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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tries to assuage Rick by saying this house is both of theirs, not just Rick’s. Rick still says Stephanie’s portrait was put up behind his back and he will not be back in this house until Maya is back up on wall. Wyatt walks in on Katie having another drink while tracking Brooke on her app. She says Bill is at home with her right now. They are having some troubles all caused by Brooke. Bill tells Brooke that he does not want to lose his wife and yet that is just what is happening right in front of him. Ridge welcomes Alice and some other friends/company buyers/clients to the party. They all talk about Stephanie. Ridge faces her and says cheers to a good hostess. Rick tells Maya that it didn’t take long….Ridge took command and took her portrait down. Maya says it is okay, it’s probably just for the weekend. Katie tells Wyatt that no one has seen Liam. She reveals to Wyatt that she wants to know what room Bill and Brooke are in; he won’t get away with it this time. Wyatt wants to make sure she will not be driving herself while drinking. He reminds her she knows nothing and is just on a fact finding mission.

Bridget tells Rick that Ridge grew up in that house, not them, so what he did was not disrespectful. Rick says the party is over now and it is time for Maya to be back on the wall. Eric tells Ridge that life is change. Ridge says Rick can take Maya’s picture and put it in his office, his bedroom, anyplace he wants, but not here. This is Stephanie’s space. Katie walks in and overhears the conversation as Brooke is telling Bill that she realizes the drinking is becoming a problem so let her mention it to Katie first. She will take the brunt of it. Rick and Maya return after the party and he says he understands why they wanted Stephanie’s portrait up there but now it is time to exchange them. He brings out Maya’s and says Stephanie yesterday, Maya today. Eric does not want this conversation today. Bill asks Katie did she sneak in the back door so she could spy on them. She says she walked in; she did not sneak into her own house. Bill chides her that she would come home and expect him to be with a woman, any woman, and now Brooke and bed her right down the hall from their son. He said he invited Brooke here for a private conversation. She laughs when Brooke says Katie’s drinking is out of control. Katie laments that is how this started with her giving Brooke a job to get her out of her big old house where she was wallowing in the bottle and loneliness. It may have started that way a few years ago with Brooke and Bill together but she certainly is not going to hand Bill over to Brooke again, so do not wait on that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla saw the recording of Steve and Ava having sex that Ava sent her.  Steve told John about what Ava made him do.  When Steve got home, Kayla showed him the recording Ava sent her.  Brady saw Dario in L.A.  Belle opened up to Marlena about her problems with Shawn and Claire.  Philip tried to explain why he betrayed Victor.  Victor thought Philip should have gone to him instead of Deimos. 

Brady asked Dario about Summer.  Philip tried to appeal to Victor, but it wasnít working.  Steve begged Kayla to forgive him.  He told her why he slept with Ava.  Philip was willing to do anything to get Victorís forgiveness.  Victor wanted Philip to go to Deimos and find out his next move.  If the plan worked, Victor would think about forgiving him.  Kayla didnít want Steve to touch her.  She said she hated Ava.  Dario warned Brady that Summer was in a psych ward.  Belle went to see Victor, but ran into Philip.  He wanted to talk, but she wanted to see Victor.  Steve told Kayla that he loved her.  He begged her not to let what happened kill them.  Steve sent Ava a text threatening to kill her.  Ava showed up while Kayla was in the park.  Ava wanted to talk about what happened.  Belle wanted Victor to sell her his club.  Brady saw Summer on the beach.  He saw her jump in the ocean.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The major drug smuggling operation on the docks is scheduled to take place right at the same time as Julian and Alexis' wedding. Paul, along with Raj's boss Dixon tells Ava she has to be a part of it and it's not "optional". HOwever, she informs them if she does not show up and attend her brother's wedding, people will be suspicious, go looking for her and it could blow their operation. They then agree to let her go and have Paul do what they need, in her place. Before it happens, however, he finds Anna and urges her to know that he needs to "right the wrong" by taking down a major drug operation in order to make Port Charles a safer place. She does not trust him but knows he knows her secret about Carlos and Sloane and the whole situation. Sonny is also in on it and ready to have his men defeat the drug operation. Morgan tells his dad he's moving out and no longer taking his meds and trying to please his parents. He declares that he has to prove himself to not be a screw up. He tries and fails to reach Kiki while she refuses to take his calls or listen to his messages, while he goes to the docks to overhear everything the guys are up to and believes he will "save the day" and prove himself to all who doubt him, once and for all. Lulu returns to The Haunted Star and finds out, for the first time, that Raj cannot be trusted. He ties her up and takes her hostage while Dante tries and fails to reach her by phone. Olivia wants to be positive and not discourage the wedding although it looks like things may not go as planned.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Noah wakes up in the hospital. After Victor called the police, Paul had Noah extradited. When island police went to pick up Noah, he ran and fell into a bank while Marisa was on a walk. She followed him to Genoa City. When he wakes up, he is told that he will is arrested for the hit & run of Billy Abbott. Victoria and Billy tell Adam and Chelsea that they got engaged. Adam receives a text about Noah's arrest and tells Billy and Victoria. Paul questions Victor, who blames everything on Marisa. At the hospital, Sharon confronts Marisa right before Noah doubles over in pain. Sharon runs to his side and Marisa runs off. She goes to Adam and accuses him of telling the police about Noah. Chelsea defends Adam and Marisa decides to be with Noah in spite of the fact that she could be arrested for helping cover up the crime. Paul speaks to Billy, hoping he will remember more about the accident. Billy remembers seeing Noah's face in the side view mirror before he drove off but Billy doesn't tell Paul. He tells Victoria when they are alone. Nick confronts Victor, who says he called the police to save Noah from a life on the run. Victoria arrives and agrees that Noah should come clean about the accident. She tells Victor and Nick that Billy remembers seeing Noah but he isn't going to the police with the information. At the hospital, Dylan questions Marisa, who says Noah is innocent. Out of surgery, Noah wakes up to see his parents. Victoria arrives and tells Noah that he needs to face the truth. Billy runs into Chelsea at Crimson Lights. He thinks she is keeping something from him. He thinks she knew it was Noah that hit him.

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