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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that this was not Brooke’s idea; it was his. They are very concerned about her. Katie says the only problem they have is Brooke. Rick tells Eric that he needs him to stand with him on this – Stephanie’s portrait needs to come down now that the party is over and put Maya’s back up. Eric tells him and Ridge to quit arguing. Rick says this has no renegotiation; Maya’s portrait goes back on the wall. Eric says he is sorry, but Stephanie’s portrait stays. Rick can find another place for Maya’s. Rick grabs his portrait and calls Maya from upstairs and says they are leaving. Katie says she is not drunk. She begs Bill to look at Brooke for who she is and what she does and do not let her do it again this time. She does not need Bill to defend her again. Brooke tries to make amends by saying she is not trying to take her husband from her. Perhaps in the past Katie could hurl those insults but today she only came over to help her. Katie snaps at her to save it; just leave. She goes straight to the bottle. She tells Bill this was a bad idea as he knew she would be very upset with him alone in her house with her sister. She does not have a drinking problem. And she does not want to ask questions that she is not sure she wants to hear the answer to. But she finally does – does he want her or her sister. Maya tries to assuage Rick that it is fine for Stephanie to be on the wall. Rick keeps on that this is not fair. He says he can not live like this with Ridge being the boss of everything, over the office and now over this house. He will not be back until this beautiful portrait of Maya is back on that wall. Ridge tells Eric this is good. He will get his house back. Eric says he likes it just fine out in the guest house. Without Stephanie this one has never been the same. Ridge says okay then he and Caroline should take over. This will be cool as they expand their family soon. He encourages Eric to stay and they can all be a Forrester family as Caroline is planning on having home birth and they have a midwife already. Eric says he would like to think that Rick will cool off and come back but probably not, so under those conditions he would like to stay in this house.

Cuddled on the couch, Ridge tells Caroline that he wants to share his childhood home with her. He is surprised though when she reveals that the doctor in ER goofed and slipped about the gender of their baby. Ridge is going to be the father of a son. He immediately turns to the portrait on the wall and tells his mom that she is going to have a grandson. Bill tells Katie that he loves her. She says he once loved Brooke too. She throws it back that they both know how Brooke feels and she wishes she had never heard those words. She brushes back her tears and says she wants him to know that he has an open door. She will not cling to him like a wounded child. He barks at her to stop this. She may not want to hear this, but enough is enough. He takes the drink from her hands and says this is what is talking. This is not her. She says it is her. Ever since she heard him say those words to Brooke that she feels like she is slipping away. He mentions her depression and taking pills. She says that was a long time ago with her post partum depression. He laments it can be a lifelong battle and he does not want her to go back to that place. He won’t let her. Will needs his mother and he needs his wife. This is just fear, fear driven by alcohol. She cries that he and Will are the most important things in her life and she lives in fear that something will jeopardize that. He vows that it won’t. She begs him to hold her and say that she is as important to him as he is to her. She does not want to live without him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve told Hope about what happened with Ava.  Kayla was ready to kill Ava when Ava taunted her.  Theo was determined to find out what was going on with Ciara, but she refused to tell him.  Brady and Nicole saved Summer from drowning.  Brady and Nicole questioned Summer about being the water.  Roman and Joey showed up at the park when Kayla attacked Ava.  Chase all but told Andre that he raped Ciara.  Hope walked in on Theo and Ciara while Ciara yelled at Theo.  Hope wanted to know what was going on between them.

Brady questioned Summer about knowing Finn.  Chase expressed guilt about raping Ciara.  Theo lied to Hope in order to protect Ciara.  Ciara confessed to being the one who wanted to drink.  Hope wanted to talk to Ciara alone.  Roman and Joey tried to stop Kayla and Ava from fighting.  Ava wanted Roman to arrest Kayla, but he wouldnít do it.  Hope noticed something was wrong with Ciara, but she wouldnít tell her.  Ciara only told her that she didnít want Chase living with them.  Steve told Joey that Ava wanted him in order to help Kayla.  Kayla threatened to press charges against Ava if she didnít leave town.  Andre wanted to put Chase somewhere safe.  Joey was upset about Steve being with Ava.  Roman didnít want Ava to leave town, but he agreed to it.  Theresa showed up in L.A.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Julian and Alexis' wedding is underway. Nobody suspects anything except when Olivia is able to "foreshadow" blood on Julian's hands when they toast with champagne. All of the friends and family get ready to attend. Julian and Alexis relive how they first met, found out for the first time that he's her oldest daughter's father and how they fell in love, and how he has been motivated to end his life of crime and be a family man and marry the woman he loves. Meanwhile, However, Morgan is on the docks, spying upon Paul Hornsby and the men who do the arms trades. Sonny is also aware of what is going on although he does not reveal that and attends his daughter's mom's wedding by himself and unafraid of being seen in his wheelchair. Meanwhile, Kiki discovers Morgan's voice mail message that he sent her, for the first time, letting her know he's going to "prove himself" once and for all to everyone who doubts and believes he's a screw-up. Aware of what Paul is about to do with Raj and his boss, Anna goes looking for Sonny although he's not at his house. Carly, Michael and Josslyn discover that Sonny's gun is missing. He does not have it while at Alexis' wedding. They are able to rule out the possibility of anyone stealing it. So that can only mean that Morgan has it. After hearing enough about how the guys believe Sonny is weak and not a threat to them and that they need not worry about his son, Morgan makes his presence known and confronts them. Although outnumbered by career criminals as well as the DA, Morgan protests that they are wrong about his dad and wrong about him. As soon as they "trigger his impulses" by asking him if he's "crazy" to be messing with them, he pulls out his gun and is ready to use it on all of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Marisa tells Dylan she hit Billy with her car, but Noah makes a full confession while Marisa faces charges of being an accessory to a crime.  Victor tells Noah he hopes that he has learned his lesson not to betray his family especially not over a woman like Marisa. Noah tells Marisa they will get through this together, even though it will be hard. Sharon is upset with Dylan because he won't look the other way and let Noah and Marisa escape. Sharon tells Nick that Noah can't go to jail. Nick assures her they will figure out something to help Noah. Nikki is upset with Victor for turning Noah in to the police. She thinks he's gone too far this time. Nikki tells Dylan that she won't let Noah go to jail and summons someone on the phone.

Summer and Victoria defend Victor to the family and tell everyone he did the right thing although it was very difficult to turn Noah in to the police. Victoria's defense of Victor causes friction between her and Billy, because Billy thinks that, even though Noah is going to jail, he will get out soon because he is a Newman. Kevin suspects Natalie is sabotaging her own computer program and wants to figure out why. He doesn't believe her when she tells him that the program has bugs in it that she can't figure out how to fix. Victor points a gun on Luca, because he's angry with him since he had to betray Noah because of his blackmail.

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