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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie flips through the album of pictures of Brooke and Bill. Brooke tells her to please not let this demean the progress they have made. Katie flaunts the album in front of Bill and asks if he knew about it. Katie points out Storm who died and gave her his heart; she thinks he would be disgusted at this. Thomas tells Caroline that he can not believe he is the half brother of that little boy in there….and he will tell no one it is a boy….only the father should know that. The important thing she and the baby are healthy and that is the way it should be. He was just glad he was there for her. Caroline says Ridge wanted to come home but she convinced him to stay and finish his work before coming back to L.A. Bridget comes to town but without Logan for a quick visit. Eric and Rick fill her in that Brooke is no longer at SP; it was a complicated matter. They do tell her that Katie overheard Brooke say she was still in love with Bill and that seems to be the crux of the problem.

Brooke repeats again to Katie that they have not crossed the line and they never will. While still drinking the hard stuff, Katie says she is trying to give the benefit of the doubt to Brooke. Trusting her may take more than a minute. She will try…..try to wipe the slate clean. But here’s the problem…..Brooke is trouble. She points her finger at Brooke and says she will be watching her….if she so much as looks at Bill, or talks seductively or giggles, she will come down hard on her, so she better watch herself. Bill whisks her out the door. Thomas tells Caroline that tonight was incredible for him….almost seeing a new life coming into this world…..maybe some day. He is sure his dad would rather have seen any one else there tonight except Thomas. Katie goes straight home and to the bottle. Bill tells her that she does not need that….she says she does. She lost it in front of Brooke and she did not like that. Bill tells her they are solid now, all that other was in the past. She says she knows this is her issue. She is supposed to be the smart and good one but she has this tornado in her head and she is trying so hard to control it for her family. She cries on Bill’s shoulder. Bridget visits Brooke and they talk about her feelings for Bill. Brooke hopes she does not feel less for her and Bridget says no. She does feel badly for Brooke. Brooke assures her that she and Bill agreed that nothing will ever happen. Katie tells Bill that he is strong, steady and loyal so she does not doubt his integrity. He tells her they are going to get through this together. Brooke is not a threat; nothing is going to destroy their marriage. She makes him promise as she clings to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Rafe that she came up with a way to stop Andre.  Abby agreed to elope with Chad.  Andre tried to pump Chase about where he was going.  Andre tried to convince Chase into staying in Salem by using Ciara as a bargaining chip.  Rafe wasn’t sure that Hope’s plan to get Andre would work.  She wanted to know if he was willing to help her.  JJ and Abby got into an argument over Chad.  Rafe agreed to help Hope with her plan.

Ciara told Hope about her suspicions about Chase starting the fire in the house.  Hope ended up firing the guard that was supposed to watch Chase.  Rafe talked to Roman about Andre having something to do with Stefano’s disappearance.  Hope interrupted Rafe and Roman’s conversation to file a missing person’s report on Chase.  She told got her plan to get Andre off the ground.  Andre convinced Chase to go to the Salem Inn with him.  Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to search for Andre.  Chad told Rafe about Andre’s suspicions that he and Hope killed Stefano.  Roman tried to get Hope to come back to the force.  A cop found Bo’s gun in Andre’s suitcase.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis' daughters are getting ready for her wedding to Julian. Kristina has persuaded her dad to attend her mom's wedding although she knows all too well he despises Julian. Sonny asks Carly to be his date to the wedding and she also expresses that she finds Alexis and Julian hypocrites to judge Sonny and believe Julian has changed his ways and is "better" than Sonny when he murdered Duke. Kristina goes to see Morgan and can see something is "off" about him, he's clearly not taking his meds, he's talking a mile a minute and not making sense. He does not want to discuss that with her. While he's alone, Darby comes to see him. They start going at it ready to have sex right when Kiki comes by and sees them together. Anna is determined to find clues and get to the bottom of secrets the Paul may be keeping. She knows there is a mystery involving his daughter, Susan. She asks Dillon what he knows about his sister and Dillon tells her he's had no contact with Susan in many years. All he knows is last he heard Susan ran a restaurant in coastal Maine called Suki's. Anna asks where she got that name and Dillon knows their mutual dad, Paul, called Susan that when she was a kid. Meanwhile, Paul is adamant about not letting Dillon shut him out and not letting Tracy encourage their son to do so, knowing Dillon may need him, right when he notices Tracy becoming disoriented and looking like she may be losing her mental faculties. Sonny talks to his doctor who firmly tells him he refuses to treat him and keep secrets for him about Sonny's recovery especially if Sonny is not even being truthful with him. Sonny is ready to find another doctor but realizes there are no doctors besides Griffin whom he can trust. Monica informs both Jason and Elizabeth that she has concerns about Jake's injuries and refers him to Shriners Children's hospital. Knowing they will both be out of town with their son, Elizabeth relies on her grandma and a sitter to watch the other boys while she's away with Jake. Jason clearly does not want to be away from Sam nor she, him.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Neil tells everyone at the Valentine's Day party that he lost his balance. Jack confronts him and he claims he wasn't drinking. He goes on to tell Jack how happy he is to be working with the medical research group. Devon wants to stay and help Neil but Hilary persuades him to go upstairs with her. One thing leads to another and they make love. Chelsea comes home to an empty apartment. She calls Adam but gets his voicemail. Adam calls Noah from the office. Noah explains that he doesn't plan on going back to Genoa City, at least not for awhile. He says that he broke off the partnership with Luca and isn't going to bring Victor down, even though he wants to. Luca arrives to threaten blackmail again. Chelsea comes in and tells Luca to leave. She opens her coat, wearing nothing underneath but lingerie. They make love on the couch. Later, Chelsea wakes up and finds Adam gone. At the party, Phyllis warns Natalie that nothing bad better happen to Summer. She joins Jack and Jack asks her why she was talking to Natalie. She explains that Natalie is staying with Summer because Victor wants Summer to keep an eye on Natalie. She's worried Summer will get caught in Victor's web. Luca brings champagne to Summer's place. She gets drunk and tells Luca about Passkey. Natalie comes home and Luca leaves. Summer admits she told Luca too much and begs Natalie not to tell. Marisa asks Noah if he's sure he wants to leave his life and family behind. Noah tells her that she is his family now. He gives her a necklace and they make love. Hilary wakes up and Devon is getting dressed. He has concerns that this isn't real. She promises that it is. Luca meets Adam at the Top of the Tower. Adam tells Luca not to let Victor know that Noah was conspiring against him and in return, Adam will make happen whatever it is that Luca wants. Luca says he wants Passkey.

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