor pay. Jack explains that he let it go so as not to embarrass Phyllis. Nick and Sage meet with a lady from an adoption agency who persuades them to think about adopting an older child. Nick is on board with this but Sage insists she wants a newborn so she can experience all the firsts (first steps, first words, etc.).

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