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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Adam asks Eve if he is keeping her from her work. She says no, they are married and he comes first. She sees the message from Steffy that she is moving on with Wyatt and needs to hear from him. She needs to see him face to face. Thomas confides in Caroline that Steffy is not over Liam yet so he does not believe she will choose Wyatt until she hears something final from Liam. Steffy tells Wyatt that in her whole life Liam has never given her the silent treatment. He asks if she heard the truth would that make her feel better. She says yes. She asks him to please understand this. Eve tells Adam that she will make him breakfast. She has gone to the store and has all his favorites. He doesn’t even know what his favorite is. She says steak and eggs, even bacon if he wishes. He also wants her to answer back to her e-mail messages. She says that she has been getting some threatening ones and does not want him involved. He insists so finally she says perhaps he can get on the phone and this person will leave them alone.

Wyatt tells Steffy to forget Liam. He is here in front of her and will do anything for her, but she repeats again she can not go further until she hears from Liam. He asks just how long is she prepared to wait. Adam wants to help so Eve orchestrates what he should say on the phone message to have ready when this person calls next and he might be resting and sleeping. He says that he is only going to say this once, don’t ever call here again; get a life. Thomas tells Caroline that he has moved on and he is really happy that she and his dad are having a baby. He realizes he needs to make apologies to a lot of people, especially her. He’s just glad there are no lasting consequences. Quinn tells Wyatt and Steffy that it makes her so happy to see them together. With Liam gone it must make her so grateful that Wyatt is here. Quinn admits she has a new place and she has been working from home getting it spruced up. She comments how odd it is that Liam just took off and has not been in touch. Steffy says she will text him until he calls her back no matter how long that takes. While in the office and Wyatt and Steffy gone, Quinn manages to transfer the bogus message from Liam on Steffy's phone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos went to see Victor while Philip was at the Kiriakis mansion.  Hope had a nightmare about Andre attacking Ciara.  Hope ended up shooting him in the nightmare.  Chase and Andre had a conversation.  Belle and Shawn got into an argument over her spending too much money.  Andre pumped Chase about Hope.  Deimos told Victor that Philip was working with him.  Deimos explained to Victor how Philip got involved with him.  Victor was furious with Philip. 

Andre tried to manipulate Chase into opening up to him.  Andre didnít want Chase to tell Hope that they spoke.  Victor was furious that Philip worked with Deimos.  Victor fired Philip.  Victor was also done with Philip.  Hope was upset when Chase came home.  Belle ran into Philip in the park.  He told her what happened with his father.  Chase wanted Hope to back off of him.  Victor called someone to take care of a problem permanently.  Chaseís book bag caught on fire.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At Crimson, everyone is very encouraged about having Olivia's pictures and story featured in the next issues except for Julian. He admits to Alexis that as Leo's dad, he has reservations about his son's mom "exposing herself" in public. Yet, he accepts the fact that she is doing that and affirms his commitment to marry Alexis and make it official. Dillon tells Maxie he thinks she should be the next "featured woman" on the cover of their next issue while he takes many photos of her. Nina tells Nathan she thinks it's a great idea for him and Maxie to be together and encourages her brother to take his relationship to the next level, just as she has done with Franco. Nathan tells his sister he knows she loves Franco and he wants to keep an open mind. Sonny and Carly meet his new doctor, Griffin Monroe. Everything is positive however, as soon as Griffin is alone with Sonny, he gets straight to the point, revealing he knows what Sonny is secretly doing and asks him why he's lying to Carly. Nikolas and Hayden return from their honeymoon to a "doubtful" Laura who warns her son that he knows very little about his new wife. He assures his mom she need not worry although he secretly reveals he does not trust Hayden. She wastes no time informing her new husband and mother-in-law that she has to "get to work" while she meets privately with Tracy. Tracy expresses that she does not trust Hayden to do what is needed so that Tracy can take back ELQ from Nikolas, while she warns Hayden she can make her life miserable as she reminds her she knows her real name is Rachel. Yet Hayden might have her own plans for Tracy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack, Phyllis, Billy, and Victoria meet at the Coffeehouse. Billy wants to talk business, but Jack stops him and tells him to wait a couple of weeks, because he needs to just spend time with Victoria. In the Jabot lab, Ashley is on the computer, but she is less than attentive to what Simon is saying to her. He asks her what's wrong. Simon lets her know that there are side effects of his treatment. Abby joins them all ready for work. Outside the Jabot lab, Hilary tells Devon about Neil being AWOL from work when Neil appears behind them. Neil tells Hilary to mind her own business and keep her mind on her job. Devon tries to tell Neil that no one is questioning him or his ability to do his job. Neil asks them to trust him. Abby, Ashley, and Simon are in the lab when Neil comes in and is more than a little surprised when he finds out that Abby is now working for Jabot. Devon and Hilary also join them. Abby notices something wrong with Ashley and inquires about it. Hilary also notices that something is wrong. Abby asks them what is going on. At the Coffeehouse, Stitch and Max talk but it is only one sided, because Max feels that he is only a burden to Stitch and Abby. Max feels that this situation is his fault. Stitch mentions that he has someone to take care of him, but Max resents having a babysitter. Victor finds Summer is his office. She is thrilled with the new computer and asks if she can have one for her office. Summer goes on to tell him about her conversation with Luca. Victor orders her to stay away from him. Natalie interrupts them. She recognizes Summer from the fashion show. When Victor asks Summer if she has somewhere to be, she abruptly leaves. Victor asks Natalie where the software is. Neil reminds Devon and Hilary of Ashley’s dedication to her job which results in Hilary reminding Neil of how he held her hostage in the lake cabin. Neil becomes angry with her for not being appreciative for all he has done for her. After Neil leaves, Devon apologizes for his actions.

Abby demands answers from Ashley as to her health. Dr. Simon speaks up and tells her that he examined Ashley and it is only the flu. Abby still wants Ashley examined by Stitch. Stitch calls Abby to meet him at the Athletic Club. Abby tells Simon to take care of Ashley. Victor demands a solution to this problem. Victoria joins them. Natalie attempts to show them the new software but she doesn't have a password and it tells her that access is denied. Victor becomes angry and unplugs the computer. Victor demands answers and gives her only a week to come up with a solution. After she leaves, Victoria tells Victor that she feels that Natalie is working with someone else. Victor thinks that it is Billy, but Victoria defends him and his actions. Phyllis begins to notice that Billy is having second thoughts about doing this. Phyllis gets a call from Natalie to meet her in her room. Natalie tells Phyllis and Billy about her meeting with an angry Victor who only gave her a week to come up with a solution. Abby walks into the hotel room all lit up with candles. Stitch tells her that he wants to spend time with his wife.

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