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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas basically apologizes to Caroline for being such a menace and trying to hook up with women just because he could. He admits he is super grateful that Caroline has moved on and he does not want to re-hash that night, but he wants to be honest. He had a role in that night and he wants to acknowledge it. He wasn’t himself that night, he had no idea she took pills that night. It is no excuse but it is an explanation. He would have never taken advantage of her if he had known. He was wrong. He can not take it all back and he looks back now and he knows that it was all wrong and he is sorry, so sorry. He hopes that she can respect him again. He wants to be a better friend to her and a better son to his father. He has to admit it now that he never has felt about anyone the way he felt about her. Wyatt and Steffy catch Quinn just as she finished leaving the message she left on Steffy’s phone that was supposed to have come from Liam. She claims she skipped breakfast and she was just looking in her purse for something to snack on. Steffy admits to Quinn that Quinn is right, Liam is holding her hostage and she can not move forward until she talks to him.

Quinn suddenly remembers that she heard Steffy’s phone ring while she was gone. Steffy is excited when she sees she has a message from Liam. Then when she listens to it, not so much. Quinn adds more pain when she says no real man would dump her like this. Certainly she has a better man now in Wyatt. Adam tells Eve that he missed her. He got used to her being around. He wonders if he can kiss her if that is something they normally did. She says sure. She tells him his brain is still in the healing mode and he should not push it. Steffy tells Wyatt that she can not believe this, the message is quite clear. She is not to contact Liam again. Wyatt says that is disrespectful to her but it sounds like he meant what he said. Their relationship is over. Thomas tells Caroline not to panic. He is not coming on to her. He was a brat and irresponsible and he would like to make up for that and look forward to the future with his own wife and family. He says he always wanted kids but he just never found that right person. She is surprised to hear him say that. Suddenly she bends over and thinks she is going into labor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre watched the fire in Hopeís house.  Hope, Ciara, and Chase noticed the fire.  Hope put out the fire.  Marlena and John talked about what his mother did to him.  They also talked about his father being a hero.  Steve questioned Kayla about where Ava kept her.  Kayla wanted to know if he found the baby.  He told her how the baby died.  She felt that he was keeping something from her.  She wanted to know if Ava was with him when he got to the news.  Hope wondered how the fire started.  Steve said Ava went with him to find the baby.  Kayla was upset and wanted to have her arrested if she came back to Salem.  Steve talked her out of it.  Hope called Jennifer to see if she and the kids could stay with her.

Marlena and John continued to talk about his parents.  Steve told Kayla how he almost killed Ava.  Kayla said she would never let Steve go again.  He said he hated Ava for what she tried to do to them.  He was grateful to have Kayla back.  He wished that they sent Ava away when she first came to town.  He told Kayla that Ava lied about dying.  Hope told Jennifer that she wanted to find out what caused the fire in her house.  Hope called Rafe and told him to meet her at her house.  Steve told Kayla that he felt a loss about the baby being dead.  Ava sent Steve a text saying she had to grieve and that he would never see her again.  He didnít believe the text.  Hope met Rafe at her house.  She wanted to call Shawn to check out the house, but Rafe said that would be a mistake.  Hope wanted to do something to stop Andre.  When Joey saw Steve, he didnít want Steve to touch him.  Kayla walked in and told Joey that Steve told her the truth about Ava.  Steve told Joey that he went with Ava instead of what Joey saw.  Ciara and Chase got in an argument because she thought he started the fire.  Rafe told Hope that they werenít going to kill Andre, but she was determined to stop Andre.  While Hope and Rafe searched the house, she found the bug Andre planted.  Ava booked a flight to Salem.  Hope and Rafe went to the DiMera mansion to look for Andre, but he was gone.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tracy is determined to defeat Nikolas and take back ELQ and she reveals she knows not only that Hayden is really Rachel but she knows Hayden's father. Nikolas is secretly trying to dig up information on his new wife while she's gone and researches the guy named Baxter Corbin who revealed he knew "Rachel". Yet he does not find out much and suddenly sees an email notification that Elizabeth's house has been burned in a fire and Jake has been injured. He immediately rushes to the hospital to be there for Elizabeth realizing that he and Elizabeth have "gone estranged" yet she is his best friend as he knows they are still both alone in their respective lives. While Jake recovers, Elizabeth and Jason both attempt to talk to him about how it's "not ok" to lie and promise that both of his parents will be there for him although they are not getting married. He inquires about Sam, expressing that he's "sorry" she got injured, realizes she could have been killed and he would have been responsible for that by running away and not getting help. Yet they assure him Sam is alive and well and she comes in and talks to him while she is also recovering in the hospital. Jake does not admit to it but can clearly see that his dad "likes" Sam a lot more than he likes Jake's mom and he's not ok with that. Sonny reveals to his new doctor, Griffin Munro, that he needs to keep some secrets about his recovery for personal reasons, which Griffin accepts but asks Sonny not to lie to him so they can trust one another. Alexis admits to Kristina she knows her daughter is lying about something and finds out that she has temporarily moved out of he dorms at the "request" of her female professor. Yet Molly overhears and is able to put two and two together to conclude that Kristina has had a "same sex" encounter with her professor although she does not reveal that to either of Kristina's parents.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor puts Summer in charge of watching Natalie who moves into her place putting a wrench in Billy and Phyllis's plan to steal the internet security project away from Victor. Phyllis tries to persuade Jack not to fire Billy from Jabot, but Jack worries that Billy is fixated on getting the best of Victor, because he stole the internet security program from him. Billy and Victoria have a romantic evening at home. After they make love, Victoria asks Billy to marry her again.

Dylan questions Patty, but she gets upset and says she doesn't remember what happened, but insists she didn't kill anyone. Dylan can't shake the feeling there is a missing piece to the story. He also thinks Patty acted in self defense. Paul is resigned to the fact that Patty killed Dr. Anderson and they won't ever know why, so he closes the case. Michael assures Paul that he will do his best to get Patty put into another mental institution, but it is very possible this time she will go to a maximum security prison. Nick blames Victor for Dr. Anderson's death, but Victor refuses to take any blame for the situation. Victoria tells Billy what happened with Dr. Anderson and what happened years ago with Sandy in the Newman pool. Sage has a dream that she hears baby Sully crying, and she sees Patty rocking the baby to sleep.

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