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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Deacon barks at Quinn and demands to know why Liam is here. She better start talking or he will. She explains how he fell, has memory loss, she played nurse and he does not know who he is or who she is. He laughs at that. Thomas is glad that Steffy finally showed up at the office. She said she was enjoying herself on the beach with Wyatt. He’s surprised when she says Wyatt even proposed today. She’s really lucky to have him in her life. Caroline asks Wyatt where is MIA Quinn. He says since the divorce he has not been able to keep up with her. He does tell her that he proposed to Steffy. He is not pressuring her for quick answer. And he will not break up with her over a text message. Caroline says she thinks they could be a great couple but she can’t help but wonder if Steffy is really over Liam. Quinn desperately wants Deacon to be quiet and stay away from Liam, so she says she will sign the annulment papers. He tells her that just as soon as Liam wakes up and realizes who they both are that she will end up in a padded cell and he will not be part of it. He asks if they have consummated their “marriage”. She says of course not, she is not that crazy. He can’t believe she is still playing cupid for her son. This is going to blow up any day, any hour; she is delusional. He tells her good luck and he was never here.

Steffy tells Thomas that she has thick skin but after a while everybody has to move on. Wyatt does not want her to change; just be herself. She says as tempted as she is she can not even consider moving on until she sees Liam face to face and hears that it is over. Quinn calls Wyatt again wanting an update on his relationship with Steffy. He warns her to calm down; he has proposed to Steffy. She is giddy and tells him that he needs to blow her off her feet as soon as possible. He marches into Steffy’s office and wants to play hooky with her again, but the dreaded cell phone calls with a meeting that has been moved up. Adam wakes up and tells Eve that the pull is still there, that someone needs him. He drifts back off to sleep as she leaves to make dinner. She gets his phone and listens to Steffy’s last message. Steffy tells Liam that she is moving on although she does not understand why she has not heard from him. She wants him to know that she is getting closer to Wyatt.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was upset that she didnít make it into Julliard.  Belle tried to comfort her.  Philip wondered if Kate was working with Deimos.  Brady thought Theresa was jealous of the time he spends with Nicole.  Belle tried to comfort Claire, but Claire wanted to go to bed.  Brady told Theresa that she had no reason to worry about Nicole.  Philip continued to warn Kate about Deimos until he left t meet him.  Philip met with Deimos and things didnít go well.  Deimos wanted to know if Philip had what he was looking for.  Philip gave him the documents.  Caroline wanted to move out of the Kiriakis mansion.

Victor wanted Maggie to talk Caroline into staying.  Deimos wasnít happy with the information Philip gave him.  Shawn made Claire feel better about not getting into Julliard.  Maggie wondered why Victor was so worried.  Victor said Deimos is a threat.  Philip wanted to know what Deimos wanted from him.  Deimos threatened to tell Victor what Philip was willing to do to him.  When Philip left, Deimos met with Kate and noticed that she was acting different towards him.  He wondered if Philip talked to her.  Philip went to talk to Victor, but Victor wanted to know what was going on.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Elizabeth mindfully observes Jason not wanting to leave Sam's side as she recovers in a hospital bed....... being trapped in the basement and his saving her life by getting her out of Elizabeth's basement before the house caught on fire. She goes outside. Monica is able to see that her former daughter-in-law is now homeless and offers to let Elizabeth stay at the Quartermaine house. Elizabeth thanks her former mother-in-law but informs her she will stay temporarily at her grandmother's house. Monica, however, knows Elizabeth may need a "permanent" place to live. Elizabeth returns home to see her house closed off and all of her things gone as well as a broken photo of herself and Jason (when he was Jake) not long ago. When Julian finds out what almost happened to Sam, he tells Alexis he does not want Jason around their daughter. Yet she goes and praises Jason when she finds out he saved her daughter's life. Paul appears depressed and vulnerable. Tracy has thrown him out of her house and wants nothing more to do with him. He's living alone in a motel. Dillon is done with his dad and wants no further relationship with him. Ava won't even sleep with him anymore and is finally putting her foot down with Paul. Just then Anna comes to "visit" Paul. he's obviously in a "vulnerable" mood, alone in his office and Robert is correct that Paul "likes" Anna and wishes she liked him. He invites her into his office and confides in her that he knows he's a lousy father, and she can tell that Paul must have a secret regarding his daughter, Susan. Nathan has moved out of Kelly's and wants to stay with Maxie. She wants the two of them to get their own place together but she realizes she does not want to abandon Lulu who is also staying in Maxie's apartment. The place is obviously too small for the 3 of them and Rocco and Lulu is alone without a man while Maxie and Nathan are moving forward in their relationship.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan arrives home but Sharon is not there. At Fairview, Nick and Sharon have arrived to talk to Dr. Anderson but to their horror find her dead in her office. Sharon wants to call the police but Nick stops her. Sage tries to get answers out of Patty but all she wants to do is sing. At the Coffeehouse, Noah tries to strike up a deal with Luca to take down Victor, but Luca insists they're not friends. In Victor’s office, Adam thanks Chelsea for not telling Billy about Noah hitting him and then running off. Victor comes into the office and interrupts them. Victor asks for some time alone with Adam, but Chelsea says she knows about the blackmail. She then excuses herself and leaves. Adam tells Victor that Noah was about to turn himself in, but they stopped him. Adam also tells Victor about his plan to get Noah out of town for his own good. Victor asks him what good that would do. At the bar in the Newman Towers, Chelsea sits down beside Marisa and tells her that she knows about Noah hitting Billy. Noah joins them and tells them that Adam arranged for him a one-way ticket out of town.

Dylan, Sage, Sharon, and Nick discuss Dr. Andersonís death. Paul joins them and begins to ask questions about Patty's involvement. Patty remembers part of her conversation with Dr. Anderson in her office. Patty rocks back and forth holding her cat. Paul regrets leaving Patty there to deal with Dr. Anderson. Paul visits Patty in her room and asks her questions, but she won't tell him anything. The coroner takes Dr. Anderson’s body away. Nick tells Sharon about his involvement with Sandy Allen. Victor warns Luca not to threaten his grandson. When Adam starts to interrupt, Victor tells him that he will handle this. Victor tells Luca that no one threatens him. Chelsea urges Noah to leave and never come back. Marisa offers to go with him. Victor warns Luca to end this “now.” Luca warns him that if anything happens to him, he has left papers in his lawyer's hands to be turned over to the police about Victor covering up for Noah, the hit-and-run, and Victor’s involvement with Marco. Patty remembers how she killed Dr. Anderson with a letter opener after she confessed that Sharon’s baby is really Sage and Nick’s. Marisa tells Noah that she loves him and will go wherever he goes.

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