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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eve rushes back and grabs the phone out of Adam’s hand. She says she just got to the car and realized she had left it behind. Steffy had called and just figured out that he was the new man in Quinn’s life and he said yes he was Adam. He questions Eve but she says it was just someone from work and no one he ever wanted to be close to. He says the call was odd and he could not even tell this person his last name. Eve makes up a quick story that it is Smith – his name is John Adam Smith. He grew up with foster parents and they called him A.J. He was lonely and never stayed in one place long. But she has him now and that is all that matters. He wants photos or something from their wedding, their first kiss, first date, images so that he might be able to put the pieces together. She fumbles and says she will look to see what she can find after the fire. They lost a lot of photos in that and the rest is boxed up when they moved here. She puts him back to bed and says she will get his medicine. He tells her again that she is so good to him. She realizes she has a problem.

Zende tells Nicole that Brooke gave him free reign of the kitchen and he has something special planned, but he won’t be moving in. That might be a bit much and sending the wrong message. Steffy tells Wyatt that the new man, Adam, answered Quinn’s phone. He sounded very sweet and young, not quite Quinn’s usual type. Wyatt says he feels better. He was worried about his mom on the rebound so quickly. Deacon knocks on the door and Quinn is definitely not happy to see him. She tells him that he can not keep coming over here. He barges on in and makes himself at home. He says this is going to be great when Liam realizes who he is. That will be a fight worth paying for. He can not believe that Liam believes this cock and bull story of them being married. Sooner or later this Adam is going to want more from Quinn. Then he guesses that he already has. He laments there is nothing innocent about her and it sounds like she is falling in love with Liam and his puppy dog eyes. But as soon as he figures out that he is Liam he will send her ass to jail.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava said she wanted to press charges against Kayla.  Ava said Kayla tried to kill her.  Philip went to Deimos and told him how Victor disowned him.  Philip also told Deimos that he wanted to betray Victor.  Roman questioned Ava about why she was in Kayla’s house.  He also questioned her about the drugs in her system.  Philip gave Deimos the formula for the serum to prove that he wanted to work with him.

Belle and Claire argued over Belle buying the club for Claire.  Philip continued to convince Deimos that he wanted to work with him.  Philip wanted to know if Deimos was going to work with him.  Kayla allowed Steve to stay in the house, but he had to sleep on the couch.  Steve told Joey what happened to Ava and how she tried to set up Kayla.  Chase followed Ciara to a party she went to.  Belle confided in Philip about her problems with Claire.  Chase overheard Ciara say that she hated him.  Joey went to see Ava to tell her how much he hated her.  He wanted her to stay away and thought there was only one way for that to happen.  Joey strangled Ava.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kiki is in the hospital, unconscious and in critical condition while both Ava and Franco wait outside to hear the verdict from the doctors. Griffin Munro comes out of surgery and announces they will "do everything they can" for Kiki although he indicates they cannot guarantee anything. Alone, Ava and Franco talk. She confesses that she regrets getting involved in the big mess that lead to Kiki getting shot. She also informs him that because "someone" was hanging over her head the fact that she killed Connie and that very person has the evidence that can get her convicted, she was "compelled" to participate in the illegal arms trading that Morgan believed he had to stop, which Kiki felt obligated to prevent him from getting involved in, which got her shot. Morgan is hysterical and in a hospital bed bound by restraints for "his own protection". He struggles to break free and demands that somebody lets him do something when he is responsible for Kiki getting shot when she could die. He finally persuades a nurse to unfasten his restraints so he can go to the bathroom. At that point, he walks down to find out about Kiki. Yet he knows he cannot let too many people see him roaming free. When he overhears Kiki's critical prognosis and the fact that everyone blames him and he certainly blames himself, he secretly goes out on the hospital ledge and looks like he might want to jump and take his life. Lulu is recovering and Dante and Laura are by her side. He offers for them both to stay with him when Lulu gets released from the hospital. But she tells him she'd be more comfortable staying at Wyndemere. Both Lulu and Laura express their concerns to Nikolas about his marriage to Hayden. Hayden goes off secretly and runs into Curtis who expresses his concerns for her marrying and trusting the man who tried to get her killed. Jason, Elizabeth and Monica go with Jake to Shriners Children's Hospital where Elizabeth admits this is all her fault and due to her lies. Yet they are both supportive of her and appreciative of the fact that she was there for Jason before she knew who he was and that she puts her son first.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Victoria have a chat in his office about him holding a gun on Luca and Victoria’s feelings concerning this course of action taken on Victor’s part. Summer and Natalie have an unexpected guest, Luca. Summer wonders how Luca is and how he survived. Billy and Phyllis talk about him hanging on to Victoria. Victoria and Victor have a chat about Natalie and whether or not she will deliver the goods for Victor. Luca asks Summer and Natalie for help. Sharon and Nick spend quality time together when Dylan arrives home. Sharon lets him know where the children are. Within minutes, Sage arrives back with Faith and Sully. Jack and Nikki discuss Neil's drinking problem. Sage and Nick leave to go home. Sharon and Dylan have a talk about Noah not having to stand trial because Nikki has something up her sleeve. Dylan is still quite upset over seeing Sharon with Nick. Sharon assures him that there will always be something between her and Nick, since they have children together as there will always be something between Dylan and Avery. Sage crawls into bed beside Nick and hopes this day will soon be over. Nikki reminds Jack that he wants to see Victor punished for what he did to him and his family. Nikki assures Jack that Victor will pay for his crimes.

Phyllis and Billy discuss their hatred for Victor, but Phyllis hates him more. Phyllis sees Victoria walk in. Victoria joins them. Phyllis tells them that she will not let Victor exploit Summer. Phyllis gets a text from Jack and leaves. Victoria cannot understand what Phyllis is getting so excited about. Billy and Victoria discuss their wedding and sip champagne. Nikki stops by Victor’s office to let him know that she knows what he did to Jack and Phyllis and their family. Victor reminds her that he will protect his own. Victor reminds Nikki that Jack did something that would put him in jail. Nikki promises not to say anything to Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis discuss Marco and what he did to their family and then she orders him out. Jack leaves reluctantly. Phyllis sees Nikki at the bar and tells her that she doesn’t need her sympathy and Victor will pay.

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