Friday 2/5/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 2/5/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is stunned that Eve is his wife and he is Adam. She jokes about the combination of names and how people always teased them. Wyatt and Steffy spread the blanket on the beach and proceed to have their picnic, munching on grapes and such. Bill tells Katie that so what, Brooke is still in love with him. It is to be expected. He is a Spencer and the point is they can get past this if she will try. She says she knows he is the greatest man in this town, possibly the whole world but this is different. She says she does not want to discuss this more, they can find another subject – like Liam. Text him and find out where he is and that he can come back to SP. Liam (Adam) tells Quinn (Eve) that he knows she is important to him even though he can not connect the dots right now. She says it is okay and they hug. He seems pleased. Bill gets a message from Liam (from Quinn) who says he is traveling, all is all right, he just needs to clear his head.

Suddenly Adam bolts up and asks Eve if they have kids. He forgot her, maybe he forgot those too. She says no, they discussed it but they never had any. He tells her that he is so grateful to her standing by him. She says she will not allow the fact that he has no memory of them affect her. They can make new memories. She says she has some work to do so he should just stay here and rest. Suddenly he hears an ad on the radio for Cha Cha Cha Chimichanga Tuesday. He asks Eve if they eat a lot of Mexican food. She says they can order some. She tells him that some people think kindness is a weakness but he is the kind of guy, a very special person, who would jump off a bridge for someone he loved. Katie tells Bill that everybody has their breaking point and she guesses Liam has to do this. Steffy tells Wyatt that she feels he has lifted her up and given so much more than Liam did and what she deserves. He raves that he wants to make this last forever. He is serious; he’d like to spend the rest of his life with her. He says he can see a future with the two of them together but he does not expect an answer from her right now. He will let her process it and he will not bother her but he knows in time he will ask her again. Adam says that Eve says he is good and kind but he knows it is only because of her. He does not know how they got here and none of his past matters. She has taken care of him and nursed him and that is all he needs to know. He attempts to kiss her and she moves back but then he says he is her husband and does it again, and little by little she lets him. Soon they are going at it full force. Alone on the beach Steffy has happy memories of her Liam and wonders where he is.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos told Kate about his past with Victor.  Kate didnít want Deimos to help with her business.  Andre tried to convince Chad that Hope killed Stefano.  Abby noticed something was wrong with Jennifer.  Chad told Andre that he bought the mansion.  Chad also told Andre that he wanted him out of the mansion.  Andre warned him about turning his back on his family.  Theresa noticed something wasnít right with Jennifer too.  Theresa told Abby that Jennifer could be hooked on her pills.

Chad went to see Hope to talk about Stefano.  Chad told Hope about Andreís accusations about her killing Stefano.  When Chad left, she called Rafe to come over.  Chad went to see Abby.  Hope told Rafe how Andre found Stefanoís body, but Rafe wasnít worried.  Andre called Hope and played music for her.  Chad told Abby about Andre claiming he found Stefano.  Rafe went to see Andre and warned him to stay away from Hope.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan and Kiki are alone and ready to get intimate when he realizes that he cannot perform due to his meds and he is not ok with that. She assures him she wants to be with him and it's not just for sex. Yet he is not ok with that and realizes for many reason, the meds are not working for him. He leaves and when he's alone, he throws them in the trash. Elizabeth and Jason are at the hospital worried about Jake while Sam is still trapped in the basement without anyone knowing. She turns on a space heater but she's in and out of consciousness and it appears the smoke alarm is activating and the basement might be catching on fire. Jake suddenly discovers that Sam has not picked up Danny from a birthday party nor been seen or heard from and he immediately knows something is not right so he goes to attempt to find her. Sonny and Carly offer their support not only to Jason but to Elizabeth. Sonny runs into a strange guy in the chapel. It turns out this guy is an old friend of Lucas' from med school and he's now applying for the neurosurgeon position that Patrick Drake used to have. Nina makes it clear to Franco she is very adamant about adopting or doing whatever they need to do in order to have a child although Franco is adamantly against it.

Y&R Recap Written by Darlene

Noah tells Marisa that he is going to confess to Paul that he was the driver that hit Billy. Marisa tries to stop him but is unsuccessful. She calls Adam to let him know, interrupting a heated conversation between Adam and Luca. Adam goes to the police station to stop Noah. Luca follows. At the station, Adam tries to convince Noah that confessing would hurt Sharon. Noah is unable to talk to Paul, who is in with Patty, who was found living homeless. Patty tells Paul that Dr. Anderson is evil and can't be trusted. The police force Patty to go back to Fairview anyway. Noah goes to Crimson Lights followed by Adam and Luca. Adam advises Noah that if he wants to be part of Newman Enterprises and part of the Newman family, he has to accept Victor the way he is. In Victor's office, Marisa waits for word from Adam about Noah. Chelsea arrives and demands Marisa tell her what's going on. Marisa refuses and storms out. She goes to Crimson Lights and finds Luca and Noah there. Noah tells Luca he wants to take Victor down along with Luca.

Adam goes home and finds Chelsea packing. She's tired of the lies and secrets. She's taking Connor and moving out. Adam asks what he can do, and she says she wants the truth. He agrees to tell her. Nick talks to Sharon about Dr. Anderson, trying to get more information. Sharon suspects there's something going on and Nick tells her about his and Sage's plan. Later, he tells Sage that he confided in Sharon, and Sage isn't happy about it. Patty arrives and glares at Dr. Anderson, calling her a liar. An officer puts Patty in a room, and Paul tells Dr. Anderson that she should take better care of Patty than she did before. Dr. Anderson assures him that her patient's welfare is her first priority. Nick overhears and warns Sage about Patty, calling her dangerous. Patty stands at the door saying she isn't dangerous, she is the keeper of all secrets.

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