Tuesday 2/23/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 2/23/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Wyatt there are no regrets. She loves every thing about being with him. He says good because he sort of let his mother know they were together now. And he thinks something may have changed in her life too as she seemed a little different the last time they talked. It may be a little sneaky but he thinks he will pay her a surprise visit. Rick tells Maya that Ridge did not have the right to do what he did and he intends to go back and claim his birthright. Quinn (Eve) comes in dressed more feminine than she usually has been all in black. She is now in satiny pink. Adam approves. She says she has never felt this feminine before so she is glad he likes it. He asks about her one dark blue/black fingernail and she calmly says it reminds her of a child lost. He wants to know if it was their child or if she wants to talk about it. She says no it was not their child and it hurts too much to talk about. He gets nail polish remover and removes the black polish. Then he lays down and goes back to sleep.

Rick walks into Eric’s as Ridge is moving his and Caroline’s things in. Ridge tells Rick that he said he would not return as long as Stephanie’s portrait was on the wall……and it still is so Rick does not live here anymore. Rick says Ridge is just trying to take something else away from him. Eric speaks up and says that is not what is happening. This is the family home and Ridge belongs here as much as Rick. He hates that Rick is taking it this way. Rick picks up Maya’s portrait and says Ridge got what he wanted so they will leave now for good. Wyatt waits at the door and wonders if Quinn will invite him in. At the office Rick continues to rant to Maya about Ridge, that he always comes first. He hates him. Steffy hugs Ridge and welcomes him home. He tells them that Rick had a little tantrum and took his portrait and left. Steffy asks for a favor. She does not feel comfortable moving into Wyatt’s house so she would like to move into this one. Ridge says it is a done deal, the more the merrier. Thomas says he will stay in the guest house, it suits him. Wyatt likes Quinn’s new look but is suspicious when he also finds a man’s jacket on the couch. He assumes it might be Deacon’s but he thinks Quinn is acting more edgy than usual. He wants details. He says Quinn is actually blushing. She says she has never met anyone like this before and she is not ready to talk about it yet. She tries to hush Wyatt to not talk so loud as he will wake Adam up. He’s even more intrigued but Quinn manages to get him to leave after Adam wakes up long enough to ask if all is all right and Eve says yes. Adam gets up long enough to see someone leave.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Joey was upset with Steve for sleeping with Ava.  Kayla wanted Ava out of Salem.  Ava wanted JJ to leave her alone so she could start her plan.  Rafe told Roman that Stefano’s body was found in the foundation.  Hope wanted to know where Chase was, but Ciara didn’t care where he was.  Theresa showed up in L.A.  Summer wanted to know why Brady was dreaming about her.  Rafe told Hope about her plan working, but she was worried about Chase.  Steve was finally able to get Joey to open up to him.  Kayla told Roman about Ava and Steve.  Ava hit JJ in the head with her pocketbook.

Chase called Hope and told her that he wasn’t coming back home.  Brady found Summer on the beach again.  Steve reached out to Joey.  JJ told Roman that he lost Ava.  Hope tried to convince Chase to come home, but he wouldn’t do it.  Andre told Chase he did the right thing.  Nicole told Theresa why she went to L.A.  Summer wanted to know why Brady didn’t ask Daniel about her.  Rafe confirmed that Stefano’s body had the three bullets in it.  Hope wanted to know if Andre was arrested.  Brady told Summer what happened to Daniel.  Theresa and Nicole argued over Brady and Summer.  Theresa was determined to get Brady back home.  Rafe told Hope that Andre was arrested, but she was worried.  When Kayla went home, she found Ava’s body on the floor.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian and Alexis' wedding seems as though it's going to go off without a hitch. The minister actually completes the vows and declares them husband and wife. However, on the docks, after Morgan has come to confront Paul, Dixon and the gun traders with a gun, threatening to kill them, Dixon pulls a gun on him. Kiki goes to intervene and gets caught in the cross fire and shot. Carly, Michael and Anna all arrive on the scene and attempt to restrain Morgan and prevent him from doing something he might regret after Kiki has been shot and they all attempt to revive her afraid if the paramedics do not make it in time, she could die. At The Haunted Star, when Lulu is alone and suspecting nothing, Raj finds her, ties her up and pushes her into the harbor. Dante goes to attempt to find her but does not know to look for her in the water. She struggles to swim and keep her head above water but she goes underwater and it looks like she could drown if she is not found in time. After Dixon has shot Kiki in front of several witnesses, he goes to the church and threatens to take everyone there as hostages until Franco convinces him to select only one hostage. He is not sure who to "select". Nathan gets shot and Maxie tells Dixon he will have to shoot her too if he thinks she won't do anything because he has shot the man she loves. Dixon demands everybody else stay seated or they will all die.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Nikki meets with Judge Moxley and threatens to tell the world about her affair with Victor if she doesn't let Noah off with community service. The judge agrees. Jack gets a hotel room so that Neil can detox. Neil says that things are different for him than they are for Jack. Nikki passes by in time to hear Jack tell Neil that Victor hired Marco to be Jack while Jack was held prisoner on a remote island. Nikki barges in, not believing what she heard but leaves a believer. Neil has an epiphany. He wants to open a place where addicts can go and get help. Jack offers to be a partner. Abby and Stitch tell Ashley and Simon that Abby is pregnant. Ashley and Simon pretend to be surprised. Abby and Stitch pick Max up from school and Stitch learns that Max was in a fight. Natalie and Summer witness a conversation between Victor and Adam on Natalie's laptop that leads to them assuming Victor wants Adam to kill Luca. Summer goes to warn Luca while Victor goes to Summer's home to see Natalie, who assumes he's there to kill her. Summer distracts the guard outside Luca's room in an attempt to let Luca escape, but Luca is stopped by Adam. Luca says he knows Adam is there to kill him. Afraid for her life, Natalie shows Victor the nearly finished Passkey.

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