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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy sits on the beach and wonders where Liam is. Adam (Liam) tells Eve (Quinn) that he can speak in sentences and mostly stand on his own so she does not have to be afraid for him, even if she thinks he has changed. He does not know how he acted before and he may not remember that but somehow he knows they met and fell in love and he wants to remember that as he owes her so much. He kisses her and asks her not to be afraid. He asks if they had a fight before whatever happened. He feels a little strange when he is close to her. He feels like he might have done something wrong or someplace else he needs to be. Steffy comes back into Wyatt’s house and he says it can be hers if she wants it to be. She says that is what she likes about him, he jumps in with no hesitation. She laments this is not a rejection but she is not over all of this with Liam. She needs to stand there with him face to face and hear it from his lips. Bill is upset when Allison calls him at home and explains that Deacon was in touch, seems he has dumped Quinn or vice versa. Katie is drinking again and says that happened awfully fast. Bill explains why he is not closer to Wyatt because he does not want his psycho mom up in his business again.

Adam looks around and asks Eve if they are divorced. He is looking and sees no pictures of him or his phone, nothing of his. Eve covers by saying this is not their main house and all his belongings are still elsewhere. She says others have told her she is too controlling and she does not want to be that way anymore. He asks her to tell him more about herself. Katie tells Bill that she can see now how crazy it was to invite Brooke into their lives at the office. She saw it in others eyes; she saw it in Bill’s eyes. He explains that he only wanted her to be happy. Wyatt opines to Steffy that he learned about himself at about fifteen and he could not wait to get away from his mother. He does not know that much about her past. Eve tells Adam that her mother used to call her a little witch, she said it all the time and wondered why Quinn was even born. She seemed to always cramp her style. Steffy asks Wyatt if perhaps Liam is dead….or at least sick. It does not make sense that he won’t come home. He has no reason to stay away as she did not run off with anyone. Adam says he is sorry that he reminded Eve of her past, but he thanks her for telling him. He thinks they can have a good life. She gives him a light kiss and leaves him alone. Someone knocks at the door and she goes and is grossed to see Deacon standing there. She shoves some money at him and tells him to go away. This well is now dry. He barrels on in and then brushes past her as he suspects someone is in the bedroom. He about drops his teeth when he sees it is Liam.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to see Andre and told him to stay away from Hope. Chad wanted to elope with Abby. Abby was upset about eloping. Steve couldn’t get in touch with Joey. He thought Ava told Joey the wrong place to find Kayla. Ava threatened to tell Kayla what they did. Rafe warned Andre again about staying away from Hope. Kayla was at the hospital and didn’t tell Finn what Ava did to her. Joey wanted to know why Kayla lied to Finn. She was worried that Finn would have told the police. She asked Joey how he found her. He told her how he found her. Andre reminded Rafe that he covered up a murder before. He also told Rafe how he helped Hope cover up a murder. Steve got in touch with Joey and asked about Kayla. Joey told Steve not to come home. Kayla heard them talking and took the phone from Joey. Steve got the chance to talk to Kayla. He told her that he was out of the country to find Ava’s son. Kayla wanted to press charges against Ava. Andre continued to taunt Rafe about Hope.

Steve wouldn’t tell Kayla that he was with Ava. He just said he’d be back soon. Ava let Steve know that the person she called would meet them. Kayla called Roman to press charges against Ava. Andre taunted Rafe about Hope killing Stefano. Rafe didn’t take the bait and left the mansion. Hope noticed that Bo’s gun was missing. Andre watched Hope looking for the gun. Kayla wanted to know why Joey was upset with Steve. Joey wouldn’t tell her. Kayla wanted the truth. Steve told Ava that he hated her. Ave wondered how Kayla would react to him sleeping with her. Someone knocked on the door. Hope told Rafe that the gun was gone. He told her that Andre has Stefano’s ring. They talked about Andre knowing what she did to Stefano. Andre couldn’t hear them talking. Andre noticed Chase coming down the stairs. Chad told Abby that Andre blamed Hope for killing his father. Steve gave a guy money and information about Ava’s baby. The guy told Steve and Ava that a couple of the babies died of pneumonia. Rafe thought they could get Andre, but Hope was still worried. Andre saw Chase in the park. The guy had pictures of babies. Ava recognized a picture of her baby. Steve wanted to leave because there was nothing tying them together. He told her that he didn’t want to see her in Salem again.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sam is stuck in the basement of Elizabeth's house, unconscious and unable to get out when it looks like the house is catching on fire. Jason finally finds her and carries her out in the nick of time before the house is engulfed. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is at the hospital talking to Franco about her concerns of her son's "mental health" and what appears to be a death-wish he may have for Sam. They have no clue exactly what has happened until Jason brings Sam in and demands the doctors do something for Sam's injury. right then, she is fully awake and admits to Jason she dreamt of him coming and saving. He is emotional that she almost died. Elizabeth can see that they may very well get back together after what has happened. Anna returns after her trip to Halifax and hers' and Robert's unsuccessful attempt to find and bring Carlos to justice. She realizes she has a "mission" to execute in town involving Paul Hornsby although she does not let on to anyone what it would involve. Paul is alone in his office after Dillon has told his dad he's done with him and Paul has expressed that he does not want to lose his son. Anna comes by to see him, possibly implementing the plan Robert had for her with Paul.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam tells Chelsea that Noah hit Billy, and Luca is blackmailing him with the information so that the Santori family can stay at Newman Enterprises. In order to protect Noah and Chelsea, Adam reluctantly agrees not to tell anyone. Chelsea talks to Billy who is very happy with Victoria, and she doesn't want to be the person to ruin his happiness. Adam tells Noah to get out of the country until it is safe for him to return home again. Noah agrees but later tells Luca that he has decided to stay in Genoa City.

Sharon tells Dr. Anderson that Nick has feelings for her. Sharon is shocked that the doctor keeps her cool and says that it is just a case of transference. When Dr. Anderson asks her how Nick was in high school, Sharon says he was always a good guy who always did the right thing but Dr. Anderson sheds a few tears and says that Nick didn't always do the right thing in high school. Dr. Anderson tells Sharon that men always hurt you and then they leave, which Sharon thinks is a strange reaction. Then Dr. Anderson composes herself and thanks Sharon for the information about Nick. Nick and Sage talk to Patty who says Dr. Anderson can't be trusted. Sage thinks Patty is the key to finding out the truth about Dr. Anderson. Patty tells Sage the doctor kept Sharon doped up and didn't allow her any visitors. Dr. Anderson catches Patty talking to Sage and orders her to her room or else she knows what will happen to her. Nick shows Sharon the book on paralysis that Sage found in the doctor's office. Sharon tells Nick about the strange fixation that Dr. Anderson has with him and Victor. Nick and Sharon figure out that Dr. Anderson is Sandra Alan, who had an accident in the Newman pool and was paralyzed. Nick and Sharon rush to Fairview to confront Sandra, but they find her dead in her office with a bloody knife beside her.

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