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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam studies himself in the mirror but then stumbles back to his seat. Quinn catches him and says it is not good for him standing. Sasha tells Zende that it is too bad that body is not being put to good use. Nicole having that baby is a long way off, but she is here, right now and Nicole never has to know. She reminds him that the others are all out celebrating the baby that Nicole is going to have. Meanwhile he is all hot and bothered and she thinks they could find a way to solve that. Brooke tells Bill that she wishes there was some way she could get through to Katie. She is not worried about herself, just her sister. Katie drinks, she cries, she looks at the family pictures and asks herself if Brooke is trying to trick her again. Steffy tells Wyatt that it is scary for her to go back to the office since Liam is not there and it makes no sense that they do not know where he is. Liam tells Quinn that he is really confused as to who he is. He asks to see the laptop but Quinn gently takes it and says she just wants him to heal, not bother now with details.

Bill catches Katie talking to herself. She says she is okay but he notices the drink in her hand. He repeats that nothing went on between him and Brooke and it never will so she has to let this anger go. It is not good for her. While she runs her fingers over his body, Zende stops Sasha and says she is bad. He has told her he is committed to Nicole. She says it is just two people being there for each other. Wyatt says it is strange; it is like Liam fell off the end of the earth. Steffy says she is enjoying every moment she is spending with Wyatt but she just wishes she knew where Liam was. Quinn tells Liam that as long as he stays with her that he will be safe. He says he does not know how he will ever repay her; she is so good to him. Like a broken record, Quinn calls Wyatt to see how things are with Steffy and says he should be making his moves as he might not get this opportunity again. Do something special for her. Sasha tries to kiss Zende and he backs away again. He opines that she is hot and he likes flirting with her but the only person he wants is Nicole. Nicole goes home early and brings Zende a desert. He tells her that he missed her and he realizes she came into his life when he needed her. He says he loves her and that makes everything they are going through worth it. Katie puts Will down and then goes to Bill’s arms and thanks him for supporting and loving her. Wyatt takes Steffy on a beach picnic saying it is just things he threw together from the frij. Liam tells Quinn that he does not even know her name or who he is, but he knows that he is happy. Slowly she says she knows a little more about him and she thinks it is time that he knows more. She spies a New Year’s Eve hat in the corner and says her name is Eve…..and his name oddly enough is Adam……and she is his wife. She shows him her wedding ring.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava wanted Steve to make love to her.  Belle told Philip about her conversation with Shawn.  Philip told Belle that they would be great for each other, but she considered him a drug.  They ended up making love.  Ava reminded Steve that she would tell Joey where Kayla was once he made love to her, but he refused to do it.  He wanted to find her son and that was it.  During their conversation, he realized that she wasnít really dying.  He wanted to know how she pulled it off.  He accused her of lying about her son and her love for him.  She said she wasnít lying about either one. 

Ava reminded Steve once again about making love to her.  Deimos called Philip so they could talk.  Steve and Ava made love.  She called Joey to tell him where Kayla was.  When Belle searched through Philipís drawer, she found a gun and pictures of a woman.  Philip met Deimos to talk about the serum.  Deimos felt that Philip was playing him.  Deimos wanted to give Philip a test.  Joey found Kayla.  Ava threatened to tell Kayla what she and Steve did if she didnít get what she wanted.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Kiki and Morgan return home together and spend time alone in Franco's and Nina's empty apartment. They enjoy each others' company but are uncertain as to whether or not they should "take it to the next level". After Hayden and Nikolas have tied the knot, a guy who must know her recognizes and calls her to her as Rachel, to which Nikolas firmly tells him he must be mistaken, because that is not his wife's name. yet, realizing the guy does, in fact, know her real name, Hayden stays while Nikolas returns home to plan their honeymoon, while she firmly tells the guy he better leave her alone. She returns to Nikolas and they enjoy their evening making love although she is keeping a secret about her real identity. Meanwhile, Valerie and Dillon go to the Floating Rib, as friends, to play pool together, when Lulu and Maxie walk in together. Lulu wants to prove it will not be an "awkward situation", so she goes over to attempt to apologize and smooth things over with Valerie. Meanwhile, Valerie has met and is playing pool with Curtis while Dillon seems "fixated" on Lulu. She firmly tells Lulu she does not accept her apology and Lulu has really gone to far with what she did. The night ends up with Dante realizing he is alone and assures Maxie and Nathan not to worry. Lulu goes off with Dillon, wanting to console her. And Curtis offers to take Valerie out to dinner. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Jason are waiting at the hospital while Jake is in surgery and there is an uncertain outcome. Jason assures his son's mom and "almost-wife" that all will be well, they will both be there for their son and she need not blame herself for the terrible thing she did not long ago. As they speak, unknown to everyone, Sam is lying in the cold, alone after falling down the stairs in the basement. She has a dream or vision that she sees Jason and he tells her she has to make the move to get up and run to him so they can have their future together. Yet she awakens to know it's just a dream. Meanwhile, at the hospital, in real life, Jason somehow knows he needs to call Sam although he gets distracted from being with Elizabeth, tending to Jake and talking to Cameron. Right then, they hear that there has been a "complication" in Jake's surgery which worries and preoccupies both Jason and Elizabeth and keeps them at the hospital longer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily make love in a hotel room at the Athletic Club. At the Coffeehouse, Mariah asks Kevin why he is so worried when Natalie comes in to join them. She is frustrated over the fact that Victoria has taken over the project. Luca refuses Adamís demands to leave the company. Luca tells him that if he leaves, then Noah will go to jail for hit and run case. Chelsea listens from outside the door. She interrupts them and wants to know what is going on. Luca leaves them alone to talk. Chelsea asks him if his plan has blown up in his face. Noah tells Marisa that Billy is beginning to have flashbacks about the night of the accident. Billy tells Victoria about the flashbacks and his need to find out the truth. Noah listens from across the room. Victoria tells Billy that Natalie is running a scam with the software. Billy tells her not to worry about him. Kevin and Mariah donít like that Victoria is now in charge of the project. After lovemaking, Cane asks Lily, "Now what?" Natalie tells Kevin that it is enough talk and leaves the table. Lily asks Cane to forgive her and trust her again, but he can’t. Noah tells Marisa that he said that he was sorry about the accident. Marisa lets him know that is what she loves about him.

Chelsea arrives back home upset and tells Anita what Adam and Victor are up to. When Adam questions him about the accident, Noah confirms that he hit Billy and that Victor covered up for him. Luca lets Marisa know that he fell into a trap where Adam and Victor were concerned, but he is back on top now because he used Noah as leverage. Billy visits Natalie but she holds an empty champagne bottle. There is a knock on the door. Victoria and Billy meet in the foyer of the Athletic Club but he doesn’t tell her that he saw Natalie. Noah accuses Marisa of selling him out to Luca. Adam gives Luca back the files that he had given to Steve concerning his father’s business.

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