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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill plays with Will; he tries to wake Katie to enjoy the fun but he finds her passed out on the couch with a drink nearby. Brooke confides in Bridget that she is still in love with Bill but she will never interfere in Katie’s marriage. Their time was the happiest in her life until she realized it was at Katie’s expense. Now he is back with Katie and that is the right decision. Katie awakens and wants to put Will to bed. Bill informs her that he has been asleep for an hour. She was out longer than she thought. He says they have had a lot of good talks about Brooke but he thinks they need to talk about this – her drinking. She scoffs; coming from him, that is rich. She does not have a drinking problem. The problem is Brooke but she does not want him to bring that up, does not want Brooke here in their bedroom. She just wants to get in bed and relax with her husband.

Rick shares with Maya that not only is he worried about his mother but Katie as well. She’s had major issues in the past and he doesn’t want her to go down that downward spiral again. In bed Katie comes on to Bill who turns her down twice by saying he has an early press conference in the morning. She thinks this is about Brooke again, how he might think she was too hard on her earlier when she feels she had the right. She says there is nothing wrong with her and he would know if there was. She tries again to reach out to him and he plainly says not tonight. She gets the hint and goes downstairs to read. Brooke tells Bridget that she has tried to reassure Katie but she is not buying it at the moment; she still has her insecurities. She’s still very suspicious and defensive. They both agree it may take longer but it will all work out. Brooke calls Katie but Bill picks up. Brooke says she did not like the way they left things and she is worried. Bill says he is too but he hopes things will look better in the morning. Katie stares at the bottle but calls her doctor. She says things are not exactly fine. She stopped taking her anti-depressant as she did not feel she needed them any more and she’d like to come in and talk to him about that. Katie thinks back over her rough spots with Brooke and slapping her. But she can not stay away from the bottle. She pours herself a drink.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

During Rafe’s investigation, Chad wondered if Andre was a suspect in Stefano’s murder.  Hope told Shawn about the break in and the fire.  Rafe wanted Chad to show him evidence that Hope killed Stefano.  Chad showed Rafe the statue with Stefano’s blood on it.  Rafe pumped Chad about the proof Andre had that Hope killed Stefano.  Belle wanted to take Claire on a trip.  Claire wondered how Belle could afford it.  Andre tried to convince Chase that Ciara liked him.  Belle told Claire that she managed her money well.  Claire thought Belle got the money from Philip, which led to an argument.  Kayla and Steve told Roman about Ava.  Joey was disgusted by Steve’s presence.  Kayla wanted Steve to tell her what was going on.  Rafe brought the evidence from the DiMera mansion to the police station.

Belle told Claire that Sami gave her the money.  Chad warned Andre that Rafe found Bo’s gun in Andre’s suitcase.  Andre thought Hope and Rafe set him up.  Chad asked Andre if he killed Stefano.  Roman wanted to know why Rafe suspected Andre of killing Stefano.  Rafe explained why he thought Andre4 did.  Roman wasn’t convinced.  Claire told Shawn that Belle had the money Sami stole from the DiMeras.  Steve told Kayla how Ava wanted him to have sex with her in order to find out where she was.  Steve also told Kayla that Joey walked in on him and Ava together and got upset.  Andre denied killing Stefano but Chad still thought he did it.  Roman wanted Rafe to give him more proof that Andre killed Stefano.  Chase told Ciara that he loved her.  She said she loved him like a brother.  They kissed.  Chad realized that Andre was telling the truth about Stefano being dead.  Rafe showed up at the inn to take him in for questioning.  Ciara stopped kissing Chase.  Chase forced himself on top of Ciara.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan is off his meds and frustrated with his failure to "perform" with Kiki when Darby comes by and seduces him. They go at it assuming they cannot be seen or found out. Kiki, however, catches them red-handed. She is furious with Morgan and declares she can't trust him. He protests he does not intend to "cheat" and only wants her. He just wishes she could understand his feelings of inadequacy from having to take the meds. Yet she no longer intends to accept any more excuses or justifications, concluding that Morgan is responsible for his actions and choices and she's done with him. She goes to talk to Maxie who is examining how complicated relationships are after unsuccessfully attempting to get Dante and Lulu back together. Dante has grave concerns about Raj and his illegal business. Sonny either cannot help his son with what he needs or intends to keep a secret for the sole purpose of getting Ava in legal trouble so he can re-gain custody of baby Avery. Lulu concludes that she cannot impose upon Maxie and Nathan so she and Rocco are moving out of their apartment and staying at The Haunted Star for the time being. Dante finds out about that and urges her to know that it's not safe for their child with all of the illegal trafficking that goes on there. Yet she reminds him he needs to realize what went wrong with them from the start was his failure to trust her judgment. He realizes he has to back off and accept her decision although he is worried about the danger. Lulu suspects nothing. Raj comes by dressed and appearing as a legitimate law-abiding businessman and asks Lulu if he can stay at her place and do his business for a while at the Haunted Star. Suspecting nothing, she agrees. While Anna "works on" Paul to make him think he can trust her and confide in her about his family, specifically the mystery involving his estranged daughter Susan, she gets a text from Mac, revealing their secret investigation of Paul's daughter. He sees the text and tells her he's onto her. She informs him she's onto him. She knows he's hiding and has faked the death of Carlos Rivera, he's had Sloane killed and passed off his dead body to have everyone falsely believing Carlos is dead instead when he is not.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Stitch and Abby are happy when they find out she is pregnant with their first child.  Ashley continues to hide her serious condition from Abby and Stitch who first thought Ashley was pregnant until she told them that Abby should have a blood test. Devon fires Neil after he is publicly drunk at a press conference and refuses to get help for his alcoholism.  Hilary saves the day when she tells reporters that Dr. Neville saved her life with his new treatment that she hopes will get FDA approval.

Dylan decides to stop investigating the reason Patty killed Dr. Anderson because it is causing Paul too much pain. He thinks that everyone should move on with their lives. Sage continues to have nightmares of Patty holding baby Sully, but in this latest nightmare, she screams for her baby Christian and desperately tries you rescue him from Patty.

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