Friday 2/12/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/12/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt listens to the message and tells Steffy that Liam has moved on and she needs to do that too. Eve tells Adam that he has no idea how grateful she is that he made that recording as it scared the bad caller away. Thomas tells Caroline that he does not know what to do but he thinks he needs to get her to the hospital. Adam tells Eve that he needs to run an errand, she can not go out and buy her own Valentine’s gift. Wyatt takes Steffy to his home. He says Liam is gone but she is not alone. She realizes that as she says Wyatt has always been there by her side and did not judge her. He kisses her. The doctor tells Caroline it is a little early but not that much so she did the right thing by coming in. They think Thomas is the father but she explains that Ridge is out of town on business. Thomas stays for the examination and Caroline is told it is a healthy baby boy. The doctor explains that she was in false labor. When she really has contractions she will know it and can get to hospital. False labor can be brought on if she had medication or alcohol early in her pregnancy. She remembers her taking the pills on the night of being with Thomas but swears she and her husband have not had medication or alcohol so no problem.

Adam tells Eve that he does not want to upset her but he still feels off. It is really frustrating not knowing who he is or how they got to where they are. He thinks because she is so good he knows she would be a good mother so he wonders why they do not have children. She is pleased at his confidence in her that she has a killer mother attitude. He says that is a lucky kid that can take all that love in her eyes. She coos that maybe they can start trying. They kiss. Then he stops and says he feels the wheels are trying to turn in his head but he still has this same awful feeling that there is someplace else he ought to be. She says she is all he will ever need and then kiss again. He takes off her blouse and lays her on the bed and they kiss more. Meanwhile Steffy and Wyatt have disrobed down to their undies and are still kissing passionately. Both Steffy and Wyatt and Adam and Eve lay in bed after making love. Steffy remembers all the good times recently with Wyatt on the beach. But at the same time she keeps thinking about Liam and their good times. She looks at the moon and has tears in her eyes. Adam also looks at the moon and wonders where he should be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole had a dream that Daniel came to see her.  He told her to move on with her life.  Theresa had a dream that she worked for Brady.  In the dream, Brady was marrying Nicole, but he wanted to be with Theresa.  When Theresa woke up, Brady assured her that he loved her.  Abby had a dream about her and Chad spending time together.  Chad ended up talking to his evil self.  Evil Chad took over Chadís life.  He wanted Abby to sign a prenup, but she didnít want to do it.  She managed to poison the wine evil Chad had.  She questioned him about the real Chad.

Steve had a dream about that he went after Ava.  She wanted him to kill someone for love.  Kayla ended up confronting Ava about sleeping with Steve.  While Kaylaís back was turned, Steve pulled out a gun on her.  When Steve took too long to pull the trigger, Ava took the gun from him.  Kayla ended up having her own gun.  Ava pulled the trigger, but she didnít have any bullets.  Kayla shot Ava.  Ciara had a dream about Theo and Chase.  Rafe had a fantasy about Andre holding Hope hostage.  Andre shot Hope in the fantasy.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is getting ready for Valentines Day. However, while with Nathan at The Floating Rib, Maxie is concerned that both Dante and Lulu will spend the holiday apart and alone. She goes to find Lulu working alone at The Haunted Star and urges her to enjoy the day with a relaxing spa treatment as a gift from herself and Nathan. Nathan sees Dante at The Floating Rib and informs him that "one of them" has to interrupt their holiday and contend with a B & E at the Metro Court. Dante realizes he can't let Nathan ruin his plans with Maxie so he goes there. Little do Dante or Lulu know what is really planned for them by their friends when they both arrive and find each other in a private romantic room at the hotel. Jordan meets with Maddox for a date yet she is preoccupied and very concerned about seeing Curtis there. She does not want him anywhere near TJ and does not approve of Curtis having a date with Valerie. She warns her cadet that Curtis is nothing but trouble. He could ruin her career and her life, Jordan tells her. Yet Valerie does not understand her boss's very adamant beliefs about Curtis, whom she has no suspicion about. Elizabeth is alone at the hospital while Jason and Sam have gone off together. Laura encourages her to stay at Wyndemere. Nikolas and Laura find out that Scott Baldwin has arranged for a meeting where all of them will hear the reading of Helena Cassadine's Will. Hayden overhears and clearly wants "in on that". Laura informs Lulu that they all need to be there and reveals she might know something about the secret involved in that. Kristina realizes, although she does not admit, that she has gay feelings and discusses with Lucas and Brad how she has a "friend" who may be coming out, asking if they can share or help her with what is going on with her "friend".

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Phyllis visits Natalie at Summer's place. Summer comes home and confesses to Phyllis that Victor instructed her to spy on Natalie. Phyllis warns Natalie that if Summer is hurt in any way, she will wish she was back in Switzerland making cuckoo clocks. Summer tries to get close to Natalie but Natalie wants nothing to do with it. Victoria stresses over why Billy wouldn't accept her proposal. Billy assures her that he wants to marry her but he wants to deserve her first. Billy gets a text from Phyllis summoning him to Crimson Lights. Nikki visits Victoria and gives her advice about loving a complicated man. Phyllis tells Billy that Victor hired Summer to spy on Natalie. Billy tells Natalie to make Summer think she is a con artist. Phyllis confronts Victor about putting Summer in danger in front of Nikki but Nikki defends her husband. In another country, Noah and Marisa enjoy being away from Genoa City. Marisa doesn't ever want to go back but Noah says his future is in Genoa City. Adam tells Luca that Noah has left the country so the Santoris no longer have leverage over the Newmans. Luca calls Noah and finds out that Noah really did leave the country and took Marisa with him. Luca finds Adam and tells him that Noah had planned on taking Victor down.

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