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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sasha flirts with Zende before the camera. She says Nicole is jealous and she ought to teach her a lesson, give her something to be jealous about. He recommends that she put all that energy into the shoot. Brooke confides in Eric that Katie called her sick for revealing her feelings toward Bill. Eric says Brooke is part of that family not a threat and Katie will come to understand that. Katie tells Bill that she wanted Brooke to feel vital again but she can not be part of their lives anymore. He does not believe that but says she is his wife and it is his job to protect her. They hug. Katie goes home and plays with Will and tells him nothing will come between her and her family. Eric suggests they all get together and go out to dinner and he will set it up. When he does, Zende declines and tells Nicole this should just be family. Sasha perks up her ears and obviously a light bulb goes off in her head.

Alone, Bill shows up and tells Brooke that if it were up to him she would not be back here at Forrester. He wants to make sure she is all right. He knows what her sister means to her. Brooke says Katie cut her out of her life. He replies he is going to do all he can to get through to Katie. Sasha shows up at Zende’s room at Eric's and walks on in, he is without his shirt on. She gives him a good look up and down and mentions it will be a long time before Nicole will want to jump his bones. Then she gets fresher, she puts her palm on his chest and tells him how hot and sexy he is. He backs away, she follows. He reminds her that Nicole is her best friend. She worms her way out of that… one has to know. Bill tells Brooke that Katie needs a little time. Brooke says Katie can only take so much. Katie pours herself a drink…..the drink she always blasted Bill for having every day. Katie continues to look at her family pictures and says Brooke did so much to get them back together and now she wants to take them apart again, but she will not allow that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer and Lucas took Eric to an AA meeting.  Eric noticed Jennifer taking pills.  JJ was upset about Abby moving in the DiMera mansion.  Rafe and Hope were relieved that Chase was home.  They let him know that someone is after Hope.  Andre was determined to get back at Hope.  Eric couldnít talk at the meeting.  He ended up running out of the meeting.  JJ warned Abby about moving in the mansion.  She said he wouldnít be welcomed in the mansion if he didnít change his mind.  Hope told Chase that she didnít want him to leave.  She also wanted him to apologize to Theo.  Ciara wanted to know how Chase could be so cruel to Theo.  Jennifer and Lucas wanted Eric to go back to the meeting.  Eric called Jennifer out for being a hypocrite. 

JJ and Abby argued over her marrying Chad.  Chase told Ciara that he didnít want to lose her for why he bullied Theo.  Eric told Jennifer about her taking pills.  She turned the tables on him and threw it in his face how he was why she needed to take the pills.  He apologized to her and agreed to go to a meeting.  Rafe assured Hope that he was there for her so she didnít have to leave town.  Things were awkward between them when she spilled wine on him.  He ended up leaving.  Chase and Ciara found Theo.  Chase told Theo that he sent the texts to him.  Theo was upset.  Ciara talked Theo into forgiving Chase.  Theo said he would think about it.  Andre showed up at Hopeís house while she was watching television.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Kiki has left baby Avery with Sonny while she goes out with Morgan, she runs into her mom. Ava immediately demands to know where Avery is, to which Kiki is unafraid to inform her mom she left her baby sister with Sonny, affirming again that Avery needs her father and Sonny has the right to see his daughter. Ava is clearly not ok with that and she immediately rushes to Sonny's home to take her daughter as she tells both Sonny and Carly she will take court action against them and make sure they never see her daughter again. Carly is a bit worried that Sonny could be in trouble and lose his daughter but he is very confident that Ava will lose everything, although he does not reveal to Carly exactly what or why he believes that. Ava contacts Scott and tells her lawyer she wants him to nail Sonny, but Scott advises her to let the sleeping tiger lie. Knowing she's in trouble and worried about her daughter being put in harm's way because of that, he asks if she might consider letting Sonny have their mutual daughter until this "blows over," to which Ava tells him when hell freezes over. Meanwhile, Nina tells Franco she wants the two of them to explore their options for having a baby together. He tells her does not want to go through with that, knowing what he lived with as a child, also due to his worries about Jake, and the fear he has that if he brings a child into the world, he will not be able to protect it from what could happen. Nikolas and Hayden travel to Las Vegas and get a "quickie" wedding with a justice of the peace after she signs a prenup. Laura and Tracy are both back at Wyndemere knowing what they are doing and Laura wonders what type of "business" Tracy has with Hayden. While she is happily with Nikolas after they have taken their vows and made it official, Hayden's confidence goes away when she sees someone she knows who calls her Rachel.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

An orderly walks in on Sage just as she is trying to call Nick to let him know what she found out about Dr. Anderson. At the restaurant, Dr. Anderson tells Nick that she cares for him and kisses him. Faith asks Sharon to let her live with her, Dylan, and Sully. Adam tells Chelsea that this is the perfect opportunity since Victor is out of town to get the goods on the Santori family. Chelsea warns him about working with both Victor and Luca. Marisa also warns Luca about working with the Newmans. Billy lets Noah know that he remembers him coming to the hospital to visit but he didn’t come in to see him. Billy gets a call from Jack and leaves for a few moments. Victoria questions Noah about being so tense. Victoria asks Noah about Marisa being with Luca and how this is affecting him. Noah tells Victoria that it wasn’t Victor who almost killed Billy. Marisa tries to visits Adam but he's not there. Marisa asks Chelsea what is going on between Adam and Luca and if this deal is really on the up and up. Chelsea tells Marisa that this may all be for the best since she still loves Noah. Sage is locked in her room and begs to make a call but is refused. The orderly enters her room but when he refuses to let her make a call, she attacks him. The orderly is forced to sedate her.

Sharon lets Nick know that Faith wants to move in while Sage is away. Nick is against this idea and assures Sharon that Sage is fine. Nick tells Sharon that she doesn’t understand when Faith comes downstairs to join them. After talking to Faith, Nick agrees to let her live with Sharon and Dylan. The orderly tells Dr. Anderson that Sage attacked him. In Victor’s office, Luca, thinking that he is dealing with an FBI agent, hands over all of his father’s files. Adam comes in and lets him know that he just gave all his father’s files to one of Newman’s employees. Adam orders Luca out of Newman and also out of town but he refuses. Luca tells Adam that if he goes to prison so will Noah for hitting Billy and almost killing him. Nick visits Sage at Fairview and sees a book on paralysis in Dr. Anderson’s office.

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