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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge returns home and tells Caroline he wonders why he ever stayed away so long….just because he was CEO. He is throwing a cocktail party tonight here at Eric’s and he came to check on some things. At the office, Katie tells Bill that she overslept this morning, she’s a little slower moving around but nothing to worry about. Everything is fine. Bill says it is not fine, they need to talk about last night. Katie brushes him off. She says she wishes she had never heard Brooke say what she did, but they can not un-ring that bell. Bridget tells Rick that she was hoping he and Ridge would be getting along better now. Rick laments that they do when he is out of town. Eric comes in and welcomes Ridge back and says he was missed. He hoped everything went the way he wanted. He immediately spies Stephanie’s portrait over the mantel. Ridge says it is where it rightfully should be. Eric wonders what prompted this. Ridge says the party tonight where they entertained a lot of clients for the business and they will expect to see it there. Eric says one of the things he did not like about Stephanie is that she provoked people and he sees that in Ridge too. Ridge tells him it will be okay.

Bill leaves the office and Brooke gets a text to meet him at his house. At home he fills Brooke in that there is a problem with Katie. Meanwhile Katie checks with Allison to find out about any meeting that Bill said he was attending. She is immediately suspicious when there is none listed. She looks at an apt on her phone showing Brooke's whereabouts. Maya confides in Bridget that no one pushes Rick’s buttons like Ridge. Eric admits to Ridge that he misses Stephanie every day and will until he takes his last breath. Rick walks in and asks where Maya’s portrait is. Ridge walks toward him to hug him and Rick tells him to cut the crap; he knows this is his doing. Brooke tells Bill that she will do anything to help her sister. Bill says he knows drinking. He can handle it but Katie can’t. And as the mother of his son he is concerned. Meanwhile at the office Katie is drinking again while thinking of Bill and Brooke. Ridge explains the party tonight and that people will expect to see Stephanie there, not Maya. Rick says he lives here now and Ridge can not come in here and start moving things around; it is disrespectful. It’s like a slap in the face and until Maya’s portrait is back he is not stepping a foot in this house.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre was questioned about Bo’s gun being in his bag.  Ciara dealt with the aftermath of Chase raping her.  Brady told Theresa about the vision he had.  Andre told Roman that Stefano’s body was buried.  Andre said Hope was the one who killed Stefano and Rafe covered it up.  Roman didn’t believe Andre’s claim, but he wanted to find Stefano’s body.  Brady told Theresa that he was going to L.A.

Theresa tried to talk Brady out of going to L.A.  Eric went drinking when he found out he was getting 14 years in prison.  Theo wondered if Chase hurt Ciara.  Andre told Roman and Rafe that they wouldn’t get away with framing him for his father’s murder.  Eric showed up to Jennifer’s house drunk.  Theresa told Nicole about Brady looking for the woman in his dreams.  Hope was worried that the charges against Andre wouldn’t stick, but Rafe said they would.  Eric noticed how Jennifer was addicted to her pills.  Eric and Jennifer ended up kissing.  Nicole decided to go to L.A.  Roman noticed something going on between Hope and Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis and Julian are happily ready to get married. Olivia wants to encourage them and offers her blessing. However, she has a "premonition" of blood on Julian's hands, which foreshadows to her that something negative will happen to one or both of them. Sonny has fired Morgan from the warehouse after finding out he was having sex with Darby in his dad's warehouse. Both Morgan's parents lecture him about his irrational behavior and failure to see his crucial need to take his meds. However, he does not listen, informs them he's tired of them seeing him the way they see him and he leaves to go out on the docks to "spy and observe". While there, he listens unseen, to Raj and another guy who are ready to take down Sonny and believe Sonny is too weak, while in the wheelchair, to be a threat to them. After Paul finds out that Anna is trying to spy on him and find out about his daughter Susan, he explains to her his need to kill Kyle Sloane which had nothing to do with Sonny and/or Duke and/or Julian and/or Carlos. Sloane, he informs Anna, got "involved" with Paul's daughter Susan, abused her physically and emotionally and raped her. He explains that his daughter has had no contact with either of her parents before during and after her involvement with Sloane. He feels guilty for failing to bring Sloane to justice for what he did to Susan. So that is why Paul shot Sloane to death. He informs Anna that Carlos happened to know what he did and that is why Paul needs to "cover" for Carlos by having everyone believing he's dead when he's not so he can escape the consequences of killing Duke. He also reminds Anna that she intended to murder Carlos, believed she did and wanted to cover it up. So, it may appear Anna and Paul may have a mutual need to hide the others' secrets. Nikolas asks Sam to dig up dirt on Hayden, at the very least, in the interest of Spencer. He gives her the lead of Hayden's ex husband, Baxter Corbin and informs her that Hayden's real name is Rachel. Hayden goes to meet privately with Diane Miller, sounding as though she wants to "work with" her husband and protect his interests. Yet Diane can see that Hayden may be secretly working against Nikolas.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Stitch and Abby are thrilled over the prospect of having a baby, but Abby is worried about how Max will react. In Victor’s office, he and Adam discuss Noah. Luca visits Natalie to find out more information about her little project, but Summer interrupts them. Summer tells him that she should have seen through him. At the Athletic Club, Phyllis admires Victoria’s engagement ring when Lily comes in and is concerned over Neil’s whereabouts. Jack goes to search for him. Neil is lying unconscious on the floor of his hotel room. While Stitch goes to find of Max to tell him the news, Abby tells Victoria that she is pregnant. Victoria is thrilled by the news. They start thinking about baby names when Abby notices Victoria’s engagement ring. Stitch and Max are at the Coffeehouse having a cup of hot chocolate when Max tells Stitch to go ahead and tell him what he has to tell him. Stitch tells him that Abby is pregnant and asks if he all right with the news. Max says that he will. Luca and Natalie discuss the new software idea but Summer dislikes divulging any information concerning Victor. Billy and Phyllis discuss how much they still miss Delia. Phyllis tells Billy that their plan has to work to bring down Victor. Luca and Natalie leave to go and talk to the boss. Adam and Victor argue over the Santoris, then Adam blurts out that Luca and Noah were working together to bring down Victor.

Victor lets Adam know that he doesn’t believe it Noah would do so, but they are soon interrupted by Luca and Natalie who want to have a talk with Victor. Jack finds Neil in a hotel room passed out from alcohol poisoning. Victor and Luca discuss whether Natalie can be trusted to bring forth the goods. Phyllis visits Summer and they discuss Natalie and Summer’s mistrust of her. Max assures Abby that he is fine with her having a baby, but all the time he is planning to push her down the stairs to make her lose the baby and maybe her life. Neil comes to in the hospital and immediately wants to get up, but Lily holds him down. Jack sets forth the conditions of what Neil will do next. Victoria lets Billy know that Abby is pregnant. Adam overhears Victor calling someone about Noah.

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