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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge is surprised to hear Steffy say that it is no longer Liam but Wyatt now in her life. She says she only wants to move in here and be with Ridge and her grandfather. Ridge still thinks she will have to make a choice between Liam and Wyatt and she says she will but she needs to talk to Liam face to face. Brooke can not believe that Rick left the Forrester home; that is where he was counting on raising his baby. He says not any more. His dad knows too as Ridge manipulated him. He used Stephanie’s portrait to get his way. Quinn (Eve) is a nervous wreck but manages to get Wyatt out before he sees Liam (Adam). Ridge tells Caroline that he loves every part of this house, every piece of furniture, every dish, every rosebush. Stephanie is always there. Caroline says she loved the loft as that is where they fell in love but she is anxious to live here and have their baby with all this room. Brooke offers Rick and Maya and even Nicole to stay in the house while she has her baby. She is excited about that.

Steffy tells Wyatt about her latest move and all the other Forrester drama that caused it. He thinks it is a fine idea although he wants her to spend as much time as she can at the beach. The more she is there she will learn to move on from Liam wherever he is now. Adam asks Eve who the voices are that he heard. Wyatt tells Steffy that Quinn is full of surprises. Her new place is very quiet and rustic, way out in Topanga Canyon and she even was dressed differently. She has a new man in her life. Eve tells Adam a lie that it was a neighbor who borrowed some tools and he was just returning them so that was the voice he heard. In time he will get to know him and figure everything out. Steffy tells Wyatt that she has a question about Quinn’s line because it is late and needs to call her. Adam tells Eve that he feels a little nauseous and dizzy so she offers to quickly go to store and get him more medicine. She says she would do anything for him, so just stay in bed and do not try to move without her. She forgets her phone and Adam hears it ringing and manages to get up and answer it. Steffy is astounded to hear a voice say hello that she might recognize.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole tried to stop Theresa from going after Brady and Summer.  Summer told Brady that she and Daniel were brother and sister.  Kayla and Steve tried to revive Ava.  Nicole was able to stop Theresa from going after Brady.  Summer told Brady how Daniel thought she and Daniel were siblings.  Steve wanted Kayla to let Ava die, but Kayla didnít want to.

Brady told Summer about the dreams he had about her.  He thought Daniel wanted him to finish what he started.  Kayla told Roman that Ava tried to commit suicide in their house.  Steve didnít believe Ava tried to commit suicide.  He thought she was planning something else.  Brady wanted Summer to go to Salem with him.  At time hospital, Steve questioned Kayla about attacking Ava.  When Finn told Kayla and Steve that Ava was awake, Kayla stopped Steve from talking to Ava.  Kayla wanted to talk to her.  Roman questioned Steve about why Ava was unconscious in his house.  Roman wanted Kayla to dump Steve.  Summer decided not to go to Salem.  While Kayla was talking to Ava, Ava noticed Roman and Steve watching.  Ava lied and said Kayla tried to kill her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Dixon is terrorizing everyone at Julian and Alexis' wedding and holding them at gunpoint. He needs a hostage and targets Sonny's daughter. As soon as he grabs Kristina and threatens to kill her if anybody crosses him, however, and everyone is scared and feeling helpless, Sonny suddenly stands up, wrestles with Dixon, knocks him to the floor, grabs his gun and declares that he is no longer helpless. Everybody is shocked that Sonny can walk and knows he must have been scamming for a while although most are grateful that he was a hero. Carly is upset to find out her husband lied to her not only about walking. But about the secret regarding pier 54. Morgan is in trouble and gets taken to the station. Jordan is ready to arrest him but Maddox appears and persuades her to let Morgan go to a psyche ward instead of jail. Morgan is hysterical when he sees that Kiki is unconscious and in critical condition after being shot. Ava is hysterical and furious that this has happened to her daughter. She blames Paul and she blames Morgan for getting Kiki involved in this big mess. Lulu is unconscious, ready to drown and lifelessly sinking into the harbor when Dante finally finds her. He rushes her to the hospital. She has hypothermia but appears to be ok. Nathan has been shot in the crossfire when Dixon arrived at the chapel. Maxie and Nina go with him. Paul wants to take full credit for the disarming and arrest of Dixon and the arms trade. And he wants to offer the glory to Anna as well for their mutual "success" in saving the day. Yet she is not amused and blames him for what happened. Jordan also asks Paul what types of secrets he's keeping from her that have caused her detective to be shot and Kiki Jerome to be fighting for her life. Alexis and Julian are, at the very least, content that they have taken their marriage vows and both of their families are ok.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The severe thunderstorm makes everyone nervous. Summer worries that Adam obeyed Victor's orders to kill Luca. Natalie helps Summer figure out where Luca might be. The last time he was seen by a surveillance camera, he was going into an alley with Adam. Summer tells Chelsea and Dylan her suspicions, but neither one of them thinks Adam killed Luca. Nick pays Noah and Marisa's bail and Noah is released from the hospital. A power outage due to the storm sends everyone looking for shelter. Sage, Sully, and Faith end up with Adam at his place since Nick's place has no heat. Nick and Sharon end up at her place next to a fire where they discuss their worries about their kids. Billy and Phyllis talk about their next move since a scared Natalie told Victor that the security program works. Summer and Natalie are frightened when someone tries to open the door to their apartment, and they don't know who it might be because the power is out.

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