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The TV MegaSite's Monday 2/15/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline confesses that she did take one medication very early on, like at conception and she did not see the need to discuss that in front of Thomas….or that it would be detrimental now. Eve guides Adam back to bed and lies in his arms. She talks about this incredible night. After all these years of her knowing him he still surprises her. But she softly calls him Liam and Liam does hear it. She quickly says she said Adam. Steffy thinks about her lovemaking with Wyatt but also thinks about Liam. Wyatt tells her that being with her is the best feeling he has had in a long time. They have both made mistakes but maybe that was just the path to something better. Caroline’s baby gives a good kick and Thomas wants to feel it. He brags that is definitely a little Forrester.

Brooke calls Bill and Katie over and invites them into the kitchen. She wants to apologize for taking the job at SP in the first place. Her feelings got in the way and she knows Katie is upset with her now but she vows that she would never act on those feelings. She needs Katie to believe that. This is not about her feelings for Bill. She loves Katie and wants her to feel safe. They are Logan sisters and she wants that more that anything else in this world. She wants Katie in her world. Katie says she loves Brooke too, her whole family is gone except for her sisters but this will take time. Katie sounds so sincere that Brooke hugs her. Bill is happy to see the sisters bonding over old photo albums….until Katie sees the ones of Bill and Brooke together romantically. Quinn calls Wyatt and is happy to hear that he and Steffy are back at his house and Steffy is waiting for him in the bedroom. Eve returns to the bedroom and tells Adam that she knows it has been difficult for him to try to fill in the gaps, but for her getting to know him again only makes her appreciate him more.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eduardo told John he was going to look after his family.  Nicole told Brady that Theresa doesn’t want them together.  Theresa wanted to start their business in her apartment.  When Brady left, Theresa wanted to get things straight.  John told Philip about Deimos being responsible for Bo’s death.  Victor had a guy follow Deimos.  John put Philip on notice about Belle.  John wanted to know what was going on with Belle.  Philip wanted to keep seeing Belle.  John didn’t think it was a good idea.  Philip admitted that he’s falling in love with Belle.

Theresa wanted Nicole to be herself.  Brady told Finn about his dreams about the mystery woman.  Belle and Lani argued over Shawn.  John warned Philip not to have a relationship with Belle.  When Philip ran into Eduardo, Philip warned him about Deimos and Kate.  Maggie told Brady about Deimos and Philip.  Belle let Philip know that she wanted to take a break.  Deimos attacked Victor’s henchman.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Different people celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways. Maxie and Nathan have a plan to trick Dante and Lulu into meeting unexpectedly and lock them together inside a private hotel room. Both Dante and Lulu yell, get angry and threaten to have their two respective best friends arrested for their little "scheme." Yet, while inside the room, Dante and Lulu do talk about how things went wrong for them and how they both deeply regret distrusting and betraying the other. In the other room, Maxie and Nathan are happily together although they declare they are not ready to consider marriage, due to how they've seen marriage ruining many great relationships and so they want to preserve the good thing they have together right now. Elizabeth goes to stay at Wyndemere and is shocked to find out that Nikolas has married Hayden, whom she reminds him, has proven she cannot be trusted with what he knows about her. While Hayden is in the room and even when he talks privately to Elizabeth, he affirms that he knows what he is doing and he is in love with Hayden although they don't know each other that well. However, as soon as he is alone, Nikolas calls Sam to ask if she can help him with some PI investigations, clarifying he needs her expertise to investigate his wife. Sam is happily with Jason after he's taken her out of the hospital after the explosion. They enjoy being together. Jason gets a call from Jake's specialist to come to the hospital to discuss the prognosis of their son. Jordan is on a date with André at The Floating Rib although she is clearly distracted, discontented and "obsessed" about the presence of Curtis although Curtis has his own plans to have his own date with Valerie. Jordan informs Valerie that Curtis is trouble, Valerie will regret and pay for being around him, and she adds that Curtis has had a cocaine habit. Jordan also ends her date with André when she's clearly in a bad mood and angry with Curtis' very presence nearby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City celebrate Valentine's Day in a romantic way. Billy proposes to Victoria with an Italian-themed evening at the top of the Tower after Delia comes to him in a dream and tells him not to wait any longer and take advantage of his second chance at life.  Cane and Lily celebrate their anniversary by making love to each other.  The rest of the town celebrates at the Athletic club party.  Summer is disappointed when Kyle can't come home to be with her, because he has too much business to handle in New York.  Abby is happy that Stitch enrolled Max in school and promises to move back home.  Ashley passes out and is rushed to the hospital where she refuses to let Stitch run tests on her.  Abby wonders why Stitch is late for the party.  Victoria is frustrated with Natalie's lack of progress with the computer project but allows her to go to the party.  Hilary tells Devon she loves him and wants to be with him again. This causes a drunk Neil to trip and knock over some trays and fall to the floor.

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